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Titanfall 2 for PC is a first person shooter game in which the player controls gigantic robot-like creatures which are piloted by humans. The player must therefore control the Titan from a distance, as it were, using the human pilot to perform the actions and movements necessary About the Game The player takes on the persona of Jack Cooper. Jack has long had ambitions to be a Titan Pilot and has been getting trained on the sly by his mentor. When his mentor is killed in the early minutes of ...
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Titanfall 2 for PC is a first person shooter game in which the player controls gigantic robot-like creatures which are piloted by humans. The player must therefore control the Titan from a distance, as it were, using the human pilot to perform the actions and movements necessary

About the Game

The player takes on the persona of Jack Cooper. Jack has long had ambitions to be a Titan Pilot and has been getting trained on the sly by his mentor. When his mentor is killed in the early minutes of the game, it is up to Jack to team up with the mentor’s Titan, a giant called BT-7274, with whom he has good rapport.

In his dying moments, the mentor passes over control of the Titan to Cooper, along with the responsibility to continue with his mission: meeting up with another group of soldiers and helping them to gather intelligence on the enemy’s ultimate weapon: a planet-destroying device called the Fold Device.

They are horrified to find out that the weapon is close to completion and is only lacking a power source. They discover that such a powerful source exists, in the shape of something called ‘the Ark.’

Jack and BT must work together to stop the bad guys from getting hold of the Ark, and if they do manage to get their hands on it, to stop the Fold Device from being activated: no matter what. Will they succeed in their aims? Only you can uncover the truth!

Ways to Play

There are broadly two ways to play: single player, which is the campaign mode: you against all the AI enemies that the game can muster up. The single player campaign follows the game story arc as detailed above, with the player taking on the persona of Jack Cooper.

Multiplayer mode is the heart and soul of the game, providing various immersive modes for you to try out, and pitting you against everyone else who is online at the time. Not all at the same time, obviously!

These modes include various skirmishes, with and without the aid of Titans, head to head matches, and sundry battle arrangements. These allow players to take part in fights that suit their gaming style, whether it is careful tactics and slow, thoughtful play, or madcap racing at the enemy and blitz attacking them wildly!

Titanic Gameplay Mechanics

This game introduces some features and tweaks that are new and unique. Here are a few to look out for:

  • Slide in: this new motion form allows players to slide along the ground. This is great for ploughing through the unwary, toppling them, and also for launching surprise attacks that your opponents will not see coming

  • Pulse blade: use this innovative weapon to locate enemies that might be in hiding, either waiting to ambush you or hoping that you will pass by without spotting them. The pulse blade is a throwing knife

  • Holo-pilot: annoy your enemies with a projection of yourself that will help you to draw your opponents out into the open, from where you can pick them off at your leisure!

  • Grapnel: this useful grappling hook can help to pull enemies towards you, or you can use it to gain rapid proximity to a building. You achieve the latter by shooting at the building and then reeling yourself in

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    • OS *: Win 7/8/8.1/10 64bit
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-6300t or equivalent [4 or more hardware threads]
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 45 GB available space

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    Recent reviews

    This game is probably one of the best game in the world.

    Not a lot of person give it a try.

    This is the product of the best team of dev in the world Infinity war (the old team that made MW1-2 call of Duty 1 and 2)

    • The best game
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    In loving memory BT-7274. You will be missed. Im proud to be your pilot to the end.

    Titanfall 2 is the greatest FPS game ever created. That’s not an exaggeration or joke that’s true fact. I reliving my dream to play this game again after how EA send to die this game near Battlefield release window. But we are strong together and nothing was lost.

    This game feels like it was created 20 years in the future. Everything is so beautiful and sharp that it puts to the shame other games. This is probably smoothest movement with precision of pixel dot. Everything feels so right and so damn fluid. No matter what you you will reach your goal. Wall running and jumping is amazing, sliding is fast and responsive, shooting is done right that you will feel every released bullet to the enemy. Let not forget grappling hook that allows you to fly like a wind in matter of seconds. Best weapon handling and chaos managing with your pilot suit combination.

    Titanfall 2 wouldn’t be Titanfall witout Titans. A beacon of everything that goes around here. If you haven’t experienced single player game of this masterpiece you will need to fix this mistake and grab this game asap. Even Michael Bay would be jealous of this story spectacle. Titan fighting vs Titan is just beyond huge battle. Its dance with death and life. Whoever manages to be best of all survives. How cool is to have Titan with big giant sword slicing other Titans core chasey. And its everythin here in this multiplayer game that is resurrected for your glory. We will dream and hope for day to come for Titanfall 3. Until then we will see you on battleground pilot. Roger and out.
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    awesome game play and brilliant graphics.. certainly recommend this game. could do with more maps really and we all thought they'd continue with a 3rd but instead used apex as a 3rd ~?how i dont know. but this game has a lot of potential
    • graphics sound visually pleasing
    • can some times be hard to get a game with occasionally timing out
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    The best Game i ever played. It has a good story but the normal multiplayer doesent work but the community created a client for the game so with the clien you can play the multiplayer again. Its a fun game
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    Best Multiplayer Game I've ever played. Everything about it is absolutely worth it. The Story is more than long enough and extremely fun to play. I can't wait for Titanfall 3 to be released soon. Hope it's even better
    • Great Story
    • Great Multiplayer
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    Genuienly one of the best FPS games I have ever played.

    I am genuienly sad that the developers don't give two sh*ts about this game and that it's practically unplayable. This game genuienly has some of the most fun movement, gunplay and multiplayer I have experienced in the past few years.

    Too bad that the campaign is short and that multiplayer is unstable to say the least. I remember just a few months ago when I actually bought the game, the playerbase was actually growing and there were like 12k players playing the game. It was amazing.

    Then the DDOSING happened. The game was left unplayable for quite a bit.

    The issues aren't nearly as bad as they once were, however the servers are still a bit unstable and only a small dedicated fraction of the playerbase remained.

    • great movement
    • great combat
    • amazing campaign
    • amazing multiplayer
    • server issues
    • lackluster story
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    For only 10 bucks more, this isnt actually a bad deal. In ultimate edition you get titanfall 2 base game, and then basically a lot of stuff to help you in multiplayer, but MAINLY (cool) cosmetics. In these cosmetics you get prime titans which make some of your titans look epic. You also get credits to help you unlock stuff in advance, you also instantly unlock all titans and special abilities, and finally you also get skins for all your titans pilots and weapons. Only con is that is slightly expensve
    • Includes titanfall 2
    • Has a LOT of really cool cosmetics for pilots, titans and weapons
    • Gives you credits, a currency used to buy weapons prior to unlocking them
    • Instantly unlocks all titans and abilities
    • Slightly expensive
    • Yes this is also a con, but is mainly cosmetics
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    really aged well, still awesome graphics and smooth gameplay. The story is still one of the best in an fps game and the different classes for the pilot and the titan keep the game interesting. Over all realy awsome game
    • -good graphics
    • -cool mechanics
    • -really fun solo and multiplayer
    • -very good movement
    • -all kinds of different weapons and mods for them
    • -not that massiv player base anymore (still enough)
    • -not that easy to get into
    • -not that much to play for after the short beginning grind
    • -can get a bit annoying over time
    • -I cant think of one more xD
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    Its a great game and after you finish the campaing yau have multiplayer and you never get bored of it I finished the campaing 2 times and lvl 50 on multiplayer.at first i tought it was a scam,but it is really that cheap.I recomand it to you.
    • 10
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    Good game ,U play as Pilot and u must gather kills enemy pilots and titans,reapers and grunts.If u have to enough points u got own Titan -Ion,Scorch,Northstar,Ronin,Tone,Legion and Monarch.If u in Titan Lets go fight.
    • A lot of types Titans and Pilots
    • Maps
    • Better than apex
    • Everyone Titan have own special ability
    • Huge amount of cheaters
    • Next episode Titanfall3 coming soon :D
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    Absolutely love this game! Most underrated game of all time. Unfortunately the devs released it at the wrong time but those who did get it were amazed. It inspired Apex Legends and was created by the same devs who did a fantastic job. A must have for all avid gamers. You won't regret it
    • Graphics
    • Engine
    • Gameplay
    • Story
    • Mechanics
    • Nothing
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    This is the BEST game i've ever played! I really love almost all titans and I love the strategies to play with Titan and Pilot together! This game is awesome! There is just one thing I don't like, a few maps... But thats all! Hope you can enjoy this game like I can!
    • Good graphics.
    • Titans and Pilots together in one game!
    • nothing
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    It's a good game from what I've seen so far on videos from YouTube and that lead me to buy this game here and so far I can say that I've definitely not regretted my purchase of this game. It's sad that it's a really underrated game
    • Good game
    • Good story and campaign
    • Smooth movement
    • Big game size
    • Underrated game
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    i love this game i'm playing all the times ! when i'm boring i go instant to titanfall 2. the 2 is better than the one with more possibilities, ways to play,... the titant made this game very good and badass !
    • player comunity
    • graphics
    • gameplay
    • interface and menus
    • great campaign
    • campaign too short
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    With ease one of the best shooters of the recent years. If you played Apex Legends (made by the same developers: Respawn Entertainment), this game is an absolute must-have, it's a must-have for shooter players in general!

    The Story-mode is suprisingly refreshing and BT, your Titan that will acompany you through your adventure as his Pilot Jack Cooper, is with ease the best part of it.
    All of the levels come with small twists, you either travel through time at the press of a button, you make your way through a factory that assembles a gigantic diorama and you use the parts as platforms or fight on board of a burning spaceship descending from lower orbit.

    The Multiplayer offers a variety of modes from your standard Team Deathmatch (there are also two modes that can further seperate into TDM with Pilots only or Pilots with Titans), Bounty Hunter (kill a randomly selected enemy to score/defend your teammate or yourself), a Titan-exclusive (5v5, propably the most competitive mode), then there's a mode where you kill enemies or fulfill objectives to earn money which needs to be cashed in in specific bank-bots while you try to stay alive or you'll lose half your money to your killer, etc.
    There's many modes, I just suggest you to try each of those at the beginning, maybe besides the Titan-only mode, that's harsh for beginners, let me tell you.
    If there was a thing to criticise, it would be the matchmaking, which can be a little unfair at times, but if that's not occuring in a match, you're gonna have a blast playing it.

    The game is just f***ing fun and it's quite cheap as well.
    Just get it, you won't be disappointed.
    • Engaging Single-Player that always keeps you on your feet, though it is a bit short.
    • Graphics aren't setting new highs, but they are still great to look at.
    • The gameplay is near perfection, the combination of parcour, FPS and mech-combat doesn't fail to deliver.
    • The multiplayer comes with a variety of PvP-modes (and a few PvEs as well). It has a high skills-ceiling and you're always pushed.
    • Little to no bugs or lag.
    • Matchmaking in PvP can be unfair every now and then due to low playercount
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    I always wanted to play this game but i didnt have chance to buy it for cheap then i found instant gaming and bought it. i read the comment and there were some negative comments and i was worried but i still bought the game and i am happy that i did. the game it self is awesome the story is well done and fun but could be longer but i dont convey. i havent tried multiplayer yet.
    • amazing story
    • good mechanism
    • fun
    • have choices
    • well done
    • bit short story
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    Rare sont les jeux en "volume 2" qui font mieux que le premier, et pourtant , c'est le cas de ce Titanfall2.
    En + d'une campagne PvE vraiment belle et épique, d'un pvp nerveux et compétitif (trop?), j'ai eu vraiment un max de plaisir avec les modes collaboratif un brin "RPG" avec des niveau à monter.
    • Une VRAIE campagne EPIQUE
    • Des graphismes de folie
    • Un système bien foutue
    • Du multi en collab vraiment bien pensé
    • Plusieurs niveaux de difficultés dans la campagne
    • Des DLC cosmétique HORS DE PRIX
    • Un PvP d'une difficulté interstellaire
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    • ITS FINE
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    It breaks my heart so many people past it, this is probably the most underrated game of the decade, I hope people give it the time it deserves, once you learn to use a couple titans, there is no turning back, you will love this game, give it a chance, you won't regret it.
    • Very cheap on key markets
    • Fun
    • Nice mechanics
    • Good bot modes if you are not into competitive playing
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    I really love this game. From the superb, albeit short single player narrative, to the excellent multiplayer and horde modes, this game is a joy to play. The modified source engine is fluid, beautiful and well optimized and the devs supported it with free content up to very recently. The game is criminally underrated and many people have missed out on it due to it being overlooked at the time of release. However, the recent emergence of Apex Legends has boosted the online player count, so hopefully people can see what they missed out on, as it's a far better game in every respect. Get it now at this low price and keep the community alive! Highly recommended!
    • Modified Source Engine (Great Graphics/Optimization)
    • Fantastic Single Player Campaign
    • Multiplayer & Horde modes
    • One of the best FPS around
    • Micro Transactions are cosmetic only
    • Criminally Underrated (hopefully Apex Legends boosts interest)
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    People must play this game, I mean it. With the popularity of Apex Legends I hope that people can jump into this game, it deserves to be played even to this date more than any other AAA game on the market
    • great mechanics
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    One of the most underrated games that never got it's time to shine. Even with it's small active player base it's still extremely fun to play. Matches are loads of fun with tons of skins to earn and keep you coming back for more. If multiplayer isn't your thing, even the campaign offers an unforgettable experience.The campaign has an excellent story with very memorable levels of gameplay.
    • Gameplay
    • Story
    • Replayability
    • Low player base
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    Fastest FPS ever, action packed play and everything you need from a game like this. I always play it when I am short on time, just to get the action going, matches are fast and gameplay is amazing. Don't get me started on singleplayer story... :D:D:D
    • Everything
    • Long wait for Titanfall 3
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    Ein wundervolles Beispiel wie man es machen sollte...

    Selbstverständlich ist es nicht 100%ig perfekt (bzw. kann man es einfach nicht allen recht machen). Da wäre z.B. das klassenbasierte Titansystem (obwohl hier auch viele Änderungen vorgenommen werden können und durch neue Chassis im Endeffekt mehr Variation möglich ist) oder Waffenlackierungen die einen kleinen XP-Boost bringen (zu vernachlässigen, besonders wenn man aufs Cover schaut und dort zwei im Alphabet realativ nah beieinander liegende Buchstaben entdeckt...)
    • Eingang auf Communitywünsche aus dem Vorgänger
    • Ein überarbeitetes System, das dennoch vertraut wirkt
    • Trotz relativ geringer Spielerzahlen nicht nur Veteranen
    • Super Story
    • Nicht die meisten Spieler (aber gut spielbar, sofern man nicht nur auf unbeliebte Modi filtert)
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    Amazing game! Definetly recommend playing. In my opinion, everyone should play the story first to learn all the mechanics and so on. Also, multiplayer can be rough at first, don't give up, your efforts are worth it! :)
    • All microtransactions are cosmetic only
    • Amazing wallrun, double-jump,etc. mechanics
    • Giant f*cking robots falling from the sky!
    • Best shooter-story of the decade
    • Can be frustrating for new players
    • Smart-Pistol (Auto-Aim weapon used by degenerates)
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    titanfall2, It's amazing, some bugs here and there but still really good challenging fps game. Run, jump, slide & shoot, the freaking wallrunning is good but it needs learning, hitboxes sometimes are weird
    • good graphics
    • Amazing titans
    • matches found quickly
    • many weapons to choose from
    • Good campaing
    • low player count
    • bugs
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    Wonderful Game
    Titanfall 1 was nice but Part 2 is much better the Noob Gun is not more as Aktiv Weapon.
    The huge Bots are so nice and ever Cool, Stompy and Brutal.
    I like this Game so much and it´s a nice Game.
    • Action overall
    • Nothing
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    love this game. Not to mention its at a discounted price. Good multiplayer and an Awesome single player story. Great game, A improve from the first one. I loved TF1 but i love TF2 even more GG NO RE 10/10.
    • Good game
    • Amazing singleplayer
    • flowing gameplay
    • Does not get the recognition it desrves.
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    You will have an essential, all-action FPS which proves Respawn’s greatest work might not be in the past. The single-player campaign gradually increases in velocity and scope, coalescing in mid-air ship battles and frantic Titan charges.
    • Impressive, inventive solo campaign
    • Superb combat and movement mechanics
    • BT is an ET for the Modern Warfare generation
    • Excellent multiplayer improves on the original
    • Some ideas shuffled away before their time
    • Visuals are strong, but not the best
    • Active player count
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    AMAZING!!! I GOT THE GAME WITH A BONUS!!! It's really fast and with a bonus and legit I am downloading titanfall 2 now and I am so happy, I recommend this for everyone cheap fast and real all you want.
    • Instant and real
    • Fast
    • with bonus code
    • Nothing
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