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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Switch

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Switch (Europe)

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The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening is a remake of the 1993 game that was released for the Game Boy. In keeping with the game’s origins, the graphics and gameplay style have retro features that will be comfortingly familiar to anyone who grew up alongside the videogame industry or who loves to play the old-school games. The game was re-released for colour Game Boy, and then later again for the Nintendo 3DS.

About the Game

The player is, as always, the character Link. In this game, he is shipwrecked in the early moments of play, being rescued by a father and daughter team who live on an island. Link heads off to retrieve his sword from the sea, and his adventure begins as he explores around the island, chatting to any locals that he comes across. This includes an owl, who scolds him!

Link must travel around the island, and collect all eight instruments of the Sirens, without which he will not be able to escape the island by awakening the Windfish. Link must find a series of dungeons and explore them, gathering all the goodies that he finds within them and playing through puzzles as they present themselves.

There are also trading quests for Link to undertake on the side, as he works towards his overall goal, and there are plenty of mini games, the succession completion of which can aide him on his way to achieving his aims. With the trading he can offer something to an NPC (non-playing character) who will offer him back something that is useful and that Link needs – a form of barter that is seldom seen in video game.

Helpful Tips for New Players

  • This game provides more than one nod to the old-school style of game. As well as the above mentioned retro style graphics, the point of view is the familiar ‘top down’ view, in which the player seems to be watching and playing from an aerial point of view. This allows for side scrolling to move from area to area, and the screen has been widened to allow for more game play to be shown on the screen given the wider aspect ratio of a switch than a Game Boy

  • Keep your eyes peeled for Amiibo and characters from other Nintendo games that usually fall outside the Legends of Zelda universe. This includes the Mario games, especially Smash Bros with its massive cast of playable characters

  • There are plenty of mini-games, as there was in the original, but these have been tweaked and remastered to offer you a brilliant playing experience while still offering the compulsion and joy that came with the first iteration of the game

  • Unlike just about every other Legends of Zelda game, this one is not set in the fictional world of Hyrule, and, perhaps more surprisingly, Zelda herself is not included in the game at all, if one overlooks just the tiniest passing mention in the early moments of play. Now, one normally plays as Link, but one would think that all the people named in the title would be featured in the game!

  • On the game universe’s timeline, this game fits in between other titles, falling after ‘Ocarina in Time’ and ‘A Link to the Past’ but before ‘Oracle of Seasons and Ages’

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