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Battlefield 5
For people who come from work and just play few rounds for chillin - can be a great game.

For hobby gamer who take a better look into it - it might be better then Battlefield 1, if you get already why BF 1 isn't good.

For ex-pro/comp player and/or serious gamer ... stay away from this, you can farm of cause, but this doesn't make the game better, you're just helping EA to become money what they don't deserve.

For me - Like people said before BF V was released "YEY, another two years of BF 4" and that's true.
BF V is not even close to be good.
It's not about the WW2 setting ... it's just all about the pure game, I don't even care so much about the setting, but the game has to be good, that my dudes or me like it.
If I want a new game, sad enough as BF fan to say, I'll should better buy Black Ops 4 instead of BF V.
This Game is just a better copy of BF 1 .. there is nothing different, not even the map design is different .. just one thing and that's the better gunplay, but at least something ...

AND IF YOU THINK DIFFERENT about this, following things are might the reason:
- you just want to play a game (and that's okay)
- you were promoted by ea/dice to vote this game up
- you started playing BF franchise with BF 1 or BF V and you don't know a better BF game
- it's easy to become kills since BF 1

I'll bought this game ~ a week ago for 45 - now it's on 40.
For PS4 players is the price sometimes already under 35.
Sad enough that the price is already going down and guess why? ... this game will die faster then BF 1 probably ... just guess why.

So, yeah, you CAN have fun in this game, you CAN enjoy this game, you CAN farm/stack but i'll bet you wont have not longer then 200 ~ hours fun on it.

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