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Conan Exiles
After 2500 hours on this game I think I can give an objective opinion unlike those who after 10 or even 100 hours of play find this great game, while this kind of game requires some time to be able to judge it, and go around of what he offers.

First I want to point out that the servers are a disaster, lag, crashes and other problems that cause that every 1 month the population that can receive 40 this vacuum, to start all over on another server, the hours lost to farm , build your base ect

Then the point which seems to me the most important concerns the players and especially in pvp server, to put it simple the community is toxic and much worse than in most pvp games, composed mainly of Germans and Russians who play exclusively between them, who glitch, cheat and other filth, not to mention the fact that these brave morons know that the 2, 3, 4 or 5 against 1 during the raids, when he does not wait for the offline raids, as if their glitch and other cheats do not enough, very loyal and fair play.
While the developer is doing about this problem, beh nothing, nor nothing against the many bugs that remain, prefer to still create dlc.
So spend time to advance in the game, up your character build your base, the craft, your slaves and see everything ruined by stupid players who are not ashamed to cheat and come in excess as they are cowards and noskill, for all that and as nothing will change does not give me for the moment envi d come back, think carefully before buying this game you are warned, good luck for the most stubborn lel

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