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Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077
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Mass Effect Andromeda
Mass Effect Andromeda
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Ori Definitive Edition
Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition
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SimCity: Complete Edition
SimCity: Complete Edition
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DLC Sims 3: Ambitions
The Sims 3: Ambitions
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DLC Sims 3: Diesel Stuff
The Sims 3: Diesel Stuff
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DLC Sims 3: Pets
The Sims 3: Pets
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DLC Sims 3: Showtime
The Sims 3: Showtime
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DLC Sims 3: Supernatural
The Sims 3: Supernatural
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DLC Sims 3: World Advent.
The Sims 3: World Adventures
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DLC WoW Shadowlands Epic Edition
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Epic Edition
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DLC Mass Effect Andromeda - Deep Space Pack
Mass Effect Andromeda - Deep Space Pack
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DLC The Sims 3: Hidden Springs
The Sims 3: Hidden Springs
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The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator
Depending on the purpose it can be awesome. If you are looking for a Build/Buy oversized Stuffpack this your Must-Have! Simply because of the modular sofas and kitchen addon. Mostly inspired by the modern Scandivain design, yet some look more mid-century kinda to me. Out of all packs this is the most versatile one regarding items that you can combine to your liking. You get empty shelves and tons of clutter. A snapping tool (this should be a part of the Sims from scratch, to begin with, but yeah) I truly love this pack as it does give the impression that you can finally start to design "given the limitations"this game has a bit more individual.

To be honest I don't understand the real difference between all packs as it does not follow a visible system of what a pack really should always contain. At times a Stuffpack delivers more than a Gamepack and a Gamepack is at times better than even an Expansion Pack! Well to sum it up, this is as I like to call an "oversized Stuff-Pack". Don't expect much gameplay as there is actually no real new gameplay here! It uses the old Gig-System from Get Famous.

The gigs do not require specific items you need to have it only asks you to consider a client's preference regarding likes/dislikes. Sims will still love it as long you consider their likes. It could be also only a red toilet and they would love it! Ridiculous and boring and kinda sad! They should have put more effort into adding restrictions and improve the reaction system! Yeah, but we all know how EA operates.

Still highly rated as I'm a sucker for modern, neat items and they nailed it at least in this section for me! Yet I would never pay a full price for a pack due to the fact they no longer deliver what they used to do compared to previous Sims-Games. Female CAS items are okay. Male stuff lacks in diversity, as usual! It's kinda a remake of already existing CAS items with a slight difference, uninspired, old-fashion and lame. Hair for kids is converted (don't mind that's good). Kids and Tots get also few items that are okay.

Overall as I mentioned as a builder you will love it. Gameplay-Simmers be aware the gameplay is done after one day ;) So do not expect here much!
The Sims 4: Discover University
- Young adults and older can enroll
- Can share rooms
- You can assign beds, say even which side of the bed if double beds are used.
- You can lock doors for privacy
- Computers can be now also locked
- You can buy items from the Campus Kiosk and move items in live mode
- The neighborhood is divided in 3 sections
- Students can travel freely
- 1 Term is 5 Sims-days long, regardless of their lifespan
- A board is available for their presentations etc.
- Cheating doesn't harm (just a moodlet) if you do it one time

- You have only one interactive level you can build on
- Sims will teleport in/out like in City Living nope no elevator interactions, sadly
- You cannot edit the lot freely, for that you have to use cheats, sadly
- Classes are rabbit holes with some basic control over it, sad
- Skills can be also achieved via rabbit-holes
- Daily Tasks are mostly homework and course work
- You cannot see the progress. You have to call the professor or email them
- You lose progress if you change your degree

- To get a scholarship that depends on your sims skills or grades during school

- Based on your sims skills they're qualified for a normal or distinguished degree ( provides better payment later in their career)
- 13 degrees available (with detailed information, ideal career, and the classes)
- 12 classes need to join to get the degree.
- You can take 1 to 4 classes per term.
- Elective Classes are optional skill - you can take classes or not
- You can pick where you want to live in Britchester
- You pay tuition but you can also transfer money to your new household when you split them.

Personally I wish they would provide more active gameplay (active careers, classes etc). I think the Sims 4 like all previous titles still lack in providing complete sets of furniture. Being limited to edit a Lot - simply doesn't make sense - it's a Simulation Game and I want to be in charge if I want to change something or not - it shouldn't be hidden behind cheats. Not enough lots to add for diversity this is annoying but this is Sims 4 in general! It is okay I think not perfect but the CAS Items are nice and the first transportation even if it's limited because it's only for adults is a step in the right direction but still for me not enough to rate it higher.
The Sims 4: Vampires
Okay guys I'm a huge lover of vampish stuff, okay? Having the chance to mess with vamps in the Sims is my kind thing =D lol. First of all, I wish it would have had more than 5 lots it's honestly too small for a world. The gurus knew that already and they honestly mess with my head with those freakin' small worlds. But hey the gameplay is incredible and dope! I mostly either edit the premade households or delete them depending on my mood. It comes with 3 new traits & 3 new aspirations. With the Dark Ley Line Lot Trait your vamps can get children. I love the Vampire Nexus Trait (more vamps show up and human sims can be bitten, hehe) The CAS & Build and Buy items are more inspired by the Victorian Era so everything a bit eerie and dark including spider webs, dry plants and trees and decoration items like the gargoyles =D. In CAS you can create your Vamp as you wish make it look e.g. like human and copy it for the dark form now you can create his/her true color =D muahaha! I love this... the new skin details for eyes, teeth, cheeks and lips are cool. It comes with a new Vampire Skill where you can learn everything how to become a Master Vampire. The perk system is fun until you have to pick some downsides LOl. but the community has some dope mods and workarounds also a mod to be a Daywalker like in Blade (Hehehe). The flying fight interaction between the vamps is one of my fav's :) and you can have same dark superpowers to demonstrate a normal Human sims cannot excape the fangs =D. It comes with a pipe organ skills you can create garlic wreath to protect your home. It comes with some drinks which have different effects =) like making you mortal again, resistant against vamps, feeding your hunger etc... Well as you can see I'm in love... I totally recommend it but you need to love this kind of stuff...
De Sims 4: Honden en Katten
Brindleton Bay is a beautiful, urban harbor world. To me personally, I was at first very angry that the color wheel was only for pets. Like a bad tease - here you have it for pets but not for build/buy or CAS! I'm still mad at this because it shows it's possible. Well, pets are fun and very realistic. It provides a huge amount of breeds for cats & dogs and even if your race isn't available you can use the breed mixer and get very close to the race you have. Sadly pets take a slot in your household, so you need to consider this when you want a big family =). You can also create foxes and raccoon (yeah not me, lol) Many creative Simmers painted other animals (Leopard, Pig, Puma and many more.) by using either a dog or cat and shared those on the gallery. Some got mad creative painting skills =) Here you can create your pets how you want it. Simstagram is a new interaction where you can make cute pics and post them (Photography is now Basegame feature and needed :)) Pets can destroy furniture and they can sit on counters, chairs, sofa etc. You can also adopt pets and strays. For strays you need need to befriend them first and then you can adopt them for free :) as well. They come with a bunch of features for training them and the traits make them for sure unique =D Overall one of those packs where it's for sure worth to spend the money. I love the world and all the items I'm not a big pet player =) but here and there even I get seduced by a cute cat or a cool dog LOL. You can run your own Vet Clinic like in the Gamepack DineOut a matching venue is also provided (Wow - it's been a while) Yes absolutely worth the money even if I dislike the incomplete build/buy sets for the most part but overall dope! You can say it's overall more a casual /cozy style. Comes with a bunch of new hairs 15 for females 11 for males and 2 for kids but sadly none for toddlers. With more EPs, you get more and better beds too just saying =D. If you are a Cat or Doglover this pack is for sure something for you...and even if not you for sure will love all the items from CAS or Build/Buy!

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