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Anno 1800
Anno 1800 Season Pass 2 DLC
Anno 1800 Season Pass DLC
Anno 1800: The Passage DLC
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Enrich your city-building experience with the Anno 1800 Season Pass. The Season pass contains 3 DLCs that will give you access to new adventures, challenges and tools as you shape your very own industrial revolution.

Season Pass owners will also be able to stand out from the crowd in multiplayer thanks to some unique cosmetic items. Customize your game profile using the “Prisoner” Avatar, and decorate your ships’ sails with the “Promethean Fire” and “Eagle Crest” icons. These items are available to you as soon as you buy the Season Pass.

The Sunken Treasures DLC: Expand your island with a new European session and large continental island, as you join an eccentric inventor and his diving bell on a treasure hunt.
Botanica DLC: Grow your city's attractiveness to new heights with a modular Botanical Garden, allowing you to earn new items and rewards as you draw the tourist masses to your floral masterpiece. Or construct the new Musical Pavilion and enjoy beloved tracks from previous Anno games inside your city.
The Passage DLC: The Passage will take you on an a new adventure to the arctic circle as you explore the legendary northwest passage. To succeed in this merciless climate, you will need to construct an arctic outpost and master all-new production chains and goods.

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