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Hell Let Loose for PC is a first-person multiplayer shooter game set during the Second World War. The game specialises in hundred player battles but it is not you against ninety-nine ferocious others. Instead, you are sorted into units of six soldiers each, and all the various units (about eight per side) are divided into two teams. About the Game The game map is divided into various sectors, and each unit of six, under the control of a designated leader, must try to capture more of the map ...
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Hell Let Loose

Standard Edition

  • Hell Let Loose
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Hell Let Loose - Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition

  • Hell Let Loose
  • False Front
  • Hot Drop
  • Lethal Tide
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Hell Let Loose - Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition

  • Hell Let Loose
  • False Front
  • Hot Drop
  • Lethal Tide
  • Skull Bucket
  • Silver Vanguard
  • Cavalry Coat
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Hell Let Loose for PC is a first-person multiplayer shooter game set during the Second World War. The game specialises in hundred player battles but it is not you against ninety-nine ferocious others. Instead, you are sorted into units of six soldiers each, and all the various units (about eight per side) are divided into two teams.

About the Game

The game map is divided into various sectors, and each unit of six, under the control of a designated leader, must try to capture more of the map than the other team. There are two ways to play: in warfare mode you win by claiming the whole map by beating the other side off every sector, or by possessing more than half of the sectors by the time the timer runs out.

In this game, communication is absolutely key, especially as you are playing with strangers who may or may not decide to obey orders! There are various ways to communicate with proximity mics for yelling at people who are close to you, unit-only mics through which you get your orders and can communicate with your unit leader, as well as network which allows unit leaders to liaise with each other and with their own higher-ups. As well as this, there is a more informal text chat system.

The maps in the game are based on authentic World War Two sites, using a combination of satellite imagery, archival footage, contemporary records and even street level recreations. During gameplay, try to keep an eye on the maps to see where everyone is as the maps are so large that even the fifty people on your side can be spread pretty thin, never mind the six that are supposed to be your immediate companions.

All the weapons and equipment in the game are historically authentic. The developers went to great pains to get it right to give you the best possible game-playing experience.

Get the Best from the Game

Because you are randomly assigned unit-mates, the experience is vastly different each time you play, with good tactical patient leaders showing a very different unit to bully-boys shouting orders and getting in their own way as happens from time to time! Try to stick it out with the bad ones and remember what to do better when you have earned a promotion.

Also, stay in your unit! While you can wander off, if you decide to make your own missions, going off alone will get you killed, most often with a quiet sniper’s bullet taking you out before you even know you’re in danger.

If the game is not fully packed, or if you are in a quiet area on the map, there will not be many players around, and you can use your senses in a quite realistic way, for example, you can listen out for footsteps or unwary chatter, and dodge out of sight.

But in more crowded areas – close to the mission goals, for example, or if the game is fully packed, then the warfare is a bit more realistic: loud and confusing! Bombers fly overhead, bullets fly all around and it can sound and feel a bit overwhelming in an overexcited, trying-not-to-die kind of way!

Be All You Can Be

There are various positions open to the eager and obedient soldier. While you all start out as lowly riflemen, it does not take long to earn promotions, and you can begin to specialise into the fourteen career paths, some of which are detailed below:

  • Medic – race around patching up your fellow soldiers and earning their undying (hopefully) gratitude

  • Engineer – come up with creative solutions to get across wide rivers, repair roads and more

  • Crewman – in it for the camaraderie and banter, be a team player and win through against the enemy

  • Tank Commander – nothing can stand in your way as you direct the tank to where it needs to go

  • Anti-tank – work out how to stop the unstoppable and delight in tipping over tanks, shunting them into rivers or finding new and unusual ways to block their progress

  • Officer – get a taste of being the boss with officer duties. Keep your unit under your command and get them to do what you want them to

  • Scout – if the spying life is for you, then be a scout, creeping over to the other side and checking out what they’re up to. Amongst other things!

  • Sniper – set up ambushes for unwary enemies, and take them out stealthily. Great to undermine their morale!

  • Machine gunner – if mindless gory violence is the cathartic pleasure you need right now, then spraying the opposition with bullets is the job for you

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    • OS: Windows 10 64bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i5-6600/AMD Ryzen 3 1300X
    • Memory: 12 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 4GB/AMD Radeon R9 380 4GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 30 GB available space

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    Game review score based on 203 reviews, all languages included

    Best reviews

    Really good WW2 game. Its for people who love realistic shooter!!!There isnt too much action but its really fun and really enjoy the game. Its not for people who usually play casual shooter like csgo etc...I
    • gameplay
    • graphic
    • realistic
    • slow gameplay
    • no matchmaking
    • some bugs
    I got on my third game 31 kills with a nagant iron sight and some of my kills were a few hundred meters away, I feel like Simo Häyhä now

    but I got on lowest settings 30-40 fps and sometimes hard frames drops, so I wouldn't recommend it on gaming laptops
    • funny people
    • medics helping (not like battlefield)
    • plays ERIKA if you win as germans
    • cant play as pilot :(((
    Seriously the best WW2 shooter I've ever played. COD WW2 and Battlefield V were absolute jokes and this game puts them to shame. This game is for everyone: milsim lovers, casual players, WW2 history buffs, etc. Do yourself a favor and get it.

    • Realistic
    • One of the best war games
    • Not the best optimized
    It’s fun but only he11 you have to know how to play mil sim or you’re gonna get flamed by the entire team start with rifleman and get used to the control and slowly advance into a better role and also medic is useless and it’s currently pointless as there is no point system when you die so you can just bleed out and respawn before a medic gets there
    • Realistic WWII Mil Sim
    • Annoying Team
    I absolutely love this game! Assault rifleman and Machine gunner are my favorite roles. There's nothing like mowing down an entire enemy squad as they move into the open or charge your position! If you have good squad leaders and commander, you shouldn't have to do much walking to get to the fight.
    • Fast TTK
    • Mil-sim
    • Large maps and 50v50 teams
    • Lots of walking if SL's and Commander sucks
    This is tough, really tough but utterly brilliant once the gameplay clicks, you will die many times without even knowing how, you'll probably cry at points, but then it'll start to make sense, then the team on mic helping you push a capture point or defend another, watching each others backs as you advance makes for great gameplay.

    Or maybe you'll jump into a tank and roll across the ruined fields and towns of France as armour support for the squishy infantry, creating havoc in your wake!

    Expect a very steep learning curve, but all your team mates will help as soon as you ask.

    You can play as the humble (as humble as anyone with a rifle ever is...) rifle man to squad leader up to commander of the battle with engineers, machine gunners, medic, support, auto rifle man and assault classes in between, as well tank crews, another game in itself, all have a part to play to help win the battle, I'm forgetting artillery crew...

    With no silly pay to win mechanics, micro transactions pink or gold paint jobs in sight it's refreshing to fell like your time is enough reward for the developers on this game, get over the initial shock, hell the clue is in the name! How easy do you think it was taking the beaches on D-day, of defending the frozen forests from the allies! And you'll spend hours of fun in this game, eventually!
    • graphics
    • gameplay
    • gun feel
    • long game ( around 45-55 min)
    Probably one of the best tactical-simulator shooter of all time.

    Many good mechanics, good graphics and much more.

    This game is truly a simulation of the WW2 battles and situations.

    The teamwork is the only way to win a game.
    • Graphics
    • Mechanics
    • Teamwork
    • AFK commanders
    Hell Let Loose is the sort of game that convinces me we're in the golden age of the multiplayer FPS. No matter what kind of first-person shooting you're into, there's probably a good game out there designed to scratch your specific itch. For military sim fans, Hell Let Loose is one of those games. Like Squad before it, it answers the question: "What if there was a truly hardcore Battlefield?"

    The main game mode is basically one huge match of Rush with one team pushing and the other defending, but you can't just respawn on a squadmate every time you die. You can only respawn on Outposts placed by a squad leader or at larger Garrisons that have to be built from scratch. Let the enemy overrun your Garrison and you're forced to run over a kilometer back to the fight. Yes, it's that kind of game.

    It's also the kind of game where one or two bullets kill, and it's as brutal as it sounds. I would often die before I could even tell where the shot came from, and revives are only possible if there's a medic around (there's usually not).

    • Graphics
    • Sound
    This game when i got it wasnt that good or didnt have that many players playing it, but with the years it got better. Hate the grind that you have to do to get to reach hight levels or even class levels. Sounds, mechanics and graphics are good. Lots of players.

    Running feels kinda cringy, looks like your char is trying to fight the inner demons when running because its the only game that i see that does not run like a person.
    • Lots of players
    • Good Graphics, mechanics, sounds
    • Good updates from the devs
    • Running is just slow, your char looks that he is fighting its inner spirits when runnning
    • Cosmetics
    • Grindy
    Really good game, dont buy it if you dont have headphones, i mean you can play it but you will also be forced to buy headphones also, communication is everything in this game, great game after all. Its really enjoyable if playing with friends.
    • No kids (if there are some they are respectful)
    • Great community
    • No tutorial makes veterans teach you stuff so it improves overall communication
    • Dont buy it if you thought of playing it on boosteroid, its shitty on boosteroid
    • Sometimes you have no commander but it really depends on server
    • No tutorial, its really boring when you dont know what are you doing, i dont have mic and i still to manage on my own

    Recent reviews

    I have a lot of game from this site can confirm best site for buying games huge thumbs up thank you

    Steam has a lot of game thats over 40e on some games but Instantgaming have cheap game with exect same game on daily basic whole time sale tho
    • Fast
    • Cheap
    • Code in few seconds
    • Nothing
    • Nothing
    • Nothing
    Fun but beware of PTSD side effects and that it may need a lot of walking and waiting to have fun and enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • fun
    • realistic (somewhat)
    • getting kills
    • ptsd
    • walking alot
    • getting killed
    don`t buy.. walking simulator.. you walk 10 min after you die ..and restart ..non a shooter game. it`s more a walking game. ...must to be called hell i walk a lot then i die without seeing a enemy! I buyed last night the game...now uninstal..bad lag, bad servers, if you don`t buy vip! you can not command until level 30.
    • don`t buy
    • niente
    • don`t buy scam shit
    • soddisfatti o rimborasati cosi dev`essere
    I spend over 2.300 hours in Hell let Loose and still can't get enough.

    I like the tactical aspect and the one shot mechanic (with most wapons) a lot.

    There a few bugs which never got fixed and they are a bit annoying but at the end it is still a great game and those few bugs won't take away the fun for somebody who is new in the game :)
    • Community
    • Meta
    • Loadoutbug
    • Voicebug
    Very poorly optimised, I regret having purchased this. Currently playing Isonzo, which has higher requirements, but it is incredibly smooth compared to this. This game has better sound libraries than Isonzo, and has tanks, huge maps - someone called it a "walking/running simulator".
    • Realism
    • Sounds
    • Poor FPS performance, badly optimised
    Great experience, play it if you are ready for a really hardcore shooter where you NEED to communicate with your team

    The community is amazing and very helpful, so don't hesitate to ask for tips when joining a squad !
    • Realistic
    • Not beginner friendly
    Hello instant gaming,

    I'm a bit embarrassed because i bought this game ( hell let loose ) a while ago, but played just a few hours ( 4 ) and did'nt enjoye very much .

    I know it's late, but i'm defenytely sure i won't play this game anymore.

    I there, somewhere, a solution to get a refund ?

    Sorry for bad english

    Thank you for you answer , and a possible arrangement


    10 minutes and I can see the graphics are great but the game play is so so slow. OMG. Spend 5 minutes getting to the action. Not for me but perhaps for those that like the long game. There seem to be realistic sounds and images such as planes flying overhead . its just there is very little gameplay IMO. How do I get a refund
    • Graphics
    • Lots of weapon choice etc
    • SLOW game play
    • Servers are slow
    are you looking for the best immersive WWII game... you came to the right place, fun gameplay, the guns feel great, in the first few matches you will propably die a lot so give it some time, new update added night maps, can be laggy on maps like stalingrad but can be fixed with this guide https://tinyurl.com/HLLbetterFPS dont forget to join Lost Legion to join one of the best HLL comunity... https://discord.gg/ZBWyWQHZBU
    • good large maps
    • gamepaly/gunplay
    • Immersive
    • comunication needed
    • laggy on some maps(stalingrad suffers the most)
    Fast delivery, i though do not like this minimum characters left for a review. If i just want to write one word it should be allowed.

    Only negative i have to say, game delivered, game is legit and it was as mentioned fast so will use again!
    • Fast
    • Easy
    • Legit
    game extremely fun, yet Icant stand playing for 10 min running toward an obj just to get killed by artillery. so if you want to run to the objective 8 times as many enemies as you will see, play hell let loose.
    played for about 15 minutes and it's the worst game i've played. i played for 15 minutes and have 6 points to complain about, just wondering if i'd spend couple of hours i could write an essay about how bad this game is...
    • nothing
    • laggy, enemy spawn anywhere
    • guy moves like he's in a tar pit
    • you just randomly die to something
    • directional audio awful
    • mission objective not clear
    This game is fun and intense with lots of memorable moments. They have recently taken the game out of early access and I love it. Give it a few games and hopefully you might enjoy it. If you do get this game you should get a mic but if you dont make sure you listen to your squad leader and dont play as it yourself as you will be lacking in your ability to lead your squad. Dont play this game like battlefield it is a hardcore shooter. The game is great when you know that you or your squad really contributed to your team and to your victory. This game isnt about kills although it helps to have good aim. It is quite difficult to spot enemys. Thankfully there are only two snipers per team so it isnt like battlefield where the entire teams are made up of sweaty snipers. Tank combat is fun if your crew of 3 have a mic. If you do get this game just ask for help because the majority of the community will help you and dont be scared to go as squad leader you will get better over time. Thanks for reading my review to the end and I hope you enjoy this game!
    • Immersive
    • Enjoyable with a good squad
    • Regularly updated
    I was going to give this a lower score initially but a 50 will do for effort. Im glad I didnt pay full price. After watching Karmakut's video I thought I would try it. This game ONLY works if you have a Commander with voice chat and gives directions. Most squads in this game have commanders who do not speak. I also find the bubbles that identify teammates annoying and unrealistic. The graphics and game mechanics are good.
    • Graphics
    • Game mechanics
    • Player bubble icons are too big and arcady.
    • Commanders are not required to use voice chat and often do not command appropriately..
    The game is fun and realistic, although I hate the part where you spawn, run about for 10 minutes, just to get shot and start over. It is definitely not worth the purchase for this price. It can have awkward moments as well where you and an enemy are reloading right beside each over waiting for who reloads first. And the fact that there can be 100 players in a game where on each team there can only be 2 sniper classes, I mean I understand that for fairness purposes but make it so there can be at least 5 snipers on each team. But I'll give the game points for have incredible realistic values.
    • Realistic and fun gameplay
    • You have to run about for 10 minutes just to get shot
    Worth buying but you need a good graphics card!!!
    Really fun to play
    with some friend you will get the best experience
    but the playerbase is really kind too so when you dont have friends the community will guide you.
    Iwas looking for a good WW2 game i'm glad I bought this game never experienced so much fun in a game

    and if you are looking for a good clan to play with it join us you are more then welcome:

    • players
    • vehicles
    • weapons
    • gameplay
    • maybe the FPS in some maps
    I don't really like this game in my opinion. I really don't like the maps there's like 7 maps that fell like the same map and the only maps that i like is D-day Hurtgen forest and hill something.
    and the game is just too slow paste i like slow pasted games but this is just insane how slow this is its just so boring and you walk for 20 minutes and then you randomly just get shot its stupid. plus the optimization is one of the worst optimized games i have possibly played. lets say i have a 1060 card and playing this game with lowest possible settings its like 40 fps now if you have a good graphics card then lucky you but that's not really why i dont like it its just cause of the maps and that how slow paste the game is and that you walk for 20 minutes and die its so stupid.
    Its definetly a great game, but if u don´t want to use a microphone then u shouldn´t buy it because it´s a team game. And u don´t want a team that don´t speaks with u. And wonderfull graphics.
    Also it makes much fun to play and it´s very realistic.
    • Good graphics
    • lovely Team player game
    • fun to play
    • u can play with out pre m8
    • realistic
    Teljesen jó. Nagyon realisztikus, érdemes társasággal játszani. A hiba annyi benne, hogy néhol túl monoton, illetve vannak benne kisebb-nagyobb bugok. A pályák nagyon tetszenek. Mondjuk egy kicsit jobban személyre lehetne szabni a dolgokat jobban tetszene, de így is tökéletesen leköti az embert.
    • Realisztikus
    • Taktikus
    • Monoton
    • Bugok

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