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The World’s Game Experience the pinnacle of women’s international football in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 23 with the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023™ available on June 27th at no additional cost*. Rep your country’s colors and live the tournament in the most immersive EA SPORTS™ FIFA Women’s World Cup™ experience yet, complete with each of the 32 qualified nations, custom stadium dressings, cinematics, match presentations, dedicated commentary, and of course, the ...
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FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition

  • FIFA 23
  • 4,600 FIFA Points
  • -3 more
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Standard Edition

  • FIFA 23
  • -5 more
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The World’s Game

Experience the pinnacle of women’s international football in EA SPORTS FIFA 23 with the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 available on June 27th at no additional cost*. Rep your country’s colors and live the tournament in the most immersive EA SPORTS FIFA Women’s World Cup experience yet, complete with each of the 32 qualified nations, custom stadium dressings, cinematics, match presentations, dedicated commentary, and of course, the authentic trophy to hoist at the end.

EA SPORTS FIFA 23 brings The World’s Game to the pitch, with HyperMotion2 Technology that delivers even more gameplay realism, both the men’s and women’s FIFA World Cup coming to the game as post-launch updates, the addition of women’s club teams, cross-play features**, and more. Experience unrivaled authenticity with over 19,000 players, 700+ teams, 100 stadiums, and over 30 leagues in FIFA 23.



  • OS: Windows 10 - 64-Bit (Latest Update)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5 6600k or AMD Ryzen 5 1600
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti or AMD Radeon RX 570
  • DirectX: Version 12
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 100 GB available space

FIFA franchise

EA Sports FC 24
EA Sports FC 24
Release date: 2023

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Recent reviews

It was one of the best games I played in my life.

I suggest everyone to play this game once

It is definitely recommended for a group of friends whose number is more than three people

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  • graphic
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the transaction was successful even with a virtual card

i got the game at a very good cheaper rate

after many updates EA was able to fix all their bugs in the game and it was fun to play all round fifa
  • update is optional
  • no more updates after the next version of fifa comes out
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The worst game in the universe. I have been trying to open the packs for so long spent so much money on it, but nothing. All waste cards and repeated cards. Please don't waste your money on this stupid game please please please....
  • Good mechanics
  • Good gameplay
  • 60 FPS and above always
  • Pay-To-Win
  • Very unlucky
  • If new, all players can defeat you.
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one of the best fifa games, pretty fun it's better than the last game, multiplayer is fun to play with friends although the only good mod for this game is eep that adds half of the fucking world into the game lmao
  • Good fps during matches
  • Mini Messi
  • Chelsea :(
  • shitty mods
  • no Bosnia
  • Kinda laggy in cutscenes
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The most realistic soccer game in the game store

Special you can play world cup 2022 in qatar also you can play woman world cup 2023

I started playing Fifa since 2018 it was huge development and looking forward to test Fc 24

  • Best of the Best
  • It looks like you are breathing Soccer through the game
  • It worth every penny I paid
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there is a bug in this game and I can't figure out the problem, sometimes when I start a match to play, the game freezes and quit on the desktop, if you had this problem before please help me fix it.
  • nothing
  • bug
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It worked and I am so thankful for this site. Thank you guys, low prices and best quality. FIFA 23 is the game of my dreams and I cant wait to play it. Thank you once again and I hope that I will buy your games again.
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Najjaca igrica na svetu.najbolja igtica na game of the world.


Volim mnogo ovu predivnu igricicu najjacuuuuuuuuuu.

  • Free kick
  • Corner
  • Gut draft
  • Penalty
  • Super liga srbije treba da se ubaci
  • Srbija
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This game is the worst fifa ever, the content is okey but the gameplay on pc is unplayeble. The servers are bad, every weekend leauge I face minimum 8 hacers and EA just dont care. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. They only care about taking your money thats it.
  • Content is okey sometimes
  • Nothing
  • Else
  • Gameplay
  • Hackers
  • Bad servers
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graphics r great

Very quick but instructions are not clear enough for a mum who is doing this for her kids for the 1st time,

It took a while for me to work it out and understand the instructions to us the code
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As for someone who only played FIFA 22, I am having more fun on 23. Yes It was a pain in the ahh to get it to lauch and the developers didn't even bother to fix it after 6 darn months.

But overall a decent game if you're not a hardcore FIFA enthusiast.
  • Career mode
  • Playability
  • Game Modes
  • AI can be very stupid sometimes
  • Almost broke my controller once
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refund me

the game does not launch even if I have the required system.

It just freezes at startup

and bullshit EA never fixed this error.

Refund me that's stealing

I just cannot play so you have to refund me I don't care if I redeemed the code, it does not work
  • refund me
  • refund me
  • can't start the game
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FIFA 23 is the sum of all the previous games with a balanced mix of features and improvements that make it the best soccer simulator of all time. HyperMotion2 is the technology that the game needed even though the bad statistics of some players give us a hard time.
  • realistic
  • good graphics
  • bugs
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Dont buy it if u dont have money.


Career Mode only good for your health.



  • Graphics
  • Career mode
  • Physics
  • Cheaters
  • Ultimate Team
  • Packs
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Game is trash because I don’t like the game and I won’t play until after you guys are finished and I can’t play until the next day of the week so I’ll be there for real quick time to do it all right now
  • Never played it
  • Will never play
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I love fifa, but is too expensive

Fifa is really good, and on top of that on this page they sell it to you cheaper, that's really good, if they continue like this I would really like to see more games of the same style or different ones on this page that is really good, nothing more,
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This game really needs to be fixed there. The gameplay is absolutly terrible with the game mechanics not working half the time plus the off side is f*****d and half the time the referee is on crack...
  • Ultimate team only the squad and SBC
  • There is only s**t SBC and i dont get that because its one of the most fun part of the game
  • Referee dont care when there is a foul or off side
  • Mechanics are s**t and you just really dont wanna get in to all that rage
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I actually think it is a decent game everything works absolutely beautiful and amazing I think it should win the game of the year award or maybe dying light II but actually FIFA 23 was the best this year.
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Not good enough, it's like it makes me angry just with opening it like a specie of game created by satan, pay to win also, it's like or i pay or i have no team related to other people i match again'st
  • Funny
  • Makes me mad
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fast service good game nothing special runs smooth on 16gb ram ryzen 5 5600x and 1050ti

  • fun with friends
  • good to spend some hours
  • pay to win
  • need to put a lot of hours for most of the content they release
  • packs = luck
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trop de Script pour te défavorisé face a des joueur Random Triste.. sinon le jeu a un bon potentiel mais l'argent Prime script script script script to much help Random players ........................
  • qualité du jeu graphiquement
  • Script défavorisant contre joueur Random
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I can´t start to play. I was trying for one week and nothing. There is a bug because is a general ploblem. I want my money back, i'm wasting my time on this. I hope they answer me soon so that I can get my money back
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Game runs super slow on ryzen 7 5800x 4.0ghz, 16Gb ram, nvidia gforce 3070 8gb, m2 hd

Made a lot of tweaks but the performance stay to bad

online gamming is imposible

crossmatching is even worse.

dont buy it.
  • unplayable
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The game doesn't work on PC because of their anti-cheat, which they haven't fixed yet, and it's been 13 days since the game was released. SHAME! I really don't understand how EA doesn't fix this. And let's mention that there have never been more cheaters in the game than now because they have already found a way to cheat half of them. FIFA has fallen to its lowest ebb.
  • Cannot start
  • Not fixed yet
  • Shame
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All working great. For those who have issues download and install EA app, it will automatically uninstall Origin during the installation.

I activated code and installed game through Origin. It would not start. Downloading EA app resolved the issue. It recognized that game was already downloaded so I did not need re-download it again.

Game looks amazing. Great discount here. Cheaper than buying from original source.
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The instant-gaming service was perfect as always. The problem is the game and its PC version. At first it gave me an error related to the secure boot, it's not normal that one has to enter the bios menu to play a game... Hopefully after I did not have the anti cheat problem. Once the game started it was glitchy, for example in some menus it went left or right by itself. Regarding the game, I play mostly the career mode and well, besides some extra scene that after a while are boring, there are no much differences than the past games. Unfortunately now it is like the only football game offering a career mode, so they don't even have to make an effort...
  • Console controller compatible
  • Glitchy
  • No effort in career mode
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Does not start, gives 3 error messages upon launching the game although TPM is enabled.

It is simply a joke to release a game that does not even start for most users on PC and they expect us to pay more than 70€ for it. You dont need Kernel Level Anti Cheat for people who just want to play offline, how about you only force players who want to play Online to use your Anticheat software? At least some offline players could play it then.
  • Fix your Game EA, this is a joke
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Ever since I got the game I haven't Got a chance to play the game till now it keeps on turning off my pc please

You guys should contact EA Sports to fix the new Fifa 23 please lets us have fun with what we paid for please.
  • Fifa
  • hope
  • FIFA 23
  • Help
  • fix
  • Game
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Do not buy! EAAC doesn't let me launch the game for a few days now, and all in all, I only played 1 hour or so since it released. And when i tlaunched, the game performs badly, on a GTX 1660 Super! Unbelievable.

Sadly Instant Gaming can't refund me (hopefully they can see this message and try and find a solution for me since the game doesn't even launch!), feels like I wasted my money for nothing and I'd rather preorder NFS with that price.
  • Looks good I guess?
  • EA Anti Cheat
  • No mods
  • Unoptimized Mess
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