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Kerbal Space Program for PC is a space flight simulation game that uses realistic physics engines and precise engineering formulations that make it tricky to launch a successful rocket, but that make it exceedingly rewarding when you apply real life theoretical formulae to your design and see it work exactly as planned. So well designed is the game that people who work in the space industry, such as space giants, NASA, have shown an interest in its development. About the Game Set on an i...
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Kerbal Space Program

Standard Edition

  • Kerbal Space Program
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Kerbal Space Program Complete Edition

Complete Edition

  • Kerbal Space Program
  • Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion
  • Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground Expansion
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Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground

Kerbal Space Program: Breaking Ground

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Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion

Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion

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Kerbal Space Program for PC is a space flight simulation game that uses realistic physics engines and precise engineering formulations that make it tricky to launch a successful rocket, but that make it exceedingly rewarding when you apply real life theoretical formulae to your design and see it work exactly as planned.

So well designed is the game that people who work in the space industry, such as space giants, NASA, have shown an interest in its development.

About the Game

Set on an imaginary planet called Kerbin, cartoonish aliens, Kerbals, have shown a wonderful proficiency at spacecraft design and interplanetary flight. Players work with their Kerbals to design a working rocket, rover, aircraft or spaceplane using the set number of components.

Once the vehicle is complete, you can begin testing it, starting with a launch. Launching will go wrong for the slightest error in your design and calculations: you can fail to break free of the atmosphere, have too heavy a rocket or too explosive a design, or it can all work perfectly: except you run out of fuel before you can make a safe landing and have to watch all your hard work spiral remorselessly to smash itself on the ground.

Because of the difficulty in getting the science right, simply achieving what in most other games is just the beginning, before the ‘real’ adventure can start, that is to say, a successful landing in your newly built spaceship, can feel like a real achievement. As, in fact, it is!

The whole premise of the game is building and flying spaceships and rockets into space, but this simple description belies the vast expenditure of effort that goes into getting everything just right.

If this all sounds a bit alarming, don’t panic: there is an extensive tutorial that has been expanded and improved since the game’s initial release that will get you going on the first baby steps towards rocket building. The tutorial doesn’t exactly make the game easy, it just eases you on your way!

Three Modes of Play

  • Sandbox: With an unlimited budget, full access to all the ship parts and a vehicle assembly building in which you click to select a part, and click again to place it where you want it. Repeat until you think your rocket (or other vehicle of your choice) is complete and then click launch to test it out. From there, the world is your oyster: you can explore nearby moons, distant planets or head back to the lab to build another experimental rocket ship!

  • Science: With this mode, you are limited as to budget and resources, and must develop your skills while being restricted and restrained. It is a fun way to test your ingenuity: seeing how to create the biggest, best, most functional rocket that you can without going over your budget and managing your time to conduct the experiments that earn you science credit and enable your budget and resources to be expanded a little more

  • Career: This is more of a role playing version of the game in which you must manage not only the science but your employees and overheads too. You must complete contracts (like missions) in order to earn reputation points. Having a good reputation will bring you some money and even more contracts. As you work through the contracts, you cannot ignore the building which needs upgrades – completing these will get you more work, and so on

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    • OS *:Windows 7 SP1+
    • Processor:Core 2 Duo 2.0 Ghz
    • Memory:4 GB RAM
    • Graphics:DX10 (SM 4.0) capable, 512MB VRAM
    • Hard Drive:3 GB HD space

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    Recent reviews

    This game is definitely better than KSP2

    Game time is probably unlimited

    Consider installing mods for the best experience, from graphics to quality-of-life mods there's a lot of good stuff out there.
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    • easy to use
    Kerbal Space Program Complete Edition offers a unique blend of creativity and challenge. While its complex mechanics can be daunting, they also provide a rewarding sense of accomplishment. However, occasional bugs and steep learning curves may deter some players. Overall, it's a mixed experience that can be both frustrating and deeply satisfying.
    Very fun and exciting game, i happy i found it for low price on this site, I recommend it to anyone who l oves space games like me. In my opinion its a 10/10 game, i think others would agree with me.
    • Fun
    • Enjoyable
    Great Game to pla when you dont have anything to do.

    It is also great when you like rockets and space like me :P

    I spent too much time on it, BUY IT!

    It has great graphics and sound effects! I love it!
    • Great Graphics
    Super fun and challenge game. I truly think is a underrated game and i consider myself lucky for discover it, especially for a ridiculously low price.

    If you like astronomy you will really enjoy this game
    • Fun to play the story mode or, casually jus creating spaceships
    • You learn a and realise a lot about physics, gravity and space
    • The recompense feeling when you successfully do something is amazing
    • Increase the time speed affects the game's physics
    This is very epic, rocketship, green people, planets and so on.

    This game is very fun to learn and play, it has some great DLC's too.

    There are a lot of different things you can do in the base game so there is no need to buy the DLC if you don't want to.
    • Old but gold
    Hi, i'm pretty good with games. I have doing tests with other sites to and this site is the best of all! I love the game. Great safe site nothing rong works perfect! The site is perfect if you talk about prices. Great support from the help desk!
    • Good service
    • Great price
    • Safe site!!
    Good Game, I am nordic. I like this game a lot actually, it has good graphics, and it has a enthralling gameplay. Also, How could you tell I was nordic? Is it because of my stunning appearance? I love stiff.
    A must for space enthusiasts.

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    This is one good game and if you like space, rockets or anything similar u will enjoy this game.You can build almost anything and just hope it will lift off. There are so many planets to visit that I am sure you wont get bored playing this game. At the beginning it will be hard but once u understand how the game works the only limitation will be your imagination. I have spent more time playing this game then I expected.
    Damm it made me realize of how hard space things are!
    Really cool space sim, it lets you build orbital bases, fly the strangest planes you've ever imagined, and basically put a rocket onto anything.
    As a person who loves building, this can consume tons of hours of your time just playing around with stuff and seeing how it blows up!

    PS: Also the Kerbals are very funny creatures, they remember me to the minions (From Gru).
    • Accurate space simulation, nice solar system
    • Nice and funny characters
    • Don't need a degree in physics/engineering to have fun
    • Educational
    • Enough parts to make almost anyhting
    • Lacks multiplayer
    • Has no N-Body simulation (No lagrange points!)
    • Sometimes things seem made out of rubber
    Great game. Tons of fun, but extremly high learning curve. That being said when you understand it, its that much more rewarding. I am even considering getting the expansion ive enjoyed the game so much.
    • hours of fun
    • steep learning curve
    The game in general is very funny, especially because you're able to build basically everything you want. It has different modes you can play, but to understand the game, the controls and the mechanics it takes some time.
    • graphics
    One of the best games that I ever playd!!! you can realy do whatever you want and the only limitation is your imagination. Very nice physics. you can learn much thing from this game. space lovers must play this game
    • Game runs very smoothly
    • Skills tree
    • educational
    • fun
    • Good and relaxing gameplay
    Amazing game for kids and adults too! You can learn so much not only for how the space works but also how our world works. Physics are amazing and quite real. The moment you start building your spaceship is only the begining.
    • Educational
    Très bon jeu malgres la complexité, mais dans l’ensemble ça reste correcte.
    Il faut jouer de longue heure avant de bien comprendre chaque élément et de savoir bien gérer les vaisseau/avion.

    Conclusion: Un jeu pas chère que je conseil si vous êtes passionné d'espace.
    • Tres vaste créativité et de liberté
    • Complexe au debut
    The most fun I've had in ages. I have lost hours of my life planning missions and building Rockets to only have them fail because you forgot to add a stage or certain parts. The game also has a great modding community to keep things fresh. Awesome game!
    Very little to no aerospace knowledge but this game is a lot of fun. Easy enough to get going but very difficult but when you accomplish a feat, it is sooo satisfying! The game runs very smoothly which is important. I find myself learning a lot.
    • Career mode gives you a challenge to complete various tasks/missions.
    • Sandbox mode lets you play around with everything unlocked.
    • Good, fun introduction for people with little to no knowledge of space/rocketry/physics.
    • Every little accomplishment is extremely satisfying.
    • Game runs very smoothly.
    • Graphics are a bit dull.
    • Challenging.
    • Many things you're left to figure out how to do/find yourself.
    J'avais déjà joué à ce jeu avant, et clairement, avec les réductions d'Instant Gaming, c'est plus que donné. Ça fait plus de 4 ans et le jeu n'arrête jamais d'ajouter du nouveau contenu ! Pas besoin d'avoir une bête de course surpuissante pour le faire tourner. Un pur régal !
    I always wanted to buy this game its so calming and beautiful :) you can play multiplayer with mods but i would like it to be created without mods to play with friends any time you want and create big stations
    • Good and relaxing gameplay
    • Good career mode
    • Can use your imagination
    • frequent updates
    • No multiplayer
    Great Game, must have for even just the fun factor! Kerbal was always a serious builder but it has a lot of fun elements to it as well. You can invent the weirdest looking thing ever. just think Minecraft meets Physics with rockets!
    • Just Blind Fun
    • You can invent anything you like.
    • Takes time to get used to the interface
    This is a very great game! I bought it from my brother becuase he likes space and building stuff. He is very happy with it and likes the mods. He spends a lot of time on this game. I would recompensed to space lovers
    • Mods
    • Non
    Great game, very addictive and rewarding once you get the hang of it and start landing on the different planets and moons, often updates as well and lots and lots of mods so plenty to do if the base game isn't enough.
    • Educational
    The game is so cool and when iou play one time a game you wish you play more than 100 times. The coolest thing is the physics is so real and all What you build it is works sometimes crash but allways works. Also is cool the mods and textures.
    • All is so real
    • Fun
    • Nt wery diff.
    • Diffrent ways to get in space
    • All when is be little want's to get in space
    • Just little bugs
    Awesome awesome awesome space exploration game! Feeling techy and into rockets but don't want to ride that doomsday device yourself? Get a Kerbal to take that 1 way ticket for you. All you need is some good imagination some luck and a few crates of ducttape.
    • Kerbals in outer space!
    • Fun game to do.
    • Can be tedious at times (longer flights with no inflight entertainment..)
    This game is super fun and very educational.
    Even NSA made mods to Kerbel Space Program.
    There is a lot to do from Build and ride a plane to building space stations.

    a must buy to everybody that likes space or just building and destroying stuff :D
    • Fun
    • Educational
    This game is just awsome, i played it before but not steam version, i'm happy that i could buy this game now, it's really fun and i recommend it to anyone! I think it's worth buying this game and supporting the developers.
    • It's fun.
    • You can be very creative.
    • Never gets boring.
    • It has lag issues from time to time.
    The best space fun simulation !! This game is very complex and complete, it's very realistic game.

    Le Meilleur jeu de simulation spatiale fun !! Jeu très complet et complexe, très réaliste au niveau simultaion.
    • Very Complexe and Real Space Simulation
    • Très Complet et réaliste
    • Difficulty !!
    • Difficulté due a la multitude de possibilité et au rélisme
    Almost perfect game, however I'm still missing some of the mods that on my opinion should be included in the main game without need to download them. By downloading the version might not fit, which really annoys me sometimes; since I find a great mod that does the job for me, but it isn't upgraded to 1.0.4. version of the game and I can't use it the way I want.

    They did improve the air dynamics and made the gravitation and wind resistance more real after 1.0.0. update, so big thumb for that.

    From the parts that I'm missing to see on KSP would include space station parts (Stockalike Station Parts Expansion), living mechanics in space (TAC Life Support) and just simply more and more rockets and better thrust engines (because I also like to play a bit unrealistic way, not just current era space technology).

    Also, I've Intel Core i5-2500 CPU @ 3.30 Ghz, 8Gb RAM, Nvidia Geforce GTX 560 Ti SLI (double graphic cards) and am using Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with DirectX 11, yet still manage to make game lag after sending too much junk into space and make it all orbit the Earth. So I think game developers should also focus on making more stable and efficient engine for multiple objects (for example not calculating the object on pc until you approach it).

    Word of advice, play career mode first, since I've over 300 hours of gameplay on freeplay mode, where you can use all the stuff there is, and have to say, getting there in career mode becomes really boring once you've tried all of the parts with unlimited cash.

    Peace, and definitely buy this game!
    • Freeplay game (with all unlocked parts) is super fun!
    • Career mode is also fun!
    • Great updates frequently
    • Hilarious kerbs and explosions
    • Mods versions don't always work with newest updates
    • Could include more mods inside the main game
    • After too many things orbiting Earth game starts to lag

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