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MASTER THE ART OF BATTLE Feel the power of every strike with the highly technical Art of Battle control system. Wield your blade according to your style: swift Assassin, tanky Heavy, versatile Vanguard, or technical Hybrid.A NEVER-ENDING GAME Enjoy an ever-evolving experience with more than 30 heroes, five factions, 18 maps, seasonal events, thousands of gear items, cross-platform play, and more!PERSONALIZE YOUR HEROES Unlock rewards and customize your heroes with thousands of different weapo...
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For Honor (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

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For Honor Deluxe Edition (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

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  • For Honor
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For Honor Year 1 Heroes Bundle (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

For Honor Year 1 Heroes Bundle (Xbox ONE / Xbox Series X|S)

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Feel the power of every strike with the highly technical Art of Battle control system. Wield your blade according to your style: swift Assassin, tanky Heavy, versatile Vanguard, or technical Hybrid.


Enjoy an ever-evolving experience with more than 30 heroes, five factions, 18 maps, seasonal events, thousands of gear items, cross-platform play, and more!


Unlock rewards and customize your heroes with thousands of different weapons, emblems, and more!


Storm castles and fortresses in massive battles and confront bosses in intense duels.

Choose the Ultimate Edition to get the best experience, with 12 additional heroes!


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The game was very good, i find it amazing that insta gaming has such cheap prizes. So overall the graphics of the game are good although the story was a bit lacking the main perfomance of the game was obviously to fight other players
  • Cool.
  • Cheap.
  • Consumed too many play hours.
It is good. It is hard. It is rewarding skill.

Long learning curve, so be patient and just have fun. Play a character you like and don't get discouraged.

It takes time to get the muscle memory. To get to know the moveset. At first, just play to learn, not to win.

After that, it's a blast to have a good fight that you won based on your skill instead of some rng system.

Everything can be unlocked via gameplay, except arcade mode wich requires March of Fire (if buying new game perhaps it is better to buy the cheaper pack, instead of the game and then the DLC). But the heroes, customizations, perks, finishers, etc. I really do not like Ubi anymore, but this game deserves some love. It is unique and there is no other game like this one. Too bad Ubi is a bunch of morons and do not advertise it more.

Also, I suggest turning the chat off, before you get better in the game. Trust me. xD

  • Player Skill Based
  • Exciting / Rewarding victories
  • Graphics (optimalisation)
  • Learning Curve
Very good I did never have problems whith delieveris and something like this.

I think that's a very good metod to buy games at low cost in security.



Fun game. Interesting game idea. This game is really made for multiplayer though and story mode was meh but as long as you know that before you buy the game it's fine. I did enjoy experimenting with the different warriors a lot.
  • Interesting game idea
  • Nice game mechanics
  • Fun characters and warriors
  • Story mode is meh
Realy good game some Heros are overpowerd but all in all realy funy to play. i got my cod instantly and using the cod worked perfect.

I would recomet to play this game with team maids you can talk to.
Game is great... story seems cool... but there is noone ... its dead game which is kinda saaad... Its good that u can play storyline with friends, it makes it interesting. PVP not good at all... just a sad numbers of players...
  • Great control of character
  • Fun to play with friends
  • Interesting battles
  • Cool story line
  • Dead game... noone plays it anymore
  • Not easy to get familiar with menu
  • Little bit hard to understand champs... and it seems like it will take a lot of time to get some of champs
  • Chars are rly not balanced
I played for honor,and it is a fun game.My PC is not the best,so I needed to play on low,but I still had fun.Matchmaking is quick,problem is it takes time to learn how to play each character.Also,there are some gamemodes that no one plays,so wish those were replaced with new gamemodes.Overall,a fun game with small issues.
  • Fun
  • Quick matchmaking(for certain gamemodes)
  • Dead gamemodes that no one plays
  • Takes some time to learn how to play characters
  • Need strong PC to be ran on normal+
Oh..For Honor..where to start with this game.
This is definately one of my favourite games of all time.When the game launched it was really one of a kind.The characters,the mechanics of the game,the atmosphere and the graphics.
Everything is spectacular.
The game as an idea is totally awesome.I mean,who wouldn't want to control real-time legendary fights between ancient warriors.
For Honor offers many characters for you to choose what suits your playstyle the most.
It's a really fun game to play with your friends when you're way better than them since it feels awesome to hear them cry when you stab them in the foot with your Gladiator!
The game is still alive after all these years..Its community is much smaller now than before but there are still people that are enjoying themselves playing it.
Regular updates are a thing.There is always new content coming up.By saying new content i mean new characters to play cause as far as the events and gamemodes are concerned,your options are really limited.
On the other side of the spectrum though,the game is owned by Ubisoft and this tells us a lot.
It's a great game idea as i said before but the balance between the game characters is ridiculous.Some characters are way op and some others are just dogshit if you can't actually handle them like a pro.
In conclusion,For Honor is an awesome game to play and have fun,but it's also a game that would easily make you throw your keyboard at a wall and make you atheist.I would recommend you to buy it only because it offers a unique experience that no other game of its genre can actually offer you right now.
Enjoy the game!
**ps: Play characters like shugoki or nobushi and tell everyone you got skills!Ez ragequits! :D
  • Awesome scenery.
  • Full control of your character.
  • Graphics are really noice.
  • Good storyline that you can even play co-op.
  • Fun to play with friends.
  • Character Balance.
  • Servers are crap.
It's a great game yet grindy every round you play your earn around 15 to 20 in game currency at the end. nice Roster of hero's you can play knights, Viking ,samurai etc all around enjoyable with a hard skill gap. there's a single player story mode nothing to write home about but yet it can be boring sometimes. Bots are a great way to train you for online.
  • great game enyoable
  • grindy
For honor is an amazing game and i love it so much because its so sick cause like its totally amazing in every way, omg im really trying to get the word count here, am i doing ok? well lets hope so, anyways another reason this game is amazing is because its amazing, there i think i did it. See you :P
Deus Vult!

Parfait si vous aimez vous battre avec honneur!

ou avec déshonneur ;)

le jeu est vraiment très amusant à plusieurs, en solo vous risquez de vous lasser assez vite et la campagne est trop courte dommage :/
Cependant le multi vaut le coup :)
  • Jouissif en coop ou entre amis
  • Jeu beau
  • Nouvelles classes sympa,
  • mouvements un peu lent je trouve pour certaines classes, mais c'est pour l'équilibre je suppose.
  • Campagne coop trop courte mais fun
  • Mais Dlcs trop cher...
super engancha'o. el juego esta genial, graficos de lujo, super entretenido. Está como para no salir de casa.
Paisajes preciosos. Vestuario igual. sensacion de combate muy real. NO se que mas decir de lo encantado que estoy con el juego.
  • todo
  • nada
Very good game overall, excellent battles, various types of classes and weapons, good character customization,singleplayer campaign is ok but should be longer. It is sometimes difficult to have good control with mouse and keyboard.
  • Graphics and effects
  • Different characters
  • Good replay value
  • Gameplay, battles
  • Good character balance
  • Difficult to control with mouse and keyboard
Decent fighting game. Main problems is Peer2Peer connection and small battles meaning that if the game host quits for whatever reason, game freezes looking for a new host. Also, only a maximum of 4 players on each side and only 2 sides in a fight.
  • Nice graphics and animations
  • Small battles
  • Few players on each side
  • Horrible single player story
  • Horrible networking solution for multiplayer
The game itself can be very fun but the servers and community are making it hard to have a good enjoyable game.

If you want to buy the game because you liked the beta you might be disappointed because instead of progressing from the beta Ubisoft has done the complete opposite and made 95% of the playerbase quit the game ( 95% is not a random number i thought of, it actually lost this huge amount of players)
  • Nice graphics
  • Interesting storymode
  • Bad community
  • Many server crashes which result in losing progress and going back to the main menu
Great game overall, wonderfull graphics but, honestly, the story mode is kinda useless and not so well done, and the servers are in fact terrible, other than that a great game. I do recomend buying it but only if your willing to spend some money.
  • Graphics
  • Mechanics
  • Servers
  • Story mode
Good game could have been better.A promising game but it lacked in execution.The peer to peer system is super bad.When you hear about a triple A title you are thinking about dedicated servers.Welcome to Ubisoft.
  • Combat
  • Atmosphere
  • Characters
  • Customization
  • Peer 2 Peer
  • Some big glitches
I cant give a negative review about this game and i really hate some of ubisoft decisions.
A lot of people just complain about the servers wich only in 4v4 i found problems with.
The story mode isnt that long to be actually worth it if not for the coins.
  • Fun
  • Addicting
  • Skilfull
  • Atm its balanced
  • Servers are pretty bad sometimes
  • Kind of P2W in 4v4
  • Storymode is short and not really worth it
+campain works fine and fun playtime on normal 6-10 hours

if ubisoft can fix this it would get a 80

but this should be a working momba or vs battle arena
- the multie player have strong problems with connection
-you may not find players
-no dedicated servers yet
i recomment to wait before buy this game dont work great at this moment
sad i like the combat system a lot
Un bon jeu plein de ressources,
fera rager plus d'un car il demande un minimum de temps afin de bien le prendre en main.
Univers, ambiance sonore/visuelle au rendez-vous !
Pour l'Amour, pour la Mort..?! Pour l'Honneur !
  • Mechaniques de gameplay
  • Difficulté au RDV
  • Ambiance très réussie
  • PvP 4vs4 MAX pour l'instant
  • Espérons qu'ils augmentent le nombre MAX bientôt
I was waiting this game for a long time, and finally i own this, is really a good game to spent time and play with friends :D i'm really happy for this purchase :D!! Just few things negative regards AI.
  • all the rest for me is positive, just negative things for bots
  • Bot are without honor desengage for go in a 2vs1!!
  • bot engage 1 vs 1 and is someone come the stay with their engage they don't switch
easy to learn, hard to master. the gameis very diverse in many ways because of the different warrior types, still its a hard game to master. My advise when your are starting to play this game is to stick to one carachter.
  • many playstyles
  • needs a lot of training to be good.
Played since Beta and I enjoy the game, cinematics and every choice you can make for your character customization. Sometimes you drop from the server beacuase unstable servers atm but they will fix that.
  • Graphics
  • Sounds
  • Cinematics
  • Multi/singleplayer Gameplay
  • Factions for those who are in to that
  • Drops from servers sometimes
  • vs AI can take a long time to match
  • Cant check other peoples profile, so why have one?
  • Skill rating!?
Beste game seid jahren vor allen der Multiplayer einfach mal was neues.Das einzige was nervte war das uplay wieder mal bei den server gegeizt hat aber sonst top Game.Seid langen endlich wieder mal TOP
  • Mutiplayer
  • Singleplayer
  • Grafik
  • Musik
  • KI
  • Alleine der kampfstil einmalig im game
Great game, good story, excellent gameplay, but problem is matchmaking takes too long, and there is also the waiting time for match to start, also good single player story, but multiplayer is much more fun... I would give it perfect score 5/7
  • Great gameplay
  • Excellent Graphics
  • Good idea
  • Too long wait time
  • Single player needs to be better

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