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Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition

Review Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete Edition (Europe)

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20 July 2016
Review by MAJOT

Game bought on IG

Just great Grand Theft Auto. Not the best but still great, I think that San Andreas and newest GTA V is better. Main problem with GTA IV is that there is no counties or some deserts like in SA or V, but there is only one city. Also driving is very strange, and personally i feel like i'm in boat, not in car.

  • Graphics
  • Story
  • Characters
  • Gameplay
  • Physics
  • Driving
  • Only city, no counties or sth

05 November 2018
Review by ruqex (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Meiner Meinung nach immernoch eins der besten Rockstar Games! Grand Theft Auto IV macht 2018 immernoch viel Spaß. In diesem Spiel wird die Story sehr geprägt wobei es leider einen nicht so tollen Mehrspieler hat. Fazit : das Spiel macht viel Spaß und ich empfehle es jedem zu kaufen!

-Instantgaming hat wie immer gute Arbeit geleistet und die Lieferung war nach ca. 2 Minuten da, super!

  • Story
  • Grafik immernoch gut trotz dem Alter des Spiels
  • viel Spielspaß
  • Multiplayer

22 September 2018
Review by marco97331 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I bought the key, activated the product, downloaded the game and when I tried it, it stuck on a black screen that did not allow me to continue, forcing me to forcefully close the game. I tried all the possible solutions but the problem is not solved ... do not buy it then, the optimization is very bad


20 May 2018
Review by very fast

Game bought on IG

very good old game.
Graphically, the game looks fantastic and completely justifies the status of the next generation. The textures are perfectly clean and varied, the models are excellent. Special praise goes with shadows and weather effects. One of the most beautiful scenes in the new GTA is riding the bridge on a sunny day, while the light goes through the bars and leaves the road through the rays of light and shadow. The rain is fine, realistic, and the same can be said for fog. The big jump has exploded, which are among the best I've ever seen in one game. The only minuses are still imperfect models of characters and there is this unstable frame rate, not so often that it still has trouble. With audio pages again brilliant. The radio station is 20 years old and has licensed music and entertainment news / shows. The slightest criticism is the lower quality of music than in the previous sequences, but you will regret it because you have something for everyone. You should not forget the stunning Glasshows for absolutely every character, where the job is done according to the highest possible standards. It is worth mentioning also the excellent physics of the Euphoria engine. In addition to the advanced version of the "customizable" ragdoll, which makes people even more comfortable with the cars hit by the car, cool the holes and hike through the windshield as soon as you hit a bit high speed.

  • good story
  • good graphics
  • engine
  • gameplay
  • couple of rare bugs

02 April 2018
Review by Atko (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Everyone knows about GTA everything,
BEst gameplay ever for that kind of game,
great graphic,story is great,you don`t need much strong pc computer for play tis game,
i hope so many players enjoy playing multiplay :)

  • nothing :)

11 February 2018
Review by gamer-a4c07d

Game bought on IG

I bought gta 4 yesterday and it shows the first picture ehen you load up gta 4 and it freezes like that for 1 hour.Then i realised it’s 32 bits,but my windows is 64 bits

  • Great story line
  • It wont start
  • Freezes for one hour on one picture

07 November 2017
Review by s1k1 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

GTA IV is not working on Windows 10 so no working game for us users and the developer is not doing anything for us to fix this problem with the game so we can play the game without the losing our nerves

  • good story line
  • no working game on windows 10
  • not playable for a lot computers
  • lot of glitches

06 April 2016
Review by Love This Site

Game bought on IG

Can't play it. It says login is incorrect for social club, you tell it to run offline and it doesn't. Such a shame, I was looking forward to playing this game as well, I wish I had read the reviews on a certain other site :(

  • Won't Run.
  • Claims login is incorrect
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