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Total War: Warhammer III

Dostawa 17 February 2022
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Total War: WARHAMMER III for PC is a turn-based strategy and real time video game, based on the table game of the same name, and the third in the video game series. Players take turns in moving their pieces/ characters around the map and learn how to best manage their settlements so as to achieve all their aims, defeat their enemies and get along with those they cannot immediately defeat!

About the Game

Owners of the previous two games in the series will be able to access all the maps they have already unlocked in those arenas, as well as all the new areas added for this game. The game is set in two locations: the Realms of Chaos and the Lands of the East, for a touch of mystery and oriental exoticism!

The game map is absolutely huge in this game, so you have plenty to explore, even as you battle your way to your target location by fighting through nearly never-ending hordes of relentless and blood thirsty enemies! The map involves diplomacy as well as war with AI (artificial intelligence) enemies – and only you can decide if your forces are strong enough to defeat them, or if you have to carry on being polite for a little longer!

Ways to Play

Because of the game’s real life beginnings, battles play out in real time, so you can savour every detail once you have got your eye in as far as watching the action goes – your first battle will fly past in a haze of confusion, gore and weaponry!

There are various ways to play, including a custom battle mode where you can plan the action to your own desires instead of playing the through the game’s pre-set battles.

There is also a multiplayer battle mode in which you and your team must capture all the check points in order to summon the boss for the final satisfying showdown.

Players benefit from fortification, handy buffs, and reinforcement troops that can be easily summoned as long as you have won enough surplus supplies to send off in payment for this aid. If you are not a successful player, you will have a vastly more interesting time as you scramble to cope with your dearth of resources!

Who’s Who in the Zoo?

In the game there are two human populations: the Kislev (which is based on Medieval Russia and which features Bear Cavalry (which is exactly what you hope it is!) as well as magic called Lore of Ice) and the Grand Cathay (which is from old Imperial China, as anyone who has ever flown Cathay Airlines will know). They are joined by four factions based on chaos gods which are namely:

  • Khorne: the Blood God, the murderous and angry Lord of War. His roars of displeasure echo through the realms. In fact, through all of time and space

  • Tzeentch: also known as the Changer of Ways, this Dark God is in charge of mutation, evolution, yearning for things to be different as well as scheming and sorcery

  • Nurgle: the Chaos God who takes a great delighting in humans whose fear of death is almost overwhelming…

  • Slaanesh: the Lord of Pleasure and a Dark God dedicated to everything decadent and hedonistic – and not in a fun way

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