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Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord for PC is a medieval action role-playing game, the third in the game series and the second instalment in a series consisting of the first full game Mount and Blade, and a massive expansion pack called Mount and Blade: Warband. Bannerlord shifts the action to an even earlier timeframe, the Migration Period that ran between 375AD to 586AD, some two hundred years before the events of the previous games. About the Game The game is a cheerful and immersive melding o...
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Mount and Blade II: Bannerlord for PC is a medieval action role-playing game, the third in the game series and the second instalment in a series consisting of the first full game Mount and Blade, and a massive expansion pack called Mount and Blade: Warband. Bannerlord shifts the action to an even earlier timeframe, the Migration Period that ran between 375AD to 586AD, some two hundred years before the events of the previous games.

About the Game

The game is a cheerful and immersive melding of sandbox action, role-playing, and strategy games, the whole adding up to an immersive and exciting experience as you build up your mighty dynasty from humble and lowly beginnings. You can play campaign mode as a single player, or you can take your army online and play against other online players.

Dialogue engines have been dramatically improved, and along with this comes more realistic and engaging interactions between players and NPCs (non playing characters), many of whom need to be persuaded into courses of action that they are initially unwilling to follow. There is a progress bar to indicate to the player how well their offers are going down: if this bar is not filled with charm alone, they can switch to bartering to get the NPC to go along with them.

The strategic part of the game comes into play early on, with the player needing to examine the terrain, look for weaknesses in the opposition’s defences.

To speed up gameplay and move the action along, only certain parts of the fortresses (merlons, gatehouses and siege engines) are destroyable, so weapons should be placed with care, aiming to destroy those parts belonging to the enemy, while protecting your own siege engines to keep the damage flowing.

Weapon Classes and How to Use Them

In the game, soldiers are ranked based upon their class, being put into one of three categories:

  • Infantry: Most usually aligned with pawns, infantrymen tend to be thought of as foot soldiers, moving at a walking pace for much of the time, and obediently doing as they are told. But well-trained infantrymen can form an immovable barrier, preventing an enemy force from moving across the land, and ensuring that fortifications or valuable assets are well-protected. Of course, this takes training and patience – and often, good leadership too.

  • Ranged: The term ‘ranged weapons’ refers to those that can be used outside of close combat or hand to hand fighting. While today, a machine gun nest would be a perfect example of a ranged weapon – a weapon that works over a long range – in the times at which the game is set, the ranged weapons would have been serried ranks of archers, unleashing flight after flight of arrows, which could momentarily darken the sky when expert archers were at work!

  • Cavalry: Usually the posh guys on horses, encouraging the poorer soldiers to run ahead and sacrifice themselves for the cause, cavalrymen were the most mobile soldiers on the field, often having an excellent view from their lofty position, and able to move quickly, jumping over obstacles and moving three or four times faster than a person, cavalrymen could engage with the enemy, break off, and then return to the fray with renewed vigour to finish off the enemies.

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    • OS *: Windows 7 (64-bit only)
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-8100 / AMD Ryzen 3 1200
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
    • Storage: 60 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Integrated GPUs require additional 2GB of system RAM.

    Mount&Blade franchise

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    Best reviews

    Had my entire fortune poached by wandering looteres, most of my men were killed, those who weren't died later of starvation and the only one to make it to a town was me. Where I was promptly ambushed by brigands, who *let me go* because I was *too* poor. At some point I realized I'd lived my entire life in poverty, misery and eventually I decided to turn my life around.

    I became a blacksmith, created some minor works - barely making a profit. Until one day, when I made a sword that broke the town's economy. Everyone wanted my sword. In merely a day, I'd earned enough to purchase largess too grand for even kings. Then my life - so deprived in years gone by - was filled but still empty. Money begets money, and violence begets violence. Eventually, when I had conquered the world I knew nothing but stillness. My clan was large and thus was my lot. Eventually life was bleak, if a man could have anything, would he want for nothing? Or did it mean he could not desire anything, as well?

    Then, it was 3 am and I realized I had work in the morning.

    All in all, ten out of ten, would Bannerlord again.
    Mount&Blade Bannerlord, a medieval game that is really well done, I really like it, I play it a lot.. The graphics are good, the gameplay is good. I'm sorry that a little more brutal fight with elements of massacre was not done, considering that the fight is with medieval weapons, but again, it's great and it can be fixed through some mods, but it's somehow not natural to me when it's not original! Any recommendation for a game like this! It can be done even better, but it's still excellent! Rating 8.5/10! Recommendation also for Instant Gaming!
    My second steam game purchase from this site and worked like a charm. steam game key is given instantly after purchase and although i was sceptical when i bought attila last time but this only confirms that this site has legit codes that work for the games you want!! 10/10 !
    • Service, payment, code delivery
    • the fact that i got bannerlord for 22e
    • when on steam it was 50e
    • -
    The pricing for this game is a steal, Mount & Blade II:Bannerlord is such a awesome game, its a blast for sure, you manage your army and send them to battle, every man in your army is someone you painstakingly recruited yourself, to see a loss every fight stings a little but you have to move on to conquer the entirety of Calradia!
    • You don't have to pay taxes if you're in canada, it wouldve been 45$ instead of 32.5$!
    • can't refund, but it doesnt matter if you like the game
    why have you not bought this game yet? Is it because you hate fighting with sword, invading castles, living your deam as a knight? no? then hurry up and buy this game ^^ it can not be that you just are lazy, are you? :P
    • great looking
    • can be small invester
    • have a lot of options of choises in life.
    • small erors
    • getting beaten by the computer all the time by masive armies
    One of the best games I have ever played !

    Whether it's the graphic quality, the fights or the economy system, nothing needs to be said.

    If you like strategy and medieval games, this game is for you.
    Mount and Blade II Bannerlord, is a worthy succesor to the famed Mount and Blade Franchise. The Game itself revolves around the concept of an in-depth battle simulation, where you only control your character and have to rely on commands to order your troops around. Outside of battle you can also find a very full and living sandbox, that really helps to make the world feel exciting. If you are not so much up for battle, you can try being a trader and partake in the (in my opinion in-depth) economy simulation. You can do whatever you want to do, to be honest. Be a trader, a robber, a knight, a mercenary or some combination of those, the game has many options in that regard. Finally, I would wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who like world and combat simulations.

    PS: Play on Bannerlord difficulty or I will rip your fucking degenerad head of :P
    • Big battles, Big armies, Big Boners etc.
    • Lots of ways to RP (If you are into it)
    • Good Simulation (Buy cheap (Salt - Ortysia), sell high (Salt - Qyaz)
    • Can crash sometimes
    • Still a bit unfinished

    Recent reviews

    This game is just amazing. I have spent many hours playing. Even though there are sometimes a few bugs, it doesn't really make a big impact. I love the fact that there are all of these different troops from different cultures. It really makes me happy.
    Un joc fantàstic pels amants de l'acció en primera persona basat en l'edat mitjana. Contemplant tot el món de gestió, rol i desenvolupament d'habilitats que va lligat al mapa de campanya.

    I a més a més, han unit forces amb el Crusader Kings III, fent que la barreja entre els dos sigui quasi utòpica!
    Its a very very nice game and to buy it for so little money is amazing! I already played the first part Mount and Blade Warband but this is even better. I can really recommend this game for everyone who likes medieval games.
    Awesome game. You can control your armies and band together with other factions. Each faction has it's own identity and makes another playtrough very interesting. The game is still in developement. But on launch this will be a gem.
    • The army battles are great, huge map and interesting ways to become the true bannerlord
    • Loads of options to define your kingdom
    • still in developement
    Awesome. Still in early access, so it has some issues(lags etc, missions-lore not finished, it's RPG is not yet also finished), but it is the best game ever created in its style. It is really Worth the price to buy it.
    Best game in 2020.
    • Awesome Gameplay
    • Awesome Graphics
    • Epic Strategy
    • Clever and brilliant Fighting
    This is the one strategy game that I was waiting for!

    I support this kind of games when i see that the team put all their heart in this game.

    I feel only pleasure when i play and i do not regret that i bought this piece of art!
    • Very unic and massiv game, all in one
    • Still some issues to fix
    • The fighting system bit hard
    I gotta say multiplayer mode is pretty fun and the more you play it the more you understand how it works and the more you enjoy it. The single player mode right now is boring since there are few repetitive activities. I know it's an early access game so I wanna give it a 80/100 considering the future updates will make it better. Online there are some problems with the server crashing especially during sieges. The graphic is OK, even though sometimes it feels old, it does its job considering the massive amount of players on the screen.
    • Multiplayer
    • Future updates
    • It is fun
    • Single player
    • Online server crashing
    Really entertaining game. I've almost only played multiplayer. But i really think it's fun. Since release, wich is 5 days ago, i've already played for 21 hrs. Great game, looking forward to new content, and the singleplayer. I highly recommend this game, and the price is reasonable. Great game!
    If you like Mount and Blade you will like Bannerlord. It builds upon everything before, and it's in Early Access which means that the developers will continue to add new content regularly. Knowing the studio they will most likely deliver in a big way!
    • Diverse gameplay
    • Early Access
    • Story writing can do some more work
    Amazing game ! The game will give you a ton of unique and awesome experience. Unfortunatly the game is only in early access, and like devs said a huge amount of feautures are missing and there is a lot of bugs. But the game has a huge potential and without a doubt I can say that after the EA the game will be one of the best games in game history.

    Game devs already made a patch to fix a lot of bugs and balance issues, at day 2 ! they are fast at taleworlds...
    • Balance
    At the current state i wouldn't recommend buying it
    too many crashes, constant disconnects and lack of mods really make this "early access" feel like an Early ALPHA

    wait a few years for the finished product
    i have a feeling this will not be fixed quickly

    and considering the non-existent selection of mods, i'ed say it's not worth it

    esp when the game demands you to update to the latest Windows 10 build for the NET FRAMEWORKS to properly work with this game (game demands version 4.7.2 just to start the menu, this is malicious design)
    • shiny new graphics, realistic physics based combat
    • Crashes, bugs and glitches out the ass

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