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The Division 2
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Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 for PC follows on from the first game of the name. The first game dealt with the aftermath of a worldwide pandemic of weaponised smallpox (known as Green Poison) released in New York by an environmental terrorist. In the final days before the pandemic devastated society, the US government activated The Division – a domestic sleeper agency properly known as Strategic Homeland Division or SHD. It was The Division’s task to find the source of the disease and to maintain and/ or restore law and order.

About the Game

The sequel picks up the tale some seven months later and the action has moved to Washington. Washington has been evacuated of all government officials and Air Force One has crashed near Capitol Hill – information that is visually depicted with gut-wrenching detail – and rebels swarm the city. The Division is tasked with clearing out the city and gathering any valuables as might be nearby.

There are a wealth of side-quests and challenges to keep your interest up along the way, including exploring the fallen Air Force One and discovering that the President is missing in action rather than decisively killed.

The body of the plane contains a wealth of treasure, so be sure to explore it thoroughly, even while you keep an eye out for disenfranchised agents who have gone rogue, enemy militia and anyone else who might be out to steal your loot and otherwise ruin your day.

Get to Know Washington

One very cool feature of the game is that the player’s base of operations is none other than the White House, allowing you to roam freely through corridors and offices that you have probably only otherwise seen on television news reports and the like.

The whole game is open map, so you can ignore challenges and quests for a while and go off to explore the sights of Washington, from the Lincoln Memorial to the American History Museum.

There are a series of running battles in the museum, allowing you to divert yourself for a while by battling on the Mars exhibit for a space age feel, or the Vietnam recreation for a taste of brutal (and possibly tactless) warfare.

There is a great range of weapons even before any mods and extras are added to them to boost their firepower, so make the most of each site to scout around and find all the secret stashes. You can find and use guns ranging from an old Civil War era rifle up to futuristic hand-guns, and all weapons are usable and customisable – although the above-mentioned rifle doesn’t exactly hold its own against modern weaponry!

Ways to play

  • Solo

  • Take your time exploring the game map and working your way through the missions and quests. Keep your eyes peeled for AI enemies who might be creeping up on you to steal all your hard-won loot or to shoot you, sending you back to your previous save point!

  • Multiplayer

  • Team up with up to four buddies to work your way through the missions and explore the city. You can work as a team to cover each other and quarter new buildings quickly, looking for loot and valuables. In multiplayer mode, you can, unlike in other looter-shooter type games, invite lower-ranked friends to join your team, there are no ranking limits that they have to achieve first. Of course, you’ll then have to look out for them while they get to grips with the game, but that’s all part of the fun!

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