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Flip Wars Switch (Europe)

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Leap into the air and Hip Drop onto the board below to flip adjacent panels around where you land and change them to your colour. Knock Out your opponent by flipping any panels they’re standing on, and watch them fly off the board – be careful where you stand, though, as they can send you flying, too! Prevent your rivals from reclaiming nearby panels and catch them off guard by adjusting your landing zone in mid-air, or by performing a Hip Drop feint.

Extend your panel-flipping power with a variety of items that can boost your movement speed, make you temporarily invulnerable, and even change the direction of the panels so they flip diagonally. If you get knocked out by an opponent, you’ll lose all the items you picked up and their stat-boosting benefits, so keep an eye on your surroundings.

You can also take the fight online, play against computer controlled opponents and engage in local multiplayer battles for up to four players.

Knock your rivals off the stage and claim panels of your colour to win the day in Flip Wars, available exclusively from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch. Updates are planned in the future that will add more features to this title. Check back later for more information!

Experience an all-new battle sport in this competitive party game
Flip over panels to reveal items, outwit your opponents and claim victory
Test yourself in a variety of competitive multiplayer modes
Fight against foes online or via local multiplayer offline up to four players

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