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Assassin's Creed Odyssey
I have played every AC game to the bone since the release of the first one, and i can say that this is the worst AC ever released.
The combat system is repetitive, boring and blunt where the only challenge of an enemy is that they have large amount of health.
The characters are boring and sometimes annoying, with nothing to make them memorable. The skill tree and the upgrade system of the ship are both pure garbage, and the reason of that is that even if you have the best skill maxed, you will see almost no difference when figthing an enemy with that skill than when you use your normal basic attacks, your character will just do an okayish looking move that will get boring after using it so many times, but wont do any difference in combat because you could have dealt the same damage with normal basic attacks.
To upgrade the ship you must find many kinds of different resources, which takes forever but is not worth it since the ship traveling and combat is as unspectacular as an onion falling down from a table, nothing compared to AC Black Flag.
The loot system is also terrible since you get better gear aprox. every 10 minutes, so that the joy of looting is completely disabled. for example, you fight an hard boss fight for a chest gear that not only looks epic, but also has good stats, after a long fight you get that gear and you feel good about it, only to find another random piece of equipment in a random chest with better stats.
Also being able to change the optical look of the gear into whichever gear you like, is completely killing the need and joy of exploring and doing quests for an epic gear set.
Oh and while am at it about the quests, there are way to many quests that pop up everywhere, which wouldnt be so bad if those quests were nearly as interessting.
the only good thing about this game is the open world map, it is HUGE and beatiful to look at, but it also lacks activity and life.
All in All 3 out of 10.
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