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Divinity: Heroes Fallen

Divinity: Heroes Fallen

Release datum: 2021
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The story will take place as you take on the role of commanders in the Divine Order, in charge of arresting the half-demon Malady who has stolen the Order’s doomsday weapons. You will be facing the biggest challenge yet, as you battle for global domination against the Lord of Chaos himself. But you will not be alone in your quest as you will have the former Godwoken and a not exactly reliable half-demon to assist you in saving the world. Together with your band of Divinity characters you will go on an adventure returning aboard the vessel of The Lady Vengence.

-Recruit troops, research new gear, and level up heroes aboard The Lady Vengeance.
-Gunpower comes to Divinity. Lock’n’load with an arsenal of guns and rifles, but don't forget to use swords and sorcery when necessary.
-Interactive elements bring a new twist to the tactics genre. Toy with Oil, Fire, Ice, Water and Poison elements, joined also by the new Sulfurium element.
-Play in either single player or coop, with tactical combat featuring simultaneous turns!

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