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Fly and survive through the Game-of-the-Year- winning world of BADLAND and discover an astonishing number of imaginative traps, puzzles and obstacles on the way. 9.5 / 10 - Games969 – “Challenging, fun and darn addictive” 9 / 10 - IGN Hungary – “Impressive” 9 / 10 - Gaming-age - "Shines brightly" 8.5 / 10 & the Joystick Award - SpieleTipps – “Highly recommendable” 8.5 / 10 - WhatsYourTagBlog – “Awesome!” 8 / 10 - GamingTrend - “The multiplayer mode is fantastic” 8 / 10 - WeGotThisCovered - “Deliciously difficult” 8 / 10 - TrueAchievements – “Hours of fun” With BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition, you get to experience the multi-award-winning action adventure like never before. Redesigned for Steam, BADLAND: GOTY Edition builds on the stunningly atmospheric, hand-painted graphics of the original BADLAND with enhanced, above Full-HD visuals, completely redesigned controls, over 15 hours of single player campaign and awesome multiplayer fun for up-to-four players with both local co-op & battle modes. BADLAND is an atmospheric side-scrolling action adventure platformer set in a gorgeous forest full of various inhabitants, trees and flowers. Although the forest appears to be right out of a beautiful fairy tale, there’s something terribly wrong. The player controls one of the forest dwellers to find out what’s going on, and discovers an astonishing number of imaginative traps and obstacles on the way. Features: - New: Level World added with over 40 000 levels - New: New Day added - Welcome to Eternal Day with a new level every one to two weeks - Side-scrolling action adventure platformer with innovative physics-based gameplay - Local multiplayer awesomeness for up-to-4 players with co-op and battle modes. - Single player campaign with 100 truly unique levels - 100 multiplayer co-op levels and 27 battle levels - Full Game Controller support - New controls with full left/right/up/down control & all levels modified for the new controls - Supports even 4 players on a single keyboard (old-school style) and any combination of keyboard and controllers - Enhanced, above Full-HD graphics. - 77 Achievements - Cloud save & Steam trading cards - Leaderboards Follow us: Facebook - Twitter - Blog - +

Data de lançamento:

Requisitos Mínimos*

  • OS: Windows 7 or above
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz CPU (Dual Core recommended)
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Graphics Card made within the last 5 years (Pixel Shader 2.0, Vertex Shader 2.0)
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • *Tags and requirements are for informational purposes only
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