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Escape from Tarkov (Beta)
Need a Hardcore first personal shooter game to play ? You found it. Escape From Tarkov isn't just a normal game it's a simulator that tries to bring something similar to a real life shooting mission to the players. It's still in Beta, sure, but it already has so much content. Some people who purchased this game started crying and raging because they where killed instantly at the beginning of the match after 5 minutes or less. "Invisible people killed me" those are just other players that probably where far away shooting with a sniper. A lot of people come and are like "Oh this game looks like call of duty" this is where they are wrong. You may be a pro in call of duty but in tarkov you are going to get killed easily.
The game is really interesting, there are many cool stuff like:

-Drinking and Eating: Yeah this is important because after some time your character is gonna get dehydrated or hungry which makes the whole surviving harder. There are cool animations when the player eats or drinks, bringing more realism to the game.

-Armor: This is a really important factor during the gameplay, in fact if you get into a raid with bad armor or without you have a higher chance of getting killed. Helmets help a lot too but it always depends on what gun was used against you and which kind of bullet. So Based on that a face shiled, for example, could save your life or not.

-Bullets: There are so many bullets in this game than in all the others mixed together and there is an important reason. Basic ammo are usually for beginners or for those who don't want to spend much ingame currency on them. The basic ones sure don't do much damage and a well geared enemy may survive many shots before dying but they are effective versus bots some times. If you instead want to easily kill someone tho you may use penetrating bullets which are the ebst choice for players that want to kill easier their enemies.

-Grenades, Flashbangs and smokes:
Nice and cool animation, the flashbang works properly, some times blinding softly, you can see a flash spot but also the surroundings, and other times hardly, you see the flash spot and nothing else around. The smokes are realisticly looking but there is a - the particles of smoke get through textures smoking parts of a building for example a room close to another where there should not be any smoke. About normal grenades, what to say, they are deadly.

These are some of the many good points of the game. Considering this game is still in Beta and it's not the final product it deserves a 100 vote.

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