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82 /100
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01 March 2015
Review by FlorinBuffon (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

This is basically the game you were waiting for. It is a must buy for every DBZ fan (and not only) who can afford it.

Storyline 10/10

I really like the idea of the storyline. Basically, you make your own character (you can choose between Saiyan, Human, Majin, Namekian and Freeza's race) and you travel in time with Trunks because some of the events are changing (for example Vegeta kills everyone when he first arrives on Earth) so you have to help. Those changes are caused by 2 persons which appear only in the game. You can also do parralel quests either alone or with other players and you can even speak with them. This game is playable both online and offline ( you can play it with a friend if you have 2 controllers).

Graphics 8/10

It kind of resemble the original series so it's not the best one. I like the fact that you have better combat system and far more abilities.

Themes / music 8/10

I don't really like the in-game themes but the intro is really awesome (at least for me).

Overall 9/10

A good thing is that you can select the voice language (English or Japanese). Some characters can be unlocked only when you meet certain requirements. Most of the abilities (if not all) can be bought from the in-game store a certain amount of in-game currency (Zeni, so you don't need real money), for example Super Saiyan (ultimate ability) can be bought when you reach a certain level (16 I think) for 50000 Zeni. It can only be purchased by the ones who made a character from the Saiyan race. It also respects the original one so it drains your Ki pretty quickly. Overall, the game is really nice and you have a lot of things to do in it.

P.S. I haven't even experienced online battles yet :D

  • Better combat system
  • Nice graphics
  • Chat limitations

07 November 2015
Review by bea7475 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

awesome game loved the idea and I enjoyed playing even more than i had expected. as a fan of Dragonball. i was just buying for that fact but its defintely a great game in genre and not to be overlooked. looks sweet plays well cant fault it really.

  • control system is alot better than expected from a game that using flight in combat
  • looks amazing as well
  • good story line
  • not as much character differences on creation as i would have liked.

27 February 2015
Review by Goku Sensei

Game bought on IG

Best dragonball game ever by far! Totally worth the money and the endless replayablity makes it even better!! Creating your own character is fucking awesome!

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