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Skyrim 3 Addon Pack: Dawnguard + Dragonborn + Hearthfire background
Skyrim 3 Addon Pack: Dawnguard + Dragonborn + Hearthfire DLC

Review Skyrim 3 Addon Pack: Dawnguard + Dragonborn + Hearthfire

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Review Skyrim 3 Addon Pack: Dawnguard + Dragonborn + Hearthfire (51 Reviews)

95 /100
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20 July 2018
Review by gamer-d426ab

Game bought on IG

Over 475 documented hours and I still love playing! Now with these DLCs, there is so much more I can do. I have already finished the main quest line and there is still more to do. It is never boring because there are an insane number of fun side quests!! Would definitely recommend to anyone who enjoys fighting dragons and killing bandits :)

  • Super addictive and immersive world
  • Expansive game with hundreds of quests and activities
  • Can be laggy or glitchy from time to time

22 June 2018
Review by Game Explorer (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Great DLC Bundle for the great price. 7.50$ for 3 DLCs which on steam cost each 20$. All three DLCs add tons of fun to Skyrim. 2 out 3 add new stuff such as new location and housing etc. You must buy this.

  • A tons of fun
  • New areas
  • New stuff
  • Cheap price
  • none

02 August 2017
Review by cakinou (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Aussi rude que les nuits glacées de Bordeciel, aussi froid et brutal que l'acier des Nordiques, Skyrim sait, à l'occasion, se montrer chaleureux et convivial comme une coupe d'hydromel au coin du feu. Rares sont les jeux de rôle capables de fédérer à travers une même expérience les vieux routards et les néophytes, mais ce cinquième volet de la saga des Elder Scrolls le fait avec brio. Les plus conservateurs d'entre vous ne pesteront pas bien longtemps contre les modifications et les coupes opérées, tant la refonte du système de jeu s'avère probante et l'expérience plus immersive que jamais. Dotée d'une richesse et d'une densité phénoménales, mais aussi d'une topographie sans concession, la vaste Province de Bordeciel est une invitation permanente à la découverte, à la contemplation et aux actes de bravoure les plus héroïques. Seule l'interface inconfortable entrave l'accès de Skyrim au Valhalla, mais cela ne nous empêchera pas de vous le recommander chaudement, bien que ce ne soit pas l'adverbe le plus approprié !

  • Liberté de mouvement
  • Combat épique
  • Grande rejouabilité
  • Graphismes corrigés par le patch HD
  • IA peu évolué

27 January 2017
Review by Oneiros

Game bought on IG

Some of the content isn't worth that much because there isn't that much to add besides the achievements, but here on this site where you can get it for a great price, it's definitly a must have for all the completionists who also enjoy the deeper aspects of the lore.

  • Great game, the extra quests and achievements are nice
  • None really

23 October 2016
Review by TheOnlyOne

Game bought on IG

One of the best RPGs out there, it has his flaws BUT the modding community fixed all the issues and made the game even better than release. a must have! (The DLCs are great except Hearthfire.. thats just a mod that they recreate themself.)

  • Realtime chatting
  • Dragons!
  • Dragon Priests!
  • Modding Community
  • Buggy
  • Devs are a bit lazy and let the community fix their problems

17 September 2016
Review by MadDukeX (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

One of my favorite RPGs,Skyrim gives it all to you: Go everywhere and anywhere,play however you like,be the hero YOU want to be. The landscapes are vast,offering hours upon hours of gameplay with side story questlines giving you the opportunity to become the strongest hero of all.

  • Vast Gameplay.
  • Freedom to follow your own path.
  • Non-linear story.
  • Limitless talent customisation (You can play a fire wielding,leather wearing one-handed sword using cat if you want).
  • Deep storyline.
  • Can be confusing at first.
  • Battle system favors 1st person combat.
  • Kinda OK Graphics,but can be improved with mods.
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