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Cities: Skylines II - Ultimate Edition

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Raise a city from the ground up and transform it into the thriving metropolis only you can imagine. You've never experienced building on this scale. With deep simulation and a living economy, Cities: Skylines II delivers world-building without limits. Lay the foundations for your city to begin. Create the roads, infrastructure, and systems that make life possible day to day. It's up to you – all of it. How your city grows is your call too, but plan strategically. Every decision h...
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Cities: Skylines II

Standard Edition

  • Cities: Skylines II
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Cities: Skylines II - Ultimate Edition

Ultimate Edition

  • Cities: Skylines II
  • Expansion Pass
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Ultimate Edition includes

- Cities: Skylines II
- Expansion Pass

Raise a city from the ground up and transform it into the thriving metropolis only you can imagine. You've never experienced building on this scale. With deep simulation and a living economy, Cities: Skylines II delivers world-building without limits.

Lay the foundations for your city to begin. Create the roads, infrastructure, and systems that make life possible day to day. It's up to you – all of it.

How your city grows is your call too, but plan strategically. Every decision has an impact. Can you energize local industries while also using trade to boost the economy? What will make residential districts flourish without killing the buzz downtown? How will you meet the needs and desires of citizens while balancing the city's budget?

Your city never rests. Like any living, breathing world, it changes over time. Some changes will be slow and gradual, while others will be sudden and unexpected. So while seasons turn and night follows day, be ready to act when life doesn't go to plan.

The most realistic and detailed city builder ever, Cities: Skylines II pushes your creativity and problem-solving to another level. With beautifully rendered high-resolution graphics, it also inspires you to build the city of your dreams.

AI and intricate economics mean your choices ripple through the fabric of the city. Remember that as you strategize, problem-solve, and react to change, challenges, and opportunities.

Cities: Skylines II lets you create without compromise. Now you can build sky-high and sprawl across the map like never before. Why not? Your city is you.

Your decisions shape each citizen's life path, a chain of events that defines who they are. From love and loss to wealth and wellbeing, follow their life's ups and downs.

Pick a map to set the climate of your city. These are the natural forces you'll negotiate to expand your city amid rising pollution, changeable weather, and seasonal challenges.



  • OS: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-6700K | AMD Ryzen 5 2600X
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 (4 GB) | AMD Radeon RX 480 (8 GB)
  • Storage: 60 GB available space

Cities Skylines franchise

Cities: Skylines II
Cities: Skylines II
Release date: 2023
Cities: Skylines - World Tour Bundle 2
Cities: Skylines - World Tour Bundle 2
Release date: 2023
Cities: Skylines
Cities: Skylines
Release date: 2015

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Game review score based on 115 reviews, all languages included

Best reviews

immediate delivery and saved me a bit of money compared to buying through steam. Also this is the pre-order version so got some free DLC too but ymmv. looking forward to playing once the game releases in a few hours!
  • immediate delivery
  • free landmarks dlc
  • cheaper than steam
rtx 3060ti and i5-13600kf and it´s so close. The optimization of this game it´s worst than the first version of cyberpunk, i can´t understand why you can sell this game when it´s clearly unfinished. I hope new upgrades can solve this problems.
  • better than skylines 1
  • optimization
Game is not optimized well for launch. I'd probably recommend it based off of the 5 hours I have played so far once they fix a lot of the issues. For right now I would hold off because you won't get your money's worth.
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Smooth building
  • Badly optimized gameplay
  • Low FPS
not worth buying it! there aren't many mods available! the traffic manager is really much needed but it's not available! the base game is lame. in the previous version you could have build a square, in this one you have no option.
  • graphic is good
  • everything
i am again as always hapy buy the game cheap get the code and done asdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  • Every thing
  • The tax is only showed at check out still really cheap but ye
Overall as of February 11, 2024, this game is underwhelming in terms of features and creativity. This game also has a lot of bugs that need to be addressed. The land value bug is #1 on this list of bug fixes. The lack of props in this game hinders creativity. As of writing this, there are only trees and some bushes in the game. Unlike SC1 where the base game has trees, rocks, and different pathways. SC2 feels like a beta where things from vanilla SC1 are out do those in vanilla SC2. This game has a lot of catch-up to do before it can take on the role of SC1. I would say to wait until later this year before buying this game due to how incomplete it is. For more information on bug and issues and overall game play, check out City Planner Plays or Biffa Plays Indie Games.
  • Graphics
  • Road building
  • Graphics (Depending on System)
  • Land Value Bug
  • Lack of props/ tedious
  • Missing features
After watch many you tubes I doubt I will buy it , good but hard to follow. |t's far to buggy for me. I prefer cs1 it's easier to use, there are many mods for the original but not for 2. so all in all not for me
  • looks good for graphics
  • hard to follow
unfinished game, all sort of thing thats supposed to be ok at launch are not. like they don't even try the game before release. all the new update only fixe minor things. game is 3 weeks old, still broken, thats a shame
  • export/import not fonctional
  • car behavior completely broken
  • performance very low
It is even without mods a substantial upgrade to CS1.

The scale is much more realistic and the map feels really large.

Now that the performance issue has been fixed (atleast for me) I can only recommend the game.
  • Better Scale
  • Map feels really large
  • Better Graphics
  • Might run bad on lower end PC's
  • Not a lot to unlock (in the techtree)
  • Variety of Assets is really bad
le jeux est bien mais il n'est pas optimisé ( je commence a bugger vers les 8 milles habitant ) mais apar sa le jeux est très cool et super bien fait. ( The game is good but it is not optimized (I start to get stuck around 8 thousand inhabitants) but otherwise it is very cool and super well done.)
  • super beau ( beautiful )
  • super jeux ( good game)
  • Pas optimisé ( Not optimized )
  • lag

Recent reviews

Doesn't work anymore for me. You could say that there's a 50% probability that it doesn't start.

The Paradox Forum where you report bugs wouldn't work for me either but there are already more than enough crash reports that are now months old, but the devs are still doing nothing about it.
  • May work
  • Doesn't work
  • lags
  • Bugs
Amazing game. You can build everything in your own way and you can imagine your ideal city.

The game is far from its perfect form as DLC will come in the future. Paradox always find a way to keep the standards high.
  • insane creativity
I thought this might be a scam but here I am a proud owner of a game I wished I had bought at launch. The game is awesome and since launch I waited patiently for this March Sale Discount. I would recommend to anyone to buy the game from here !!!
  • Cmon Its Cites Skylines 2 !!!
  • Stress of being potentially scammed
  • Paying VAT :(
  • Reddit scaring people from buying games from here
It's piece of crap to be honest. It's ten times worse than Cities Skylines 1. Performance is even worst than gameplay itself. Do not buy if you don't have monster PC . Most of the content is copy paste from Cities Skylines 1. Obviousle mechanics are redesigned but you still feel like it's not a game from 2023.
  • Graphics
  • Small amount of content
  • Performance
  • Gameplay
This game is pretty amazing. I loved the mechanics, designs, and the overall goal of the game. If you bought the original standard version, instant gaming was also pretty nice enough to give you the landmarks pass along with it!! However, the only issue I see is performance. I have a quad intel i3 11th gen cpu with Intel UHD graphics and 8 gb of ram. Even starting off, I get 16 fps. Please make sure your pc can run it. It also requires 60 gb of storage.
  • Amazing Mechanics
  • Overall Idea and Goal
  • Progressional
  • Performance issues
Honestly ive use IG for a while now and they somehow always have the best prices! City Skylines 2 is a wonderful game with a not so sharp learning curve so you can have fun even if you dont know what youre doing.
  • cheaper
  • sometimes out of stock
Good game but it needs some fine-tuning. The performance needs work and needs some mods to make the game more enjoyable. Need a high-end PC if you want the graphics on high. Been some updates since the release which have made some improvements but still a long way to go.
  • Graphics
  • Performance needs work!
Bad game...

-Piss poor performance.

-Missing features from previous game.

-No Steam Mod support planed.

-Still no Paradox mod support.

-Useless Paradox launcher.

-High standard Price.

-Many Bugs

-False advertising

  • Cheap (relative) on Instantgaming
  • Bugs
  • Performance even 3080 and new ryzen
  • Missing features from preivous game
i have been playing a couple of weeks. The game is fun. addictive. good. i have not had any hickups/crash exept on launch day.

Graphics is good. i have a 3070ti and have had 30-50 fps the whole time after a bit of ajusting the settings. mostly 45fps.
  • good build in tools
  • trafic ai
After enjoying my time with CS1, the anticipation for its sequel was high, and I'm pleased that it was released on time. Taking it for a spin, I'm ready to share my perspective.

In terms of performance, as many have rightfully noted, it's not currently at its peak. However, this, for me, isn't a deal-breaker. Adjusting the quality and fps, the game performs decently. It's not the type of game that hinges on perfect graphics—at least, that's a concession I can make while awaiting potential improvements in this area. Nonetheless, the graphics represent a clear upgrade from CS1, with subtle touches that enhance the overall realism.

What stands out most for me is the inclusion of numerous improvements that, in CS1, required mods. It's to be appreciated when a development team actively engages with user experience, identifies community-appreciated features, and incorporates these enhancements, particularly from the version one, without relying on DLCs or the like.

In all honesty, let's acknowledge that even CS1, after a few DLCs and mods, tended to run on the slower side. CS2, on the other hand, encompasses most of the elements I used to integrate into my gameplay through roughly 30 mods.

In conclusion, I believe the game merits a thumbs-up even in its current phase, with the potential for further enhancements.

P.S. If optimal performance is paramount to your enjoyment, it might be worth holding off for a bit. If not, I'm confident you'll find enjoyment in it, much like I have.
  • Includes features that in CS1 were DLCs or MODs!
  • More realistic and better than CS1, clearly
  • Huge potential
  • Performance still to be optimised
  • Small bugs here and there
  • Economy stil needs improvements
Generally, this is a fun game to play. It has a lot of improvements from its predecessor and I like the more realistic visuals. The game has a high hardware requirement and the optimization is still in progress, but the devs are open and informative about these issues.
  • New and refreshing game mechanics
  • More flexibilities than the previous game
  • Minimum requirement is high
  • Currently lacks detailing
10/10 for everyone who is able to play it.


Lots of details, a lot of fun, nice community.

Just buy it mate if u don't know its worth it. I love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Realistic
  • Insane graphics
  • Makes lots of fun
  • No potato pc allowed
Wish i could play the game Just when i start it up i get a error looks like a great game but PDX Gives me an error Like WHAT THE IS A DRIVER WHATS THE DRIVER AND WHAT IS ALL THIS WHY PDX WHY WHY WHYWW
  • Great gave looks wow bottleful
  • Traffic better
  • cant load up
  • dosent start
  • errors
im sorry what is this? i watch youtubers and the game looks like it runs really nice, i play it with a 4080 and my menu is sitting on 20Fps after some stuffing around with settings i get about 55fps..
  • None
  • Laggy and un optimised

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