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Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
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Dishonored 2
Even though the storyline is identical to the first Dishonored, and most of the mechanics are the same, the first game pales in comparison to Dishonored 2. It's not only the graphics that have improved on this second installment, or the possibility of choosing between two characters: It's much more than that.
With a huge variety of weaponry and supernatural skills, many ways to achieve the same goal and even different pathways, this game has a huge replay value.
There are as many playstyles as players, and there is always something left to find. Dishonored is not about rushing to your goal, but rather about making something fun out of the game: Challenge yourself to NEVER be seen, to not kill anybody (or to kill EVERY SINGLE PERSON), to play without powers, to play with both characters and upgrade different powers. Maybe make something creative; creative kills are definitely the best.

So, what else has improved? First of all, the guards are no longer stupid: They will not always react as you expect, but they will react very quickly even to things they don't see, such as people missing. Their behavior is more human, and they are harder to fool when on alert. When fighting, elite soldiers may dodge attacks, block them, predict your movements... Their realistic AI is a critical improvement as it makes stealth much difficult without a strategy, and battling actually fun as it requires a correct timing and some mechanical skill.
Trying new skills is also fun, though as always, constantly freezing time or mesmerizing people can make the game boring. It's all about being creative.

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