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Two Point Hospital
Two Point Hospital is a hospital management, sim game. It is the
spiritual successor to the classic Theme Hospital game. In fact, some of
the devs of this game were working on Theme Hospital. The main game
has you take charge of a series of hospitals with different issues and
scenarios such as, being situated in an area prone to natural disasters,
not enough land space, etc. As you progress you can earn money to buy
new things for your hospital - from vending machines to a syringe
machine (yes, there is a thing such as a syringe machine in this game),for
your hospital. You can even go back to your previous hospitals and make
improvements to get more money.

*Everyone “wants to break free”*
This game also has a very humorous setting. There are a variety of
diseases that are completely unrealistic,but hilarious. For example, there
is a rock-star syndrome where everyone dresses up as a rockstar and
think they are Freddie Mercury(for those of you that didn’t get the
‘break free’ reference, it is a song by Queen) and they need psychiatric
help. I don’t want to spoil any more of these. Rather you check it out for
yourselves as they will be quite a funny surprise.

*Help! Ghosts everywhere!*
In this game, if your patients die then they come back as ghosts to haunt
your hospital! The only way you can get rid of them is by getting your
janitor to take care of them. But your janitor will only do this, if they
have the right skillset and aren’t afraid of ghosts. This brings me to my
next point. You have to choose the right people for the right jobs. Each
member of your staff has unique skills that make them better for different jobs. Some may be better to be in charge of diagnosis, some might be better for patients to see after surgery and things like that.

*A lightbulb for a head…haha*
If you are looking for a serious game then you may find some of the
jokes not funny and breaking immersion. But then I don’t think this
game is for you. Just by looking at the aesthetics, you can tell that this
game is supposed to be comical and to play when you just want to blow
off some steam. I absolutely love the art style and design, but I also like
casual games. The only negative I have, personally, is the lack of a free-
play mode. You only have the scenarios/missions mode and while this is
enough to warrant the game’s price it just feels that a free-play mode
would have made this game perfect.

*Worth a buy?*
Well, yes! As long, as you aren’t looking for something too serious then I
think you will like the game. While I still would have liked a free-play
mode that doesn’t take away anything from what this game has to offer.
It is a wonderful throwback to older management games, and
particularly to Theme Hospital. I have had a blast playing this game and
will come back from time to time.

Reviewer: Draxter UG
Tyranny Commander Edition
Tyranny is an isometric, action RPG set in a medieval-fantasy period.
Now, you must be turning your heads away as this genre is quite over-
saturated of late, but fear not, as this game has one extremely crucial
and unique distinction. That is in the story. The premise of the game is
that a war has just gotten over and the “evil” side has won. Now you
work for this faction and are basically cleaning up the aftermath of the
war. And the big difference is that this game gives you total freedom of
your decisions. You can choose to be sympathetic and show mercy to
the people or you can show your dark side and be, as the name of the
game might hint, a tyrant!

*Be Your Own Villain*
This game offers you a very thorough character creation option. You can
choose to be an archer or a swordsman, a rogue or a tank and so on. You
can be whatever you want and customise everything to the tee. This one
feature in itself offers this game a ton of re-playability! Once you
finished the game as a frontline tank, why not try experiencing it as a
wizard? The possibilities are endless!

*Truly Freedom Of Choice*
As I have said in my opening paragraph, this game shows you the other
side of the coin when it comes to the classic tale of Good vs Evil. You are
on the side of Evil and you have to ensure the homeless people who
have had their lived ripped apart in the aftermath of the war are dealt
with. You can choose to throw them all to jail without reason or you can
be a merciful character in a world without heart. The choice is yours.
This is where the RPG element of the game stems from. You can choose to invest in skill points that will aid you on your journey or you can choose ones that might hinder your decisions but help you in combat. This is a vast and diverse system that is easy to understand but has layers of depth for more experienced players. The path is yours to forge!

*Snail’s Pace Combat…Yawn*
This game has a lot of positives but there is one negative aspect to it that
I feel has to be stated in a review, and that is the combat. This is real
time combat with the option to pause so you can micromanage your
party members and use their abilities. There is the option to have the AI
control your party members, so you can keep the combat real time, but
,as you learn more abilities it becomes harder to play using this, as the
computer may not target who you want to target or may heal the wrong
member. So the game immediately forces some amount of
micromanagement on players and on top of that the combat is …. just
dull and extremely slow. I don’t know how else to describe it. Some
players may enjoy it, but I can’t say that I did. Even players who enjoy
slower strategy games might not enjoy this game’s combat.

*Get Started On Your Path To Tyranny*
Now I have talked about the one big negative and that is the combat but
don’t let this deter you as the rest of the game is quite enjoyable. It has
re-playability through just the character creation, not to mention the
choices you will have to make. It also has a unique and interesting story
to keep you hooked. I can safely say that a lot of people will enjoy this
game despite the combat gameplay being kind of a let down.

Reviewer: Groiig UG
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition is a remaster of a classic fantasy CRPG game that goes by the name of “Icewind Dale”. This game can be considered a virtual Dungeons and Dragons game as well, as it shares a lot of similarities in its RPG aspect. This game is also what has inspired many of the best selling isometric RPGs in the market currently, such as the Divinity: Original Sin and Pillars of Eternity games.

*Write your own stories!*
This game, like the more recent entries in the genre, has a vast and deep character creation system even though this game is around 15 years old! You can choose from a variety of gender, races and professions as well as allocate stats and traits. As you progress through the game you will realize that the story of your friend’s tale and yours will be completely different, simply because of the decisions you have made in the game. At each crossroad or each issue that comes to you in the game there will be a number of different options available for you to take and make your character, be whoever you want them to be. If you want your character to be diplomatic, you can do that, if you want them to be arrogant and cocky you can do that as well. The choice is yours.

*Graphics remade?*
The original game’s graphics definitely looks very dated when compared to modern day gaming. But the Enhanced Edition has polished it up and made it look more modern while keeping the iconic art-style, which is extremely special to the people who have played the original game. Even if the Enhanced Edition graphics aren’t up to the standards of Divinity or Pillars, but don’t let that fool you as this game has so much depth to make up for its shortcomings (which are few). This game has so much quality to offer and to wide variety of tastes. If you like RPGs, sound/music design, art design or great storytelling there is something for you in this game.

*Make your fantasies a reality in this game*
This game lets you go on your own fantasies and adventures, make them a reality, as this game is definitely worth picking up. If you are a fan of RPGs and would like to see how they got to where they are today, then this game will show you what they were like 10-15 years ago. If you are just a fan of quality PC games, then this has quality in spades. Or if you are a game collector than this is definitely a must have for the game library!

Reviewer: Michael UG
Northgard is a city building strategy game, similar to the classics such as “The Settlers” series, but it removes most of the hardcore elements and makes the genre more mainstream and accessible for new players to the genre. This game takes on a Norse setting and theme with army contingent being Viking-like, as are the appearances of the buildings and other structures that you build in the game.

*More Casual or Dumbed-Down?*
The thing this game does different from other games in the genre is that, it removes some of the hardcore mechanics such as, having to have roads connecting buildings and instead this game gives you specific locations to build certain buildings. This ensures that newer players don’t mess up their city design and are eased into the genre.

The game has a story mode with an interesting story, as well as online and co-op modes to build cities with your friends. The story follows some Vikings, who after years of searching for a new home find a suitable location and that is where you take control of the group of survivors. You are not only tasked with setting-up a new home you also have to ensure the clan can thrive and grow in this uncharted area.

*Art Design and Viking Horns*
The art design for the game is stunning. The graphics are also up to par with modern standards. But let me explain why the art style is nearly perfect for this game. The art style gives the game a slightly cartoon-y feel without making it too casual. This one aspect of the game makes it feel very welcoming and open to new players without shunning away hardcore fans. Along with the art design, the music choice and sound design compliments the art in the game perfectly. These 2 aspects of the game elevate the game to a whole new level.

*Better than the Older Games?*
Sadly, while I can recommend this game to everyone, I can’t say it is better than the older games in this niche genre. But I can say this is the right game for this generation of gamers compared to the older ones. Some may say this is a downgrade, but in my opinion it is just designed for the modern market. Definitely worth picking up, but fans of games such as the Settlers series might have to manage their expectations.

Reviewer: Draxter UG
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