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Spawn boxes. Solve puzzles. Reach the goal!
The fan-favourite 2D puzzle-platformer series comes to Nintendo Switch, in BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL! Think outside the box – alone or with a friend in co-op – as you help Qbby and his pals solve tricky puzzles across 270 brainteasing stages!

Box basics
Though they might look like simple squares, Qbby and co. have a special ability that allows them to create boxes out of thin air. When there’s an obstacle in your way, boxes can really come in handy: place one on a switch, cover a pitfall or even use it as a shield.

But that’s not all! Our heroes can even generate multiple boxes and arrange them in lots of different ways: a straight line for a makeshift bridge or a step-like formation to reach one of the collectible Crowns found in each stage – whatever your creativity chalks up! However, the number of boxes at your disposal changes depending on the stage, so try to use them resourcefully. +

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