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Pro Cycling Manager 2016
Basic Information
Title: Pro Cycling Manager 2016
Developer: Cyanide Studios
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

General Impression
First of all, I bought every PCM since Cycling Manager 2 so I think it's clear that it is a trustable review. I will be focussing this review mainly on the singleplayer side as the multiplayer side of the game is currently broken as at the release of every version of Pro Cycling Manager.

I'll talk briefly about the graphics first. The graphics look better when u first get into the game. I don't think they changed much graphical engine-wise but I think they updated their graphic filters slightly and that makes the game looks 10 times better, imo.

Gameplay-based and interface-wise, lots has changed in the race, but sadly not that much in the management interface. The biggest changes in the management interface are a new magazin/newspaper with an interview of a rider before every race, which is splendid because I remember reading that every time when I played it in 2006/2007. They also told me that the season goal's system changed drastically. If I look at it, I feel like they totally forgot to implement that because I don't see a difference at all. Nevertheless, I like the management bit and I didn't feel like much had to change anyway.

In-game, we see lots of changes, starting of with the splendid looking interface. It's not only captivatingly pretty, but it's also practical. I find it much easier with the length of the race being on the right bottom than on the left bottom, the other way around with the race profile. It's also great that they put the options on the right top instead of some small buttons at the right side of the screen like in previous editions. The biggest changes in-game are the Pro Cyclist Mode gameplay and the co-operation screen.

In the co-operation screen, you can see how fast u have to go to follow your group members but also the thoughts of your fellow breakaway members, which is splendid.

In Pro Cyclist Mode, it's much more about the team-game now instead of riding for yourself always. Finally... This happens because you get a role at the start of the race and your fellow team members give u missions at some time in the race. For example Froome can ask me "Benji Naesen" to protect him from the wind. Love that!

Rating 8.2/10

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