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Game DescriptionReprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2. Praised by PC Gamer as “brilliant”, IGN as “amazing” and “a superb sequel”, declared a “masterpiece” by Eurogamer, and hailed “a must-play revenge tale among the best in its class” by Game Informer, Dishonored 2 is the follow up to Arkane Studio's first-person action blockbuster and winner of more than 100 'Game of the Year' awards, Dishonored. Play your way in a world where mysticism and in...
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Game Description

Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2.

Praised by PC Gamer as “brilliant”, IGN as “amazing” and “a superb sequel”, declared a “masterpiece” by Eurogamer, and hailed “a must-play revenge tale among the best in its class” by Game Informer, Dishonored 2 is the follow up to Arkane Studio's first-person action blockbuster and winner of more than 100 'Game of the Year' awards, Dishonored.

Play your way in a world where mysticism and industry collide. Will you choose to play as Empress Emily Kaldwin or the royal protector, Corvo Attano? Will you make your way through the game unseen, make full use of its brutal combat system, or use a blend of both? How will you combine your character's unique set of powers, weapons and gadgets to eliminate your enemies? The story responds to your choices, leading to intriguing outcomes, as you play through each of the game's hand-crafted missions.


Dishonored 2 is set 15 years after the Lord Regent has been vanquished and the dreaded Rat Plague has passed into history. An otherworldly usurper has seized Empress Emily Kaldwin’s throne, leaving the fate of the Isles hanging in the balance. As Emily or Corvo, travel beyond the legendary streets of Dunwall to Karnaca, the once-dazzling coastal city that holds the keys to restoring Emily to power. Armed with the Mark of the Outsider and powerful new abilities, track down your enemies and take back what’s rightfully yours.

Key Features

  • The Assassins

    As fully voiced characters, Emily Kaldwin and Corvo Attano now bring their own perspectives and emotional responses to the world and story. Use each character’s set of powers, gadgets and uniquely-tuned weapons in creative ways as you explore the world – whether you fight your way through the city streets or sneak across the rooftops - and which enemies you decide to eliminate or spare.

  • Supernatural Powers

    Advanced bonecharm crafting and all-new upgrade trees allow you to customize your powers in vastly different ways. Become a living shadow to silently stalk your targets, link enemies so they share a common fate, or mesmerize your foes and dominate their minds. Choose from nearly infinite combinations of violence, nonlethal combat, powers and weapons to accomplish your objectives.

  • Imaginative World

    From the grimy, rat-infested streets of Dunwall to the lush, exotic coasts of a decaying Karnaca, immerse yourself in stylized locales created by Arkane’s premiere art and narrative teams. The world is a character in its own right, rich with story, architecture and eclectic characters. It is also punctuated by signature mission locations, such as the Dust District, ravaged by dust storms and warring factions, and a madman’s mansion made of shifting walls, deadly traps and clockwork soldiers.

  • The Void Engine

    Dishonored 2 is beautifully brought to life with the new Void Engine, a leap forward in rendering technology, built from id Tech and highly-customized by Arkane Studios. Designed to support world-class art direction and take full advantage of the powerful hardware this generation has to offer, the Void Engine allows for significant advances to all game systems, including responsive stealth and combat Artificial Intelligence, lighting and graphical rendering, impressively dense urban environments, and story presentation.



  • OS *: Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2400/AMD FX-8320 or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB/AMD Radeon HD 7970 3GB or better
  • Storage: 60 GB available space

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incroyable !!!
NOT A BOT : Works well, runs on Linux out of the box. Will require some tweaks which can be found on ProtonDB. Good story, great art style for the graphics which makes the animations all the more satisfying to watch.
  • Good gameplay & story
  • Bloatflies
One of the best games I've ever played. I like good stories in games, and this is the game that has one very good!! From the first game Dishonored 1, I've fallen in love with this type of games. Arkane Studios, continue a good job.
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  • cool got key
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My favorite game ever from my favorite franchise. I borrowed it from the internet back when it came out and enjoyed it for so much time. So many fun playthroughs. Now that I bought it, I am almost done getting all of the achievements and I've been having a lot of fun doing so. I gotta say though, optimization is absolutely horrendous for this game, so watch out for that. Besides that, the art style for this franchise is very unique and the gameplay is marvelous in all the ways. Story is okay, I wasn't really asking for too much so I don't really mind that aspect of it. If you're planning on buying this game, please do. Especially at the current price, you won't regret it, you will fall in love with it like I did.
  • Good story
  • Amazing stealth
  • Amazing gameplay
  • Various unique levels
  • Good replay value
  • Poor optimization
Loved the first game, love the second one as well. The second game has excellent and improved animations, character voice lines, character abilities and so on.The story just continues where the first game ended and I don't really have any down sides about the game
  • New kill animations and animations in general
  • Awesome new character abilities
  • None for me cus it is in my top 3 favorite games ever
Amazing. Even better than the first one. Great story, really liked the fact that the decision and the way the player plays have an impact on the story. Lots of ways to play, with both chaotic/aggresive stealth/ sneaky-assassin gameplays are enjoyable. Definitely recommending this
  • Story/plot
  • Flexible gameplay
  • Cool mechanics
I like this game. Some amazing features of a game become the reason for engagement between the player and the game. Similarly, some features of Hitman 2 will force you to play the game. Impressive changes in the game,
  • Replayable
  • Stealth
  • Offline Game
  • Good visuals and graphics
  • Multiplayer option
  • Some bug
stealth or mayhem, it's up to you on this amazing game
"Reprise your role as a supernatural assassin in Dishonored 2. Declared a “masterpiece” by Eurogamer and hailed “a must-play revenge tale” by Game Informer, Dishonored 2 is the follow up to Arkane’s 1st-person action blockbuster & winner of 100+ 'Game of the Year' awards, Dishonored."
  • you get 2 playable characters this time, aw yiss
  • nothing really
Best stealth game ever played also the first one was amazing but this woow nothing to say more its Stealth game with powers and u can repeat also speedruns :D There is so much to do in this game its amazing BUY IT !
  • Fun
  • Repeatable
  • Graphics
  • Not optimized
Even though the storyline is identical to the first Dishonored, and most of the mechanics are the same, the first game pales in comparison to Dishonored 2. It's not only the graphics that have improved on this second installment, or the possibility of choosing between two characters: It's much more than that.
With a huge variety of weaponry and supernatural skills, many ways to achieve the same goal and even different pathways, this game has a huge replay value.
There are as many playstyles as players, and there is always something left to find. Dishonored is not about rushing to your goal, but rather about making something fun out of the game: Challenge yourself to NEVER be seen, to not kill anybody (or to kill EVERY SINGLE PERSON), to play without powers, to play with both characters and upgrade different powers. Maybe make something creative; creative kills are definitely the best.

So, what else has improved? First of all, the guards are no longer stupid: They will not always react as you expect, but they will react very quickly even to things they don't see, such as people missing. Their behavior is more human, and they are harder to fool when on alert. When fighting, elite soldiers may dodge attacks, block them, predict your movements... Their realistic AI is a critical improvement as it makes stealth much difficult without a strategy, and battling actually fun as it requires a correct timing and some mechanical skill.
Trying new skills is also fun, though as always, constantly freezing time or mesmerizing people can make the game boring. It's all about being creative.
  • Better graphics
  • Replayable
  • Creative problem solving
  • You get to choose who to play as
  • A greater variety of powers/upgrades
  • A few minor bugs, mostly stuck NPCs
  • If you play stealth, you need a lot of patience
  • Literally the same storyline
I loved the first one and I love this one even more, I recommend everyone playing this game. The story kind of repeats itself if you choose Crovo, but the puzzles and the complexity (and extensives) maps bring more gameplay than ever.
  • Gameplay
Dishonored 2 offers a choice of selecting one of the main characters: Emily and Corvo, so I picked Corvo for the old times' sake.

A bit of not so very creative story setting its place mostly in a more "exotic" scenery. Combat of satisfying stealth kills and sometimes really annoying sword fights looks same, at least they didn't mess that up. Maps are fun to explore with the puzzles and loots almost everywhere. (Same system of the safe codes like the game Prey (2017) has - basically don't expect to get the codes on the internet, you have to solve it and earn it)

Game's biggest disappointment is its performance and optimization that unfortunately made a huge impact on my recommendation. Its famous gameplay that everyone was excited for is crumbled by the horrible FPS drops and disgusting bugs. I already knew before buying it that it has some FPS issues but everyone was basically saying that it got better, well in that case I really don't want to look how it was before this disaster. To be honest I was enjoying solving the puzzles and looting more than to kill someone.

Playing Dishonored 1 is a must. Also try to look on the internet (Reddit) for the best setting so you don't have to tortue yourself later on.
  • New scenery
  • More puzzles and loots
  • Performance and FPS drops
  • Bugs
Story of this game is good. You can choose between 2 characters, Emili or Corvo Atano from the first game. Gameplay is different. You can play stealth or kill everybody. If you kill everybody = bad end, stealth = good end.
  • Gameplay
  • Main story
  • Side story
  • Stealth or kill everybody
  • Optimalization
  • Bad engine
  • Some bugs
As good as the last game (which was amazing). Gives more gameplay options but is slightly harder due to smarter AI opponents. Gives better insight into politics of Dunwall and the world it is set in but on a personal level game lacks some depth that is amended by the DLC. Awesome price at IG.
  • beautiful atmosphere
  • the plot could have been a bit more original
Great game! Greta level design, music, game design... The universe also is fantastic. Arkane Studio did a great job. If you liked Dishonored 1, you will love this second episode. I'd say it's a must have.
  • Level Design
  • Music
  • Universe
Finally!! Have been able to play the game so i just found some minor issues, so far so good the game is okay the story line is superb! and especially the environment. The only thing i can say about the game is it's worth the money.
  • Graphics
  • Storyline
  • Updates
Un très bon jeu dans la continuité du premier opus.
La liberté des choix est toujours respectés tut comme le gameplay qui apporte aussi son lot de nouveautés.
Le jeu gagne en durée de vie car on est tenté de refaire l'histoire de manière différente
  • Gameplay
  • nothing
Sin exagerar al decir que es de los mejores juegos a los que he jugado en mucho tiempo. Es un juego redondo: historia, jugabilidad, personajes. Pero sobretodo su diseño artístico, el como han representado una ciudad con multitud de historias ocultas, mejorando incluso a su antecesor. Como anécdota, siempre me quedaba embobado con los cuadros y pinturas que ha por todo el juego, fantásticos.
En cuento a los problemas de optimización, cuando lo adquirí, que fue después de su irregular estreno, estaba ya bastante corregido.
  • Diseño artístico
  • Profundidad en lo jugable
A wonderful game with superb level design, beautiful gfraphics and a miriad of options to complete your missions, in a unique and beautiful city. Can go full stealth or mongol-horde bloodthirsty: the choice is yours
  • Level design
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Player options
  • Some FPS drops
Dishonored 2 peut sembler un peu trop proche de son grand frère au premier abord avec la surprise d’un univers original qui n’est plus de mise. Mais une fois en main, le titre dévoile tout son potentiel. Son histoire, sa direction artistique, son ambiance, ses possibilités d’actions, son level design… Beaucoup d’éléments sont présents pour en faire un excellent jeu, ce qu’il est. Accompagner Corvo ou Emily dans leurs aventures est un réel plaisir renouvelé. Ce soft est la confirmation qu’Arkane sait ce qu’il fait, et qu’il le fait bien.
  • Direction artistique au top
The game is amazing, i loved the first one and to my surprise this is even better than the first one! The only downside is that the game still lags a tiny bit on low settings.
  • Even better than the original
  • Amazing story
  • Lags a bit

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