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Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition

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Horizon Zero Dawn for PC is an action role playing game in which you control Aloy, a rare human survivor in the 31st century dystopian landscape. Humans may be rare, and access to technology is limited, but there is a large population of unfriendly robotic creatures (who were originally created by Big Tech who then lost control of them). About the Game Aloy gets by in life by cannibalising the remains of the robotic creatures for electrical components that enable her own survival. She ca...
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- Horizon Zero Dawn
- The Frozen Wilds expansion
- Carja Storm Ranger Outfit and Carja Mighty Bow
- Carja Trader Pack
- Banuk Trailblazer Outfit and Banuk Culling Bow
- Banuk Traveller Pack
- Nora Keeper Pack
- Digital art book
Horizon Zero Dawn for PC is an action role playing game in which you control Aloy, a rare human survivor in the 31st century dystopian landscape.

Humans may be rare, and access to technology is limited, but there is a large population of unfriendly robotic creatures (who were originally created by Big Tech who then lost control of them).

About the Game

Aloy gets by in life by cannibalising the remains of the robotic creatures for electrical components that enable her own survival. She can also use other parts of the creatures to craft weapons and equipment that help her survive and succeed. The machine creatures band together, rather like real life wildlife herds, and will not usually attack one another unless they have been subject to corruption arrows or have been hacked with an Override Tool.

However, they do attack when they sense a threat, but they do tend to use brute force rather than finesse, and they all have differing attack and defence modes. Your various weapons have modification slots that allow you to boost weapons’ offensive capabilities for more dramatic effects, and Aloy wears a small head-mounted scanner called Focus that helps her zone in on her prey. However, The Stalker, in particular, can avoid this with stealth cloaking technology.

Aloy also battles human enemies: there are bandits and a creepy cult to keep clear of, amongst others. Aloy was rejected by her tribe when she was younger, then being adopted and taught all she knows by Rost, her father figure. But she wants to find the truth – no spoilers are forthcoming, other than to say it’s well worth tracing through the narrative as Aloy learns that not only does her identity exist, but that she can change the entire shape of humanity altogether.

The Nitty Gritty

There are various skill trees, that bear unusual names for recognisable skills: Prowler means stealth, Braves are excellent at combat and Foragers are skilled at gathering and healing. You will progress up the skill tree based on your experience from completing quests and making kills, and open out new areas of the map by climbing up the nearest Tall Neck to literally broaden your horizons! Tall Necks are immense, giraffe-like robot creatures.

The map includes a variety of terrains to playthrough, and there is the option for fast travel if you only have a short time to play and want to get on with the quest – otherwise it is more fun to take your time! These terrains include jungles and forests, deserts, and snowy mountains – where your parkour skills come in handy. The open world game has a night and day cycle and dynamic weather to make things more fun.

As well as Tall Necks, there are Striders which are the robotic equivalent of horses, and you can tame yourself one to gain a speedy and obedient mode of transportation. There are also truly immense creatures that appear to be the size of an entire village, that will wow you, even as you work out how to bring it down!

Corruption Zones dot the map and are harder to cross, with corrupted machines that are more aggressive and will actively attack. There are plenty of collectibles and signs of the ‘old world’ all around, many of which are valuable and should be gathered when possible.

To get through the game, Aloy must help other friendlies, complete quests, gather materials, and solve mysteries, not least of which is the mystery of her own life.

Pro-tip: be on the special look-out for a suit of ancient armour that renders Aloy all but indestructible…

Aloy’s Movements to Master

  • Dodge – get the timing right and Aloy can step out of range effortlessly, giving herself valuable time to take out the enemy

  • Sprint – it is always useful to put on a good turn of speed when necessary!

  • Slide – practise this niche skill that will get Aloy out of an enemy’s range or to a treasure before anyone else. It also looks cool!

  • Roll – there is something about having your character duck and roll that looks and feels amazing as you creep up on unaware enemies, ready to sneak past them or into their domain!

  • Swim – take to the water to glide silently past vigilant hostiles and also get to places that are inaccessible on foot

  • Hide – sometimes Aloy will need to lure hostiles into a trap. To this end, she can hide and wait to ambush the unwary as they pass
  • Parkour – sometimes there is no obvious up or over an obstacle. Put Aloy’s parkour into action and bounce, flip and somersault into tricky places

  • Zipline – these useful wire cables can get Aloy from up here to down there in a flash!

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    • OS: Windows 10 64-bits
    • Processor: Intel Core [email protected] or AMD FX [email protected]
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (3 GB) or AMD Radeon R9 290 (4GB)
    • DirectX: Version 12
    • Storage: 100 GB available space

    Horizon franchise

    Horizon Call of the Mountain
    Horizon Call of the Mountain
    Release date: 2024

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    Game review score based on 345 reviews, all languages included

    Best reviews

    There are few open world games at this price available with worldbuilding this encapsulating and gameplay this fun. The essence of the story gets quite uninspired after a while when considering the incredible world thats been built, but interesting nonetheless.
    I just love this game, it's one of my favorites! I've been playing it nonstop since I bought it. The story and the mechanic of the game are great! I'm already waiting for the next one to be available for the PC users.
    Mad respect for this game. In my top 5, that's for sure. Would recommend it to anyone that loves a good action game. Four years on from its release in 2017, Horizon Zero Dawn remains one of the best video games so far. Produced by the talented team over at Guerrilla Games (responsible for producing the excellent Killzone series too), Horizon Zero Dawn is an epic, highly imaginative game bursting with charm and tight mechanics.
    • Good graphic
    • So much fun
    • Lots of gameplay
    • None
    Superb game. Initially it feels like an Ubisoft open world game but it it is better than a typical Far Cry / Assassin's Creed game. It has has better continuity and a really great back story. Fighting the robot monsters is fantastic. Can't wait for the sequel to be ported to PC

    Recent reviews

    One of my favourite games of all time, if you're searching for a long game with an inclusive and interesting story, funny gameplay and variable mechanics, this is the right one for you. Definitely not only a game, but an experience. However, some secondary quest or the game after the story mode is a little repetitive, but it entertain by searching for all the collectibles and upgrading your gear as most as you can. Still one of the greatest in my opinion
    • Story mode
    • Gameplay mechanics
    • Graphic
    • Repetitive secondary quests
    • Not much to do after the story mode
    I'm only 2 hours into the game but I do need to clarify one thing, buy this game. This is one of the most story rich games I have ever played and eaven if you like action over story it has hours of engaging fighting. So if your wondering if it's woth it, it definitely is.
    Love this game, I never finished it cuz it was on my brother's PC... And it was a bit expensive, so tk to exist for my poor self x) now I need to wait for the download T^T

    the game is awesome and the story is incredible! tk again :)
    One of the best Open-World Games on Steam. Nice Story, different Wapons what result in great gameplay. Also The Enemys are different, what makes the game way more funny and difficult. This games makes al lot of fun for so many hours.
    absolute banger of a game, although to be fair I haven't finished it yet but so far I'm thoroughly enjoying it!

    it's a good length campaign with lots of freedom and easy to use controls and the graphics alone are worth buying this game for.

    can't wait to finish this game!! definitely recommend buying it.
    This game felt like I was playing Elex and two other games in one.

    Nothing more than people who reverted to being typical scared trump supporter flat-earthers.

    Scared of tech and science, But not scared to show some form of painful stupidity.

    Bows and exploding Zelda-style bombs in a slingshot, and 20mm cannon, and a Chinese finger trap bazooka that fires explosive arrowheads.

    but no crossbows? what gets me is that the arrows are made of wood, Sure yeah wooden arrows can pierce through thin metal at a closer range, But further away? no way there wouldn't be enough velocity beyond 80 meters to get through 1 - 4 inches of metal plate.

    The way animals run is unreal. Never seen a fox run so slow and its tail has no animation.

    Boars wouldn't exactly just run most of the time they would attack you.

    • Bland
    Really nice game, played on ps4 and I don't regret play it again. It needs to be optimized but it's perfectly playable and the story is wonderful as I remember. It's a bit repetitive but honestly give this game a go and you probably wont regret it.
    I don't have finish the game, but it gives me the same vibes like Tomb Rider but futurist. I'm not saying that is a bad game, but for me it's not as funny as I thought it's gonna be.

    I need to said it the grafics are insaine
    • grafics
    • loop game
    Thank you for making this game the cheapest out of every seller I've seen around different platforms. Only 1 week ago that I've found games for a lot cheaper than other platforms. Although the other websites do sell games for very cheap as well but this place so far has a lot more even cheaper prices from different sellers. So thank you so much for making games cheaper for us gamers out here who want to play games that are still worth so much on the original platforms like steam.
    • Cheap price for real
    Had a really good time playing this! Stealth is pretty good implemented besides that you can choose how you want to play! There are a handful of different weapons you can selected and improve your playstyle.
    • Choose Playstyle
    • Story
    • Graphics
    Game has beautiful graphics, fun combat and a great story to go with it. Most of the creatures you have to fight are different. Each having it's own sets of attacks, movements and thoughts. An all time great game!
    • Fun story
    • Easy controls
    • Sometimes story feels really slow
    bought the key from here but when i start the game it keeps crashing, how can it be fixed? My computer hasa the next specs: i9 13900kf rtx 4090 32gig of ram 3600mhz ddr anything that could help me fix?
    A really good one.

    Nice graphics, fun to play, with good story and rich characters. Not a perfect game (especially near the end) but quite enjoable and memorable. I would give it a 8/10 and i'm definitely play the sequel
    Nice game with good story and really nice graphics. Combat is really good and engaging. I really like the choice of weapons and variety of enemies. Plenty of places to discover and weapons to master, so far so good.
    • graphics
    • story
    • a bit issue with controls
    Such a great game! It has a great story, an actually strong female protagonist who struggles to find the answers she's been searching for her whole life while fighting off the people who have the most to lose from her unravelling that mystery.

    It's pretty much open world with RPG elements. You can upgrade your bows and arrows as well as other weapons along the way, change outfits that all have different benefits.

    Mechanics and graphics are also awesome.

    It's basically Red Dead Redemption but with robot animals.

    It's in my top 5 games of all time and I can't wait for Forbidden West to come out on PC!
    • Awesome Story
    • Great Graphics
    Very nice openworld game, long story, a looot of sidequests, very big map, nothing to complain. Also well optimized, runs good I have a rx 6700 and on 1080p very high over 100 fps. It is like botw just on pc
    • Graphics
    • Diversity
    • Story
    Good game,would suggest to a story loving gamer.I has a good introduction but I didn't get into it after that cuz I had school to deal with but if you had time just to play you should do it immediately.
    • Good story
    • good characters
    • good plot
    • A bit more demanding than other famous titles
    • easy fights
    The Game has a nice story and a linear progression through the aplication, At my first playthorugh i was stunned about the Game, it was emersive and very on point with the story. But after doing the main story the rest of the Game will be to easy to beat
    Great Game, Easy order , Quick Key,cheers.160 hours played (including dlc) and still sad it's over. Says it all. A master piece. The world is fascinating, the bits of explanation and discovery, is a wonderful story line to follow. Challenging fights. Some a bit frustrating, the timed hunting ground challenges. On the other hand, those learn you valuable skills and use of weapons.
    • Quick
    • Easy
    • Fast
    • Non
    • Non
    • Non
    best game i ever played, really fun with a great history, you can literally be in the skin of the main character being a machine hunter, and have a lot of fun in the huge open world of horizon, i would play it again
    • great graphics
    • great history
    • very good gameplay
    I absolutely loved this game! the story telling is amazing and the dlc is even better. the caracters do look a bit static in conversations, but it is way better in the dlc and sequel. unfortunately the sequel is ps only.
    • Very good storytelling
    • sequel is ps only
    Still in the process of playing this game (it can be a bit hard on PCs in all honesty) but what a joy! The graphics are breathtaking and the story is amazing! It's definitely worth giving it a shot and I 300% understand why it's always so high in people's favorite games list.
    • graphics
    • gameplay
    • soundtrack
    • a bit brutal on some PCs
    Great game with beautiful open world map and interesting story line. There are different type of enemies including humans and machines, level up system and skill tree with weapon and armor upgrading. Recommending!
    it's very fun and the sotry is realy untertaining, the gameplay is easy to understant and fun, some enemies are challenging but you can obtain very strong if not OP weaponds a bit too easily

    visuals are also very beautiful
    • visual
    • gameplay
    • story
    • op weapons to easily obtained
    I played this game on my PS4 too. I love this game for the graphics. You can play it hour for hour. I could probably play the game 10 hours a day without realizing it. I hope that the second part will be released on Steam soon!
    • Graphic
    • Story
    • Open world
    • Can be a liitle bit hard to run on some pc‘s
    Very nice open world game.

    If your pc is not good, try to run it at 30FPS like PS4. Its nice too.

    When you beat the game, go to NG+ to get more powerfull weapons and armors.

    Have fun and enjoy this beautifull game.
    • Graphics
    • Gameplay
    • Replay factor

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