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25 February 2016
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12 March 2016
Review by *Serval

Game bought on IG

Awesome concept, interesting menu and the story mode has a great scenario.
Great work from an indie startup, I can only recommend to support them by buying this game.
I'm glad I can play such a good game on my mac !

  • Inovative concept
  • Scenario
  • Mac compatible
  • Offline mode

28 November 2017
Review by PERFECT

Game bought on IG

Bought it for 1e. Totally value for that, but I wouldnt buy it for a bigger price. At first the game is nice, but after a while it becomes so repetitive and boring. A very good idea to make this game though.

  • gameplay
  • combat system
  • no real story
  • repetitive

09 September 2017
Review by Hadis

Game bought on IG

A short but really solid experience whilst still being challenging at times. Ran really well and overall graphics and sounds were great, nothing mind blowing but not bad either. I recommend if you are tired of generic shooters and want to try something different.

  • No performance issues
  • Solid and fun at times, gameplay
  • Short

21 August 2017
Review by gamer-ad7c6e

Game bought on IG

i guess its really good for some people, i personally hated it, but i guess i was just too bad at it. its well made and with an original idea but im never touching it again. buy it if you feel like you'd like it

  • performance
  • frustrating

04 August 2017
Review by Djordje Petrovic

Game bought on IG

Okay, so i bought this game today and to be honest i thinked that this is going to be boring, but when i installed and played it gots very very fun. I really like this game and everyone should get it :D


24 April 2017
Review by Odinsdottir

Game bought on IG

This game has its own concept. I really like the slow motion shooting kind of Matrix.
The Achievements are all possible. And it is very challenging.
The story is short but at -71% it worth the price because it is a masterpiece. :)

  • Inovation
  • Challenging

04 April 2017
Review by Younes

Game bought on IG

Man this game is pretty neat and has some pretty cool mechanics. Makes you feel as close as you can get to being Neo lol Controls are simple and basic FPS . Gfx are neat and very clean and Matrix looking , kind of like a VR. Game runs real good and smooth. Very minimalist kind of game.

What i like is after you beat a lvl you get to watch the replay in normal speed and makes you look like a pro hitman lol Or John Wick 10.0 lol But just as you think you seen all the Bullet Time games this Gem pops up lol

  • Very unique
  • Story was a bit short

17 March 2017
Review by Ruben Santacatalina

Game bought on IG

Wow, that's a game. Super hot is the best shooter I ever played. Better than Portal 2, Bioshock saga and others. Simply excellent. And now... it's so cheap. Don't go on without buying this masterpiece.

  • All
  • Simply perfect
  • Nothing

16 March 2017
Review by Sploof

Game bought on IG

It's better than i expected, after beating the game i can say it worth's even more money than this so in my opinion its a must buy for everyone who want something which is not the nowadays hyped game. Yes it's not open world you can't drive a car and no you can't trickshot in it, but if you want something new,i highly recommend to get this game.


12 March 2017
Review by dukinho15

Game bought on IG

Great idea in general. There's some stuff that can be improved but that's normal for a first release. I'm glad that something like this showed up in the ocean of unintuitive FPS shooters. I'm expecting the next chapter.

  • great physics
  • requires fast thinking
  • unusual approach
  • that cinematic (chat) sequences could be more interesting

12 June 2016
Review by Bongo671

Game bought on IG

Saw this game on steam and the price was a little higher, I saw it on here for much less and bought it. This is a good sight for getting even new games for cheaper. Superhot is Super fun but can ware out after a little while.

  • Great fun trying to dodge and perfom epic moves!
  • Can get boring after a while playing and feels repetitive

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