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Farming Simulator 22 Platinum Edition
Pre-order 14 November 2022
DLC Destiny 2: Lightfall + Annual Pass
Pre-order 27 February 2023
DLC Farming Simulator 22 - Pumps n' Hoses Pack
Pre-order In 3 days
Victoria 3 Grand Edition
Pre-order 24 October 2022
A Plague Tale: Requiem
Pre-order In 24 days
Instant Gaming is a great way towards cheaper games, while still supporting the developers. It was quick, I was able to pay with PayPal and got the code instantly after payment.

Rexion, Youtuber and Instant Gaming partner.
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Don't know where the prices come from - but they are unbeatable.
3 hours ago
4 hours ago
Always perfect, thanks IG
1 day ago
The best thing I've ever bought
1 day ago
Fast and Furious :D
1 day ago


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Cyberpunk 2077
DLC Stellaris: Toxoids Species Pack
Construction Simulator Extended Edition
Potion Permit
Construction Simulator
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Roblox Card - 800 Robux
Pre-order In 6 days
DLC Cities: Skylines - Plazas & Promenades
God of War

Potion Permit

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Gothic Universe Edition
Ahh yes, good old days come back every time I start one of the 3 games. They are just soo nostalgic to me. I think after all this time they are still really good and have soo much contet packed into them for the time they came out. They are just great.
Chivalry 2
Dont buy mordhau buy this

Fun gameplay not as serious as other games so its fun to play after work or school

Graphics are great and the maps look just epic

Playing with a friendgroup is so fun

recommend 10/10
Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
Had my entire fortune poached by wandering looteres, most of my men were killed, those who weren't died later of starvation and the only one to make it to a town was me. Where I was promptly ambushed by brigands, who *let me go* because I was *too* poor. At some point I realized I'd lived my entire life in poverty, misery and eventually I decided to turn my life around.

I became a blacksmith, created some minor works - barely making a profit. Until one day, when I made a sword that broke the town's economy. Everyone wanted my sword. In merely a day, I'd earned enough to purchase largess too grand for even kings. Then my life - so deprived in years gone by - was filled but still empty. Money begets money, and violence begets violence. Eventually, when I had conquered the world I knew nothing but stillness. My clan was large and thus was my lot. Eventually life was bleak, if a man could have anything, would he want for nothing? Or did it mean he could not desire anything, as well?

Then, it was 3 am and I realized I had work in the morning.

All in all, ten out of ten, would Bannerlord again.
Dark Souls 3 Deluxe Edition
The best thing I've bought. Truly a masterpiece

The great graphics that go along with the difficult, and yet addictive combat with amazing areas to explore takes this to the next level.

To all those people that give it a one star because "ITS TO HARD" THATS THE POINT. This game isn't gonna hold your hand and walk you through everything. This game is about figuring things out on your own and learning how to beat each boss because each one takes a different strategy. And yea you might die alot trying to beat a certain boss but it just makes it that much better when you do beat him. If you just beat every boss the first time without challenge is that really gonna be fun. Aside from the bosses and challenge, each level has its own environment and lore to go along with it.

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My Time at Sandrock
DLC Assetto Corsa Competizione - Challengers Pack

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