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Pokémon Sword Switch
Pokémon Sword: Expansion Pass Switch DLC
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Pokémon Sword for is one of the first games for Switch from the universe, and is, as are so many of the franchise offerings, teamed with a sister game, Pokémon Shield, also for the Switch.

About the Game

Pokémon are small creatures, which go through three or four stages of developments, known as evolutions, with each additional stage giving them more power, stamina or special abilities. Even the biggest Pokémon is quite small: the name is a portmanteau of Pocket Monster following the translation from the original Japanese when the original game was released in 1996.

Players take on the personas of trainers who are humans who travel the countryside, with their current Pokémon, looking for new Pokémon to battle, capture and train. As each Pokémon is trained, they evolve as mentioned above. Once the player has a good stable of Pokémon in their stable, they can begin to battle against other trainers’ Pokémon.

Pokémon are kept in a Poké Ball, a red, black and white device that contains the Pokémon until they are needed. This ball is small enough for a trainer to carry six of them on his or her belt, and each ball can carry one Pokémon.

Pokémon come in different types, loosely matching the elements of earth, air, water, and fire, and these all offer various advantages and disadvantages. For example, a fire Pokémon is endangered by a water Pokémon, so will have to fight harder to win such a battle. This means that players must carefully choose their Pokémon before sending them into battle to try and give them the best chance of success.

What’s the Story?

The premise of the game changes little from release to release, relying instead on the desire of players to gather all the Pokémon on offer. These have increased exponentially from less than a hundred in the original game, to thousands nowadays. Each offers new powers and abilities, and once a player is a fan, he or she gets the bug: ‘gotta catch ’em all!’

The player is driven by the desire to be the best trainer in the land, and starts out with three initial Pokémon (see below for more details). They are then sent on their way to play through all the training gyms in the land until they have bested them all and end up at the Champions Cup, ready to battle to be crowned the strongest in the land.

The Starter Pokémon

Each game in the Pokémon series has the player start out with a pack of three Pokémon. For Sword, the three included Pokémon are:
  • Grookey: a green bodied, cartoonish chimpanzee-type Pokémon, Grookey has a small stick lodged between his or her hair tufts. This stick is used by the Pokémon to beat against objects and also helps to grow grass, appropriate for a Pokémon from the Grass variety

  • Scorbunny: as the name implies, this Pokémon looks a lot like a rabbit, and is mostly white but with stripes of orange and yellow on its feet, ears and neck. This energetic bunny is bursting with energy – so bursting, in fact, that it can start small fires from the speed of its footsteps! It is a fire Pokémon

  • Sobble: this timid blue Pokémon is something of a chameleon, with the ability to hide itself in water, where it blends in rather well. It has slender limbs, with grasping hands, and climbs well. It is a water Pokémon with a torrent ability

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