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Hitman: Absolution
I’m going to start off by saying that I thought this was a fun, high-quality game.
I really enjoyed the high-production-value inherent in all of the facets of the game.
Graphic is good (but PLEASE turn of Bloom), the controls were good, the writing was interesting but generic and weird, the acting was excellent, etc.
This is a high-quality game, period.

Moving on from there, I also personally felt that the game was fun and that it does a great job of appealing to a wide audience (which,
whether you personally like it or not, is the goal of any developers/publishers). Now I understand that some people felt let down by this game after they had greatly enjoyed previous installments in the franchise. They didn’t like some of the directions the developers chose to go with Hitman: Absolution™ and thus formed a very vocal group of disappointed customers. If you are among these people, then I’m sure nothing I can say will sway your opinion, and that is fine. It is impossible to please everyone, and the developers did their best to appeal to as many people as possible when they made this game.

In my opinion, disregarding how it stacks up against its predecessors and strictly looking at the game as its own entity, I can whole-heartedly say: I think this game is fun enough. Most gamers should be able to find a way to enjoy playing this game.
If you only want to play through on easy and enjoy the AAA quality story and cinematics, you can do that.
If you want to be frustrated with extreme difficulty and be challenged to your maximum breaking point, you can do that.
If you want to replay levels to explore different paths and collect hundreds of in-game achievements, you can do that.
And of course, if you want to fall somewhere in between those extremes, you can most certainly do that.

few things I will admit I was not a fan of was the checkpoint system and the bloom effect make everything shiny I have to turn it off.
Trying to experiment with various ways to complete levels can quickly go from fun to frustrating when you realize you have to start the level from the beginning every time you mess up.
I personally feel having a quick-save option would have been nice and would have allowed an even more widely varied audience to be able to enjoy the game like HITMAN 2016.
Those who don’t want to play with quick-saves could just simply not use it, or they could have made it unavailable in the top difficulties,
but still allowed it in the “normal” difficulty. But, having said all that, most levels can be beaten in less than 5 minutes,
so having to start from the top isn’t that awful… and it does prevent the game from becoming, maybe, too easy.
I still will always prefer having the choice to decide for myself if I want to use quick-saves in a game, or challenge myself not to.

many people also say that Absolution™ have better ghrapics then HITMAN 2016 but it's not, because (from my perspective) in HITMAN 2016 looks way smoother and detailed than ever before - less noticeable aliasing, nice atmospheric lighting and shadows, smooth player movement, etc.
The lush details of the environment and the checkpoint-free sandbox style make the game insanely immersive for me.

To put it shortly: Hitman: Absolution™ is still a fun game with a noticeably high-production-value quality about it.
It is certainly different from previous games in the franchise, and in some people’s opinions it is not as good as previous games in the franchise;
but regardless of whether or not you agree with those people, the game itself is still a good game.
Most gamers will able to find this game enjoyable by customizing the experience to their preferences.
Just Cause 3
As someone who beat Just Cause 1 and 2 I can say that the third installment is the best game of the series so far.

Not only the controls feel much better, the new gadgets like the (Bavarium powered) wingsuit and the retracting tethers alone sell it for me. Out of ammo? Just pull a helicopter into a gas tank and watch it explode. The world design is just amazingly done and beautiful. It is smaller than Panau from Just Cause 2, but also better filled with interesting landmarks and a better variety of things to blow up. Yes the story and characters are as cheesy as they can get. But do you really expect some serious characters with a rich and interesting past to tell you about? This game is just like it's predecessors a playable action movie with a lot of freedom where you can play with your creativity.

But there is a few big downside which are pretty much unnecessary and could've been avoided in making this game.

downside:+ a few negative points under this text
The performance is sometimes and without tweaking a catastrophe. My PC is high-end and so way over the recommended requirements (i7 7700k, 16GB ram, GTX1070, game installed on SSD) and the FPS sometimes just tank down to ~40 FPS. But that luckily rarely happened in my hours of play time. A simple restart of the game also fixed that for me.

There is a very helpful guide in the steam guides posted that helps fixing the performance completely. Aside from the framedrops that I mentioned earlier the game ran always at over 60 FPS with all settings on maximum.

The whole game feels this way, from the stories to the bases to .. everything. They did well giving another look to each base for sure but it does not feel as rewarding as it was in Just Cause 2.

All in all I would still recommend this game to everyone who likes a good action open world sandbox, even though the setup is annoying. But the fun you will get out of this game is worth taking the 10 minutes to configure it. As long as you don't tab out of the game of course. :p

Rating: 8/10
Hitman: The Complete First Season [Prologue + Episode 1-6 + Bonus Episode]
The best Hitman game so far

Finally Hitman is back. I was disappointed by Absolution, it was a very dumbed down Hitman game, with only couple of good levels first being the best one. The new Hitman game gave everything I desired and more.

It is a completely different game. You’re being thrown into huge levels and must eliminate your targets. But unlike in Absolution you can choose countless ways to do that. You can explore the maps, find disguises and walk almost freely everywhere or you can sneak. You can kill innocent people or just knock them out. Shooting everyone will not work here like it worked in Absolution. You can make your game easy or hard depending on your playstyle. Sneaking while wearing suit might be very hard. If you get appropriate disguise you’re safe to walk around. So it’s up to you how to play. Disguise works differently now and has logic to it. If lets say you knock out a security guard and get his uniform, some security guards will get suspicious but most of them will not notice there's something wrong with you. Same goes for all other disguises, so while you can move freely you must avoid some people.

You can simply follow your targets and kill them, you can lure them into a bathroom by poisoning their drink and drown them in a toilet, you can set up an accident and electrocute or blow up your target. If you have a required tool you can disguise as mechanic for example and drop the lamp on your poor target. You can infiltrate the most secure zone, make your target think that you’re someone else, talk to him and then kill him. There are countless ways to achieve your goal. This game has really good replayability value, it has challenges and various timed events, so every playthrough can be totally different.

Graphics are really nice, can’t say anything bad about it. Game runs well, there’s many object on the screen and many things happening on the map, fps stays steady most of the time. Game looks brilliant, so much detail, so much going on.

Many people disliked episodic format. I personally liked it. There are couple of reasons why. First is that releasing episode after episode developers always can improve the next episode depending on user feedback. Another thing is, if you want to buy it day one you don’t need to spend 60€ on it, you buy one episode, save some money, buy another one, so it works better for people who can’t pay full price. It’s a shame if this was the reason why the game sold poorly. But I think there’s another reason to it which contributed to poor sales. Absolution…well…it wasn’t good, people were disappointed and were afraid to buy this one, especially when it’s released by Square Enix, I love them, own most of their games, but sometimes they make stupid decisions. But to my surprise this game has only one DLC and no pre-order. I hope the second season will follow the same formula – no DLC and pre-order bonuses.

Another thing people disliked is always online. I personally have no problems with that, but I can understand those who has. But hey it's 2017, who doesn't have internet these days?

So if you like absolute freedom, sandbox style gameplay, want many hours of enjoyment get this, you’ll not be disappointed.

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