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Conan Exiles
This game is a very big disappointment. Funcom advertised and promoted this game : "build a home and kingdom" so they encourage you to build as much as you want but when you do, they suddenly just wipe out all of your buildings and ban you from official servers without any warring. I am just highlighting that I didn't block anything, I didn't wall around any obelisk or any important areas in the map and other players could use my maprooms, roads, etc. I just wanted to warn every player who is as enthusiastic as I am to build things before they face the same experiences as I had. It does not matter how big my base was because I don't think they should ban someone for something that the game allows you to do.

FUNCOM: "it was determined that excessive amounts of structures and placeables were being used to intentionally have a negative impact on the server’s performance. Even though freedom of expression through building is encouraged via the sandbox and building system of the game, deliberate use and abuse of known exploits to not only negatively impact the rest of the players in the server, but the server itself, is not something we can let go."

If some placebles or other building pieces could become exploits, then I think they should have fixed or limited or at least mentioned it in the rules, moreover they mentioned "known" exploits but they are just known to them not to the players, because I did not find a word regarding any of it on the official website. Therefore, I was not aware that I was using known exploits. It's a bit ridiculous if some of the placebles or other building pieces could become exploits in such a kind of game which is about building things. The game is a waste of time, waste of money If you are looking for such a kind of building survival game then believe me, it would be better if you avoid this one.

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