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Splinter Cell: Blacklist (Europe)

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For several years Sam conducted highly dangerous missions for the Lambert’s Third Echelon, and performed far beyond expectations. However, two major events would impact him heavily: his daughter’s killing by a drunk driver in September 2008 and the aftermath of his time spent infiltrating John Brown’s Army. The deep cover operation eventually forced him to murder Irving Lambert in cold blood in order to maintain his cover. These events were devastating to Sam, making him confront the cost of his actions and the fact that he had gunned down his best friend. Added to that was Third Echelon’s ruthless response, and it became increasingly clear to Sam that the mission he had signed on to complete no longer existed. His time, simply put, was up. He could no longer in good conscience assume the role of a Splinter Cell, and to do so with less than full determination was to sign his own death warrant. +

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