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Assassin's Creed: Unity Xbox ONE

Review Assassin's Creed: Unity Xbox ONE

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79 /100
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01 September 2016
Review by Anonym... (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

Assassins Creed Unity is a great part, but it's not really that what the trailer showed us, I think there should be more coop missions. It's also annoying that the counter moves are deleted. If this would be "repaired" it would be a great game.

  • Coop
  • Multiplayer
  • Optimization

22 November 2018
Review by QVoLiszz

Game bought on IG

This game was a real pain on PC in the beginning, but after several patches it became a really good one. My friend yust bought an XBOX ONE so I introduced him to the world of AC as a starting gift or push.

  • Story
  • Graphics
  • Unfinished when published

04 October 2018
Review by SoLow

Game bought on IG [PC]

Works as promised, got my delivery instantly as promised with a key that worked. Game itself is under testing but so far no flaws. At this point i dont really know what to say but cant wait to play co-op with my friend when he gets online, should be really good.

  • 100

20 July 2018
Review by Raccoon

Game bought on IG [PC]

I haven't tried the game yet, but im giving it a hundred cus Instant Gaming is AMAZING. I just bought this game and i got the code right after my purchase. And the code worked as well. So im SUPER happy! thank u so much!!

  • Great service
  • Havn't tried the game yet

17 February 2018
Review by seanak123

Game bought on IG [PC]

I absolutely love the franchise, and i have to say that Unity is in second place for me (first being AC). The graphics, mostly the model textures, are breath taking in my opinion, the gameplay is AC, buggy parkour, fluid combat, and the bugs are notable, they are there, but still, that should not put you off of this game in the least!


14 February 2018
Review by Zydrov (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

Excellent jeu j'en suis très content, il est complet et apporte quelque chose en plus à l'univers d'assassin's creed, le personnage est extrèmement stylé et pouvoir se balader dans Paris de cette époque jusqu'à la Grande Guerre c'est une expérience folle

  • Attractif
  • Prix

07 February 2018
Review by AvercromXD (read 14 reviews)

Assassin's Creed Unity ist ein schönes Spiel. Es hat eine schöne Grafik und eine coole Story. Es ist wie fast jedes Assassin's Creed Spiel interessant und die Hintergrundgeschichte zu der Zeit ist wahr. Man lernt in Unity auch etwas zur Revolution und über Frankreich bzw. Paris.
Das Gameplay ist angenehm, nicht zu schwer und nicht zu leicht. Aber trotzdem gibt es ein paar Sachen die besser sein könnten. Die Story ist ein wenig kurz geraten wobei sie sehr spannend ist. Zudem ist das Levelsystem Verbesserungswürdig. Beim Leveln verliert man den Überblick zwischen Titel und Level. Außerdem hatte ich oftmals alle Ausrüstungsstücke auf Level 5. Mir wurde aber gesagt ich sei Level 4.

  • Story
  • Hintergrund
  • Gameplay
  • Online
  • Levelsystem
  • Story zu kurz

11 October 2017
Review by gamer-ac8f56

Game bought on IG [PC]

Love to play with friend, game code was brought in few seconds after money was sent.
Great service, great seller!
It was my first product on this site, but now i know for the future.... Cheap and fast delivery :D

  • Fun
  • Coop
  • More fun!
  • Graphics
  • None

04 October 2017
Review by zimunchino

Game bought on IG

Good game... not the best of AC series.. but very good.. Best of all time is still Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag. That is also available on this site. I recommend all to try this game... good price and enjoyable experience..

  • Good graphics

05 April 2017
Review by ST4RVY (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

An awesome game from my favourite franchise. I always liked AC games. This part brought us to the French revolution in the late 18th century. The first and only AC that has COOP. Awesome experience. Good job Ubisoft.

  • COOP
  • Customizations
  • Animations
  • Rich DLC's
  • Short story
  • Bugs

19 March 2017
Review by Gabireal3

Game bought on IG [PC]

This AC game is quite good! I can recommend for every Assassin's Creed fan! We can meet the historical events of the French Revolution and the fictional part is very exciting too! Big size = large contents! :)

  • Spectacular graphics
  • Good fighting system
  • Story seems to be long and have DLC-s
  • Rich environment
  • Optimization could be better

23 January 2017
Review by RB

Game bought on IG [PC]

A gorgeous rendition of Paris and an improvement on the AC formula, the freeflowing movement mechanic is really good and it feels a lot better to parkour then in previous titles. It's a shame they completly removed boats but that comes with the setting.

  • Good Visuals
  • A bit heavy on the CPU

25 November 2016
Review by Bokilade

Game bought on IG [PC]

Un très très bon scenario, avec de superbe interaction avec les pnj,
Un jeu très beau visuellement mais qui nécessite un pc un minimum performant. avec qqlq petit bug a relever. Mais une bonne durée de jeu

  • Bon scenario
  • Beau graphisme
  • Durée de jeu
  • Besoin d'un pc un minimum performant
  • Mal ptimisé

28 September 2016
Review by ib0hs

Game bought on IG [PC]

great game,really enjoyed it, graphics perfect, a little buggy, but still perfect for the old paris, perfectly done by ubisoft, thank you ubi, can't wait to pass it again, all in all, buy it , great game

  • +++
  • nothing

29 August 2016
Review by Chimpanzee21 (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

Assassin's Creed Unity is at once comfortingly familiar, yet drastically different. For all its recognizable tropes, and for all its throwbacks to Assassin's Creeds of old, Unity is surprisingly progressive. The sprawling narratives and endless procession of historical figures that have come to define the series have given way to a sharply focused, personal tale that eschews moments of joviality for something altogether much darker in tone.

  • Co-Op
  • Multiplayer
  • Optimalization

04 March 2016
Review by Axel

Game bought on IG [PC]

es un juego muy bueno pero entre los bugs que tiene y que al ser una entrega anual cansa muchísimo, la temática es buena en plena revolución francesa, y con personajes mundialmente conocidos como robbespiere es un juego de 7

  • nice coop
  • nice downgrade

25 February 2016
Review by roydo67 (read 7 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

Even though AC is an yearly release franchise, and to be honest AC IV is not exactly what I'm looking for, I gotta say, AC Unity is freaking awesome, and totally fresh. The graphics, the setting, the atmosphere is perfect, the characters is well done, the story, although predictable is still pretty good. And I didn't even experience any frame drop, and hardly any glitches at all.

  • Graphics
  • Atmostphere
  • Characters
  • no glitching
  • fresh experience
  • predictable storyline

04 May 2015
Review by smokie1973 (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

Great game at heart. But Ubisoft support and patching made it a buggy mess on PC. Played on patch 1.5. I just hope they sort out the bugs in the engine for AMD users before they push on with Victory or it will me much of the same.

  • great assassin sequal
  • ubisoft

30 March 2015
Review by Hutok

Game bought on IG [PC]

Awesome game but only for best PC, story is fantastic but quite short. I really love coop but after time it's becoming the same every time. Yes i will recommend this game but only if u have really new PC gaming console.

  • coop
  • open world
  • lots of weapons
  • After mane story activity
  • combat system
  • just for best PC
  • game crash
  • game bugs
  • grapic

29 December 2014
Review by Bleemak (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

This game isn't the best AC I've played. Graphics look great when they're not below 30 fps and without lag. Map is big and a lot of exploration but if you don't have the mobile-app or AC I, you will have a little problems. Since you cannot open crates or have outfits from previous AC games.

And when Co-op missions work, they are great, but that happens like 1 of 10 tries, due to Uplay having network issues.

Story isn't the greatest, but not worst. Arno is good character.

Story doesn't have big impact, but time anomalies are fun and good addiction.

Characters customization is great and since assassinations don't take only 1 route. Combat is much harder now due to lack of one-shot kills. And since it only has one button combat, it's not that fun anymore. Enemies will also remember you like SoM.

Climbing is revamped and is great.

A good game, 7,5/10 not 0/10 like some people say due to bad launch of AC Unity.


19 December 2014
Review by Duskspark (read 10 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

Assassin's Creed Unity is the latest installment in Ubisoft's popular annual Assassin's Creed series and the first Assassin's Creed to be made specifically for next-gen consoles and the PC.

Unity takes us to the blood ridden streets of 18th century Paris, a gorgeously recreated city with an impressive 1:1 scale, and it also goes back to the roots of the series, replacing multiple small cities and naval exploration with the sprawling city of Paris and advanced free running.

The free running feels very different compared to previous games in the series as it is now split up in Free Run Up and Free Run Down. Paris is a vertical city with countless available routes and while the new navigational controls might take some getting used to, it definitely creates a fluid free roaming experience that can now be experienced with up to three other players.

Customization plays a much bigger role in Unity than it did in any previous Assassin's Creed game. With countless hoods, belts, trousers, weapons, skills etc. to choose from, no two assassins will look or play the same. This makes the co-op mode a very tactical experience if you are willing to take the time to plan every move of both yourself and your co-op partners to get the most XP out of your session.

Unity really allows you to create your own playstyle, alone or with a friend. You can be an aggressive yet effective player, taking down every enemy that is on your path whilst remaining unseen, you can be a ranged killer that likes to distract and eliminate his foes from afar or you can be an all-out tank, wielding two-handed weapons and thick layers of armor: for once, you can truly be the assassin YOU want to be.

Overall I very much enjoyed my time with Assassin's Creed Unity. While it is starting to lose its touch due to the annual release, Unity has enough of content for you to play through and a wide variety of playstyles that make Unity one of, if not the best Assassin's Creed title yet.


18 December 2014
Review by scotty (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

I must admit, I've had some fun playing this.

I've always given AC games a go, but not always been overly impressed. I never completed the first 3 and began to get disillusioned with the series. However against by better judgement I decided to give Black Flag a go. I was very, very impressed by that and did play right through to the end.

So with my faith rekindled I thought I'd buy Unity.

The first thing I noticed was that combat is much more difficult. That's a very good thing and at points, it almost reminded me of Dark Souls where you can dodge incoming attacks my rolling. Let me clarify Dark Souls 1&2 are in a league of their own! I stress that it's a similarity only!

It is a bit disappointing that there isn't a ship dynamic like in Black Flag, but I suppose that makes sense given the setting/story. I do wonder if they could have come up with something else original like that. Possibly the closest thing to another game dynamic is the addition of murder sub-missions. They are very enjoyable and involve you questioning suspects and gathering clues. It's not necessarily easy, because you can accuse the wrong person!

If you love Paris like I do, then it's actually very enjoyable traveling around the city. It does feel rather alive.

I haven't played this a huge amount yet, but so far I am enjoying it. The main character isn't even close to Black Flag's, which is a real shame. However I have heard some people say he's bland. I wouldn't go that far, I think he's OK.

A good fun game that's worth giving a shot!


08 December 2014
Review by BURRITO_WIZARD (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG [PC]

This game is fantastic. The graphics are great, the game play is good but lags, and the story is very enjoyable! One little thing is the game really lags. Now, this is purely because it has been released when it still contained many bugs. The game has been mostly patched now but you will still experience lag. I love the fact that with this game the littlest detail is fantastic. If you where to zoom into a wall in this game there would still be detail.

The story hooks you in as soon as you start, Arno is a young man who finds himself in some very deep trouble and you must find your way out. The story is also suspenseful, the game leaves you wondering what will happen left.

As for the atmosphere you can definitely feel the revolution. Daily executions, large swarms of people protesting and the rich people swanning around in their carriages.

My over all pleasure with this game is very high, Though it lags more often than not you can still have a great time whilst playing. As for this website it is extremely fantastic and I definitely think you should buy every game that you want to buy from here. 10/10

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