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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is the driving sensation where pedestrians (and cows) equal points and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. It’s the antidote to racing games!! So Many Pedestrians, So Little Time Q: What do I get in the Early Access Public Beta game? This build features the following content: LEVELS Bleak City Outskirts level with six race routes Bleak City Business District with six race routes Bleak City Sumo Arena ...
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Carmageddon: Reincarnation is the driving sensation where pedestrians (and cows) equal points and your opponents are a bunch of crazies in a twisted mix of automotive killing machines. It’s the antidote to racing games!!

So Many Pedestrians, So Little Time

Q: What do I get in the Early Access Public Beta game?
This build features the following content:

  • Bleak City Outskirts level with six race routes
  • Bleak City Business District with six race routes
  • Bleak City Sumo Arena – City Arena designed for Multiplayer
  • Dusty Trails National Park level with six race routes
  • Dusty Trails Isle of Plight Arena – Island Arena designed for Multiplayer
  • Frosty Pass Rig Wreck level with six race routes
  • Frosty Pass Iceberg Arena – Snow Arena designed for Multiplayer
  • MagNuChem Reprocessor level with six race routes
  • MagNuChem The Core Arena – designed for Multiplayer

  • The Annihilator
  • Caddy Fat Cat
  • Cleaver
  • Countslash
  • Eagle R
  • Electric Blue
  • The Plow
  • The Twister
  • The Bear
  • Tashita
  • Volkswerker
  • Stiffshifter
  • Subpressor
  • Siamese Dream
  • Snaky Bastard
  • Towmeister
  • Hawk R
  • Lumberer
  • DeGoryun
  • Tropi-Kill
  • Razorbill
  • Crazor
  • Plus The Cop APC and Cop CU:NT patrol car

There’s a wide variety of pedestrians in the build, and it’d be silly to list them all individually! But amongst the bestiary of humanity and fauna we have nuns, grannies, the calorifically challenged, penguins, dogs, and a dead shark. Oh, and COWS!!

There’s a ridiculous amount of PowerUps you can enjoy discovering and implementing! We haven’t listed all of them here, but they include:
  • Electro Bastard Ray
  • Peds on Map
  • Mine Shitting Ability
  • Afterburner
  • Fast Bleedout
  • Opponent Stinger
  • Ped Detonator
  • Opponent Ejaculator
  • Opponent Bodywork Vac
  • Spastic Opponents
  • Suicidal Peds
  • Jelly Suspension
  • Wall Climber
  • Ped Napalm
  • Anvil Launcher
  • Ave A Banana Ray
  • Oil Slick From Your Arse
  • Silent But deadly
  • Smash Their Bitch Up
  • Spazz Ray
  • Stretch Goal Ray
  • Feeling Fragile
  • Pup Cancellificatinizer
  • Immortality
  • …As well as the existing favourites, such as Solid Granite Car and Pinball Mode!

  • 50 Events that take place over a variety of routes and environments.
  • Wreck opponent cars to steal them and add them to your garage
  • Collect Upgrade Tokens to enhance your cars’ abilities
  • Complete Challenges to unlock extras such as paintjobs and wheels for your cars
  • Unlock new cars and game modes to play Online or LAN

  • Classic Carma
    • Wreck, Race or Kill all the Peds – the choice is yours!
  • Car Crusher
    • Smash up the opposition – highest kill tally wins!
  • Checkpoint Stampede
    • A Checkpoint spawns, everyone races to it. The one who gets there first wins the point! And repeat…
  • Death Race
    • A race around a route marked by Checkpoints. Kill opponents and steal their laps!
  • Ped Chase
    • A ped gets marked as the Target, everyone races to them. The one who gets the kill wins the point! And repeat…
  • Fox ‘n’ Hounds
    • One player is the Fox, and has to stay foxy for a length of time. The opponents are the Hounds. Hounds tag the fox to become the fox, and then it’s their turn to evade the pack!

  • Smelly Bush Collectibles
  • Upgrade Tokens
  • Blades and spikes to impale peds
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards
  • Configurable paintjobs & wheels for your cars (complete Challenges to unlock more of these)

  • Car Crusher
  • Checkpoint Stampede
  • Death Race
  • Fox ‘n’ Hounds
Multiplayer supports up to 8 players, either online or on LAN.

Play an adrenaline pumping bunch of game modes against the new improved AI opponents, or online against the rest of the Carmafan masses! Progress your Career through the Carma ranks or have a MultiPlayer romp in a Car Crusher, Fox 'n' Hounds (always been Stainless MP game session favourite!), Death Race or Checkpoint Stampede event, frenetic fun filled with Carmageddon’s trademark over-the-top violence, crazy PowerUps and non-stop laughs…

And relive all the mangling mayhem with a fabulously updated Action Replay System, with multiple cameras and replay options – it’ll mean you never miss a pile-up again! Get those movies online and brag about your ped culling achievements. And there will be plenty of THOSE too – oh yes… Achievements, Challenges and Collectibles to hunt down, that’ll keep the whole family entertained for hour upon happy blood and oil splattered hour.

The full game features:
  • Single Player Career mode
  • Freeplay mode
  • Online & Offline Multiplayer mode
  • CarMODgeddon mods mode

The Car Is The Star! Carmageddon: Reincarnation features a wide and varied range of cool, crazy, custom killing machines; each with its own highly distinctive “character”. Carmageddon cars are specifically built for the job in hand – wrecking opponents and killing peds! Carmageddon basically invented the whole concept of videogame physics and real-time damaging of cars and the scenery, and so it’s obviously our responsibility to bring this technology BANG up-to-date with a brand new state of the art car damage (and repair) system. Crush, bend, twist, and completely mangle your opponents’ and your own car – smash parts off, or split it in two; the original game was all about wrecking motors and pummelling pedestrians, and we’ll be taking this to a whole new level! Of course Power, Armour, and Offensive upgrades make a return, along with new customising options, allowing you to personalise the killing capabilities of your preferred rides.

A host of old favourites make a comeback, along with some all-new faces. Only ever seen before as low resolution mugshots, now you get to see them from head to toe (well, head to knees in the case of Screwie) in full HD 3D glory – usually as they smash through their windscreen and hurtle past (or INTO) yours!

The new environments are amalgamations of the best bits from the numerous chunks of landscape that we all loved to tear around in Carmageddon. “Bleak City”, “Dusty Trails”, “MagNuChem” and "Snowy" levels all return in updated forms, with their memorable landmark features such as the Loop ’de’ Loop, acid pits and Football Stadium. Everything is reassuringly surreal; hell, we’ve even managed to incorporate a giant food mixer into a level!

The topography and detail in the locations is updated and enhanced, with even more fun stuff to smash into, smash up, snap off, and send careening into the poor pedestrian population. “Nice Shot Sir!” And talking of pedestrians…

Once again, the game features a varied mix of adult pedestrians of all ages, shapes, persuasions and species (Carmageddon is an equal opportunities Ped Slaughterfest). Classic pedestrians are back, such as old lady on a Zimmer frame and old man with his stick, with their famous cry “I was in the war!”, plus bikini babes and swimming trunk hunks, fat bastards, and herds of cows in improbable locations. Joining them are some new faces – including the Stainless dev team and some guest appearances by the generous Kickstarter Backers who pledged their way into a VIP role in the game!

PowerUps are back (well, they couldn’t not appear in a game bearing the name Carmageddon, could they!) and this time they’re even funnier, surrealier, hurtier, and messier than ever! Lots of the classic PUps (as we call them) return in super-enhanced form, such as Repulsificators, Kangaroos & Solid Granites. Then we have all new PUps like "Pelvic Thrust" and a variety under the heading “Tossers”! Combine PUps to create hilarious combo results like “Groovin’ Helium Filled Peds”, or “Peds without legs at the Temporary Rapture"!

  • Leaderboards. Challenge yourself to reach the top of the leaderboard using skill or brute force!
  • Achievements. A suitably warped array of mad Feats and Exploits will garner you the rewards that every gamer dreams of.
  • Challenges: Do the most stupid things, collect meaningless trinkets and waste hours of your life in the pursuit of ultimately pointless goals!
  • Easter Eggs: We’ve hidden a variety of special Easter Eggs throughout the game to keep you busy and entertained!
  • Crazy Power-ups: No really… These are utterly CRAZY power ups, that you will find scattered about the environments, and may well scatter you round the environment in return.
  • CarMODgeddon: The whole game will be MODdable for your MODding pleasure!

Q: How do I get the updates?
They happen automatically via Steam – they don’t require you to do anything other than have downloaded the game, and have your Steam software running.

Q: How often will the game be updated?
As we are now in Public Beta, we may release the occasional patch or update, but most of our focus will be on finishing the game.

Q: How do I know what’s in an Update?
There will be a Changelog thread on http://www.carmageddon.com, which will detail updates and bug fixes for each release. Each release of the game will have an identifying number, which will be permanently displayed on-screen all the time. This way we can also easily track bugs and feedback that includes screenshots, as they’ll show us the version being played.

Q: What platforms will Early Access support?
The Early Access release is for Windows PC only, via Steam. Following the Final Release, the game will also be ported to the Mac and Linux platforms, and the DRM-free non-Steam version will also be made available. As we said before, we are targeting other platforms besides PC, MAC and Linux and will make announcements when we know more.

FAQ? Go to https://carmageddon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200134541-Early-Access-FAQ
Known issues: Go to https://carmageddon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/200414371-Carmageddon-Reincarnation-Known-issues



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