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Forza Horizon 4 (PC / Xbox ONE)

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89 /100
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04 November 2018
Review by Oskar1st (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Very well detailed game, smooth running and better optimised then Forza horizon 3.
Personally I prefer the Forza Horizon 3 map but this one is very well done also, more realistically anyway.
Altogether its a very well detailed game with many new cars (that can be well modified), a game which supports many steering wheels, controllers and obviously mouse and keyboard.Enjoyable but can be tough to play in sometimes.Multiplayer is solid and so is single player.More cars more fun, seasons are also a big plus to the game.

Really this game is just a fun racing game, well optimized and pretty realistic.

  • Fun game
  • Well optimized
  • A lot of cars to choose from
  • Realistic
  • Worth the money for enthusiasts etc

08 February 2019
Review by JustCallMeNicky

Game bought on IG

I didnt wanna pay full price so type "Forza Horizon 4 Cheap" on google and well i found this site... thought about buying it over a night then in a instant of sitting down at home from work i HIT that BUY BUTTON and now play with my little brother! Recommend this site 10/10 site so far even know this is my first and only purchase but still great first impression! Btw a HUGE tip! do the 14 day trial on microsoft store ( if any game has a trial do this first to test the game, helps for future let downs or surprises. ) first before buying this game to make sure it runs on your pc for those new to buying high grade graphics games. I learned my lesson before owning a gaming pc myself :) ! Again, ... 10/10 Rating Great site to buy from and great prices!

  • Worked
  • 1stTry!
  • No Problems
  • None
  • None just all around great Purchase

01 February 2019
Review by Pedro Gonçalves

Game bought on IG

It is very fun to play this one online, big game with a lot of different cars, races and events, it's been awhile since i had so much fun (probably since need for speed underground 2). Congratulations to the developers.

  • Beautiful graphics
  • Tons of cars
  • None

19 January 2019
Review by IotaLion

Game bought on IG

It's a really good game. I bougth it because a friend of mine was playing it. He said it's a really awesome game. And it is... After a few weeks it's still interessting and i love it so much. i still can play it on two devices.

  • - awesome grafik
  • - awesome story
  • - awesome cars
  • - "play anywhere"
  • - connection problems with multiplayer

16 January 2019
Review by ptitfiloudu62 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Ce jeu est pour moi un des meilleurs jeux de voitures si ce n'est pas le meilleur en tout cas dans la rubrique course arcade il bat tout les records ( Jeu très attachant avec des graphismes époustouflants et une bonne prise en mains + jeu très complet)

  • meilleur jeu de voiture arcade pour moi
  • attachant
  • très cool a jouer une fois paramétré avec un volant
  • très dur à paramétrer pour les volants

11 January 2019
Review by gamer-24740e

Game bought on IG

Wow! TBH I Did not expect this to work but it did like a charm! I really liked the service and i will buy more stuff soon from here! Good job Instagaming. If you compare it with others its the fastest and cheaper out there.

  • Quick Delivery

06 January 2019
Review by WolFy

Game bought on IG

Very good experience! It tooke me like 10 min to do all the things, like payment, waiting for the code, activate, and now I download the game. Nothing bad with this, i had no trouble or something like that.

  • Delivered so fast
  • The code is working fine
  • I didn't have any problems through paymant process
  • No negative points, just positive!

01 January 2019
Review by DraykCZE (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

After Forza 3 is here even better Forza 4, this game offers you nice graphics, lot of cars, nice environment with seasons(winter is best!) and radio almost for everyone. Optimalization is very good. On old GPU(970GTX) 60fps on ultra setting. I think is the best racing game for that year and for another year. But! There is 2 things which annoying me a little. Missing Mitsubishi brand and Škoda Brand(Fabia R5 for rally), another things are the problems with connectivity on some controllers(Logitech Cordles RumblePad 2 and Logitech Wheel G25 without function) so for that reason I was forced to bought XBOX controller but I am not dissapointed, becouse behave of the XBOX controller in the game is impressive.

  • environment and seasons
  • lot of cars
  • optimalization and graphic
  • good music
  • lots of settings for vehicles
  • bad connectivity with some controllers(Logitech especialy)
  • Mitsubishi and Škoda missing

26 December 2018
Review by gamer-64340d

in my opinion, this is how you do a racing MMO. I like the way the seasons change. You need to change your tunings and moods, bringing things to do. I like cars a lot and I like the idea of multiplayer, and this game is right on the point. You have a lot of cars to modify and tune to your style, a big open world, reminding me of Ivory Tower's games (TDU1, TDU2, The Crew, The crew 2). Those games have the same DNA, but force manages to get a nice feeling and a better progression system.


28 November 2018
Review by gamer-398d3d

Game bought on IG

Superb free demonstration version encouraged me to purchase this full version of the game.

Long download at about 2mb second finished in the early hours of morning hence short review!

So far installation and quality are identical to demo and will try and get some sleep before exploring program in more detail.

This newbie finds a controller is much easier than a keyboard to control the vehicles that are available to drive through very realistic UK scenery with surprises like a rabbit running across a race in muddy woods.

  • Extremely realistic UK scenery includes roadsign directions
  • Looking forward to a drive to and through Edinburgh
  • Long download at 2mbs

29 October 2018
Review by Iprobablyhateallnewgames (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG

For all who want read this, enjoy.
First - for real Need for Speed (I am talking about Most Wanted, Underground & 2, Carbon) players ... you shouldn't buy this, OR TRY IT, there is a 14-day demo (I wish i had did that rip money) at the Microsoft Store, but i'll bet you won't like it, at least not much about it.
I guess I can talk about racing games like that here now, cause i'll just spend like 2k hours only on Need for Speed World (sad enough it's official closed).

- For all who want a nice racing game, with still good looking graphic for 2018, with community mods (like HD texture packs, modded cars etc.), with much customization, with less cars but OLD SCHOOL CARS, with a nice story (yea i know, racing games dont really need one, but it's nice to have for some people), with no useless cut scenes, with no social media bulls*it and no online things (yes some people prefer games like this), should better buy a copy of NfS Most Wanted 2005, or NfS Underground 1 & 2.
You will have more fun with these old but gold titles (even when you finished all missions), then with newer games at all (99% the same for all games).

- For all who want a good online racing game without a story but all these things above, just a freaking multiplayer, should take a look at "Soapracing World", just google it, trust me @NfS fans.
Just what I think about this game. Hate me or love me, I dont care. For me - money waste.

  • Open world (when a racing game need this?)
  • Customization and many cars
  • Seasons and weather
  • Performance and optimization are very good
  • Graphics and sounds are nice
  • Storyline
  • Driving feeling just feels like a better copy of the crew & 2 - so shit
  • Skill trees WTF ?!
  • Cut scenes .. have fun .. they are not even make sens and cant skip then
  • Social media bulls*it

15 October 2018
Review by HaleGiacomo

Game bought on IG

Best car games of the world

Singleplayer , Multiplayer , number of cars playable , incredible graphic on 60fps , London is a magic city and is rappresentated perfectly , lot of online races with a lot of modalities!

Vote 10/10

  • Singleplayer
  • Graphic
  • Multiplayer
  • Number of Cars
  • London

07 October 2018
Review by masterman389

Game bought on IG

This game is truely an amazing game with top notch graphics and alot of good cars to chose between, but driving them is a different story.
I'm running a GTX 1070 and I get unreal amounts of input lag... Like when i click D to corner it corners 2 seconds after i pressed the button...????

  • Nice graphics
  • Nice car selection
  • Alot of activities
  • Did i forget to mention input lag
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