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General terms of sale :


By confirming his order, the customer declares to accept unconditionally the terms of sale alongside with the entirety of these present general terms of sale.

Article 1 - Purpose

This website aims to sell CD keys online, downloadable from the website Instant-Gaming.com in the form of scanned card, or in rare cases as a code displayed in text format. Codes are official keys allowing to unlock the entirety of a game downloaded as digital from downloading platforms which have been given by developers of the game. Availability of cards is based on the stocks. A product which is not in stock can’t be bought, as we disable the sale if the code or card is not available.

Article 2 - Formulas - Duration

The customer can buy codes to activate games through the game's platform. Prices varies from day to day. Once the code has been validated, we consider that it has been used once it has been accepted by the platform.

Article 3 - Rates and payment methods

Rates are based on the access of the full game, stated on the web pages. They are available at any time on the website instant-gaming.com.

Article 4 - Access to the service

Access to instant-gaming.com is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except in a case of an enormous problem or maintenance interventions. If you have any difficulties to access to the service, the service support instant-gaming.com is available at this address: [email protected]

Article 5 - Rules of Internet use

The Customer agrees with the characteristics and limitations of Internet and especially acknowledges: that the Client is the only responsible of the use that he makes of these informations. Accordingly, instant-gaming.com should in no way be civilly held, because of an express or tacit obligation, responsible towards the Client, for any direct or indirect damages arising from the use of such information; that he is aware of the nature of internet, especially its technical performance and of the response delay for consulting, querying or transferring information; that the disclosure by the Client of his personal details of identification or generally speaking of any information considered as confidential by the client, is done under his own responsibility; that it’s up to the Client to take all necessary measures to make sure that the technical features of his computer allows him to look at information; that it’s up to the client to take all appropriate measures to protect his own data and/or software from contamination of viruses circulating through the website.

Article 6 - Termination and Refunds

Considering the digital nature of the keys we sell, a refund is possible, but a deadline of 5 days may be necessary for us to verify if the code is not used. In accordance with the law, you waive your right of withdrawal if the game as been validated.

Article 7 - Terms of affiliate program

The affiliation doesn’t work in the following cases:

-Orders of less than 5€
-The use of a subaccount or an account linked to the main one
-The buyer clicked on the affiliation link more than a month ago (Clause not applied to partners)
-The use of Adwords or payed traffic

The amount you earned will be cancelled in the following case:

-Usurpation of the IG brand to advertise your affiliation link without our previous consent.

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