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Anthem for PC is an online multiplayer action role-playing game which is set on an unknown, unnamed planet. Characters, called Freelancers, must wear full exosuits to guard their city against threats from the outside. The Anthem of Creation, from which the game takes its name is the source of the planet’s technology and phenomena, and also its threats. It is a mysterious but powerful force, and as such is frequently the target of those who want to harness its awesome powers for their own �...
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Anthem for PC is an online multiplayer action role-playing game which is set on an unknown, unnamed planet. Characters, called Freelancers, must wear full exosuits to guard their city against threats from the outside.

The Anthem of Creation, from which the game takes its name is the source of the planet’s technology and phenomena, and also its threats. It is a mysterious but powerful force, and as such is frequently the target of those who want to harness its awesome powers for their own – usually evil – purposes. The villain, Monitor, is one who tries to seize the Anthem, and it is up to your character to stop him.

About the Game

The exosuits worn by the Freelancers are called Javelins and there are four of these altogether. Players start off with the same standard basic suit, and work their way up through all the suits available:
  • The Ranger: also known as the ‘all-round master of combat’ this is a good, strong suit that will keep its wearer safe and alive

  • The Colossus: the largest suit is, not surprisingly, also the slowest. But it is also the most resilient, so absolutely ideal if conditions are about to get particularly trying and speed will not be too much of an issue

  • The Interceptor: the lightest and fastest suit, this is ideal for Freelancers who specialise in lightning-fast melee attacks and guerrilla-style ambushes

  • The Storm: This Javelin has the lowest amount of armour, but can stay airborne for the longest amount of time and unleashes attacks using elemental energies to blast enemies from a (relatively) safe distance.

  • Old Tech Can be Good or Bad

    Fort Tarsis is the central focus of the game, being the local meeting place within the fortified city. The city needs to be fortified, because there’s more than just enemies trying to attack: the Anthem has been harnessed in ancient times by various pieces of advanced tech, some of which have become unstable or malfunctioned over time.

    These unstable devices randomly spark, and the results can be iffy for the population: sometimes they terraform, which is great, providing new lands to explore and exploit, but at others they cause mutations or hybrids of creatures who then attack Freelancers on sight.

    Good to Know

    When you are first given a Javelin, it is old and dirty and you have no way to customise it or clean it. Instead, you have to win your first level, and then you can at least clean your Javelin, which is a huge improvement. However, any marks or scuffs on the Javelin remain: you are now old and clean, instead of old and dirty, but that is still a long way from new!

    Improve your ‘reputation’ by rising through more levels and gradually your kit will be improved along with your skills! Your reputation can be enhanced by playing in World Events, finding new areas of the maps, and discovering hidden places, as well as by taking part in some battles and missions.

    Tomb of the Legionnaires. This is a Herculean mission in which you must complete a total of fifteen trials, ranging from harvesting goods twenty-five times in one particular area, to taking part in fifty melee attacks. Use the Cortex (basically a library with all the data about your game) to monitor how far you’ve come and to incentivise yourself to keep on playing!

    Take a moment to enjoy the scenery. The unnamed planet is beautifully rendered, and everything from the town to the jungles positively invite you taking a moment to look around and just enjoy the level of talent that was deployed in creating this landscape. Go a bit further and keep your eyes open for treasures that can boost your reputation and get you into the shiniest of new Javelins in double-quick time!

    Ways to Play

  • Single player: Slog about by yourself, teaming up with AI players to do your own thing, without worrying about human game-playing comrades

  • Multiplayer Co-Op Mode: You and a buddy or three team up and take care of business by yourselves. This is a great fun way to spend some quality gaming time with your bestie

  • Multiplayer: Team up with strangers from all over the world and see how quickly you all settle into a working partnership when your behinds are on the line!

  • Anthem for PC is available for purchase on Instant Gaming for a fraction of its retail price. You will receive an official key and be able to play the game in seconds. Play smart. Pay less.



    • OS:Win 10 64
    • Processor:Core i5-3570 3.4GHz / FX-6350
    • Memory:8 GB
    • Graphics:GeForce GTX 760 / Radeon HD 7970
    • Storage:50 GB

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    Recent reviews

    The bottom line: unfortunately, Anthem as an online game doesn't work. Interactions with others are basically zero, their presence flickers by like a mere shadow. There is no reason to socialize, no communication takes place. There is desperately little content, the endgame or any motivation to spend even another minute in the game after finishing the last mission is absent.

    The game can thus be seen more as a cooperative linear shooter in one go. As such, it works a little better, but it's still no slouch, as the missions are uninteresting, repetitive, and just plain boring after a while. The story, instead of saving anything, is so weak that one is simply glad once it's finally over.

    I'm sorry to have to criticize the game so much. The action itself really doesn't work that bad most of the time. Disposing of a charging bloodthirsty horde as a tank lunges forward with a shield like a god of war, two flying messengers of thunder whipping the attacking mobs with mighty end-of-the-world storms, and a deadly rain of fire rockets and machine gun fire from your ranger drumming in, is an amazing spectacle, there's no denying that.

    But these are isolated islands of hope. Almost every single misstep could be forgiven on its own, but when they coalesce into a whole, that whole is then, by and large, a pain to play. Anthem may have a foundation on which to build a recommendable title in time, but instead what you currently get is a horror wrapped in design nonsense, poor technical state and poor, unimaginative, stereotypical content.

    The environments are gorgeous (albeit with only one biome), the game has some good ideas, and the loot is pretty cool for a while if you can sneak far enough, but that alone isn't enough to outweigh the negatives. The game needs an urgent fix to its most critical bugs, a plethora of design changes, and a huge infusion of diverse things for players to pursue and chase. Then it would probably be worth your time. In its current state, however, it certainly isn't. the potential of the game is huge, but that's all
    • loading screen
    The game's only downfall was due to EA's lack of effort and everything

    The company that ruined star wars battlefront by making empty promises to do better has yet again failed to


    Yet due to the stupid people supporting bad gaming companies and wanting more and more

    bad and stupid "things"

    The complaint about EA and its lazy and greedy and shady operations are only encouraged

    by naive and uneducated and lazy self-obsessive stereotypes.

    EA doomed themselves when they created a demo game for the E expo which showed and depicted a completely different anthem (Go watch the videos)

    EA lied (surprised?) and advertised the game falsely just like any other typical stereotype bad reputable company would to get a quick buck.

    The more you support companies like EA the more products with less care and all will be pushed out

    but course this generation and those who embrace its painful stupidity shall never understand
    • Has potential
    • Has the means to still be a great game
    • Game was doomed from the start
    • Lack of effort put in by the devs
    • Game & community has long died out due to the dev's lack of involvement and efforts and will never recover from it
    I got this game as a gift from a friend that bought it so we can co-op play it. Looks decent...never got too far into the game due to the game not allowing me to, every mission end there was a 50-50 chance the game just locks without showing me any buttons to go someplace or quit or whatever, shows me my exp and then borders just disappear, no buttons no nothing, the game does not freeze as the javelin still has the passive animation..while on freeze topic, the game randomly decides to freeze mid-play for about 30 seconds, THIRDY SECONDS....THIDRY.
    • Cheap
    • Full of bugs
    • Long queue times for matchmaking
    I understand the main complaint about the game and I confirm that there is a real lack of late game content and it's sad it was let down by EA since they could have made one incredible game out of this.

    So for the minus point,

    Yes, it lacks content especially for the late game.

    Loot is bad which is kind of a problem in a "Looter"-Shooter.

    Story is way too short for a RPG.

    For the good points,

    It's beautiful, the world is truly amazing and I'm a bit sad the tempest never came as planned. (modifying the terrain)

    Musics is great but not memorable.

    Gameplay feels pretty good, between the different classes, flying and all I really enjoyed playing it.

    And even after everything I still love this game.
    • Gameplay
    • Graphism
    • Story is too short
    • Lack of content
    Good game that started a bit slow and should´ve gotten a rework to tweak some parts that needed it.
    Sadly, that update got cancelled and the game will never be worked on any more.

    While it was worth it money, now you should spend it on something else since you have no idea when it´s shutting down completely!
    They really need to fix this game there is drop Frame even if you have 2080TI you will experience a graphics problems, but I liked the gameplay and i hope they fix this game any time soon, Because it has been like that since a long time :(
    • Nice Gameplay
    • Drop Frame even if you have 2080TI you will experience a graphics problems
    • Bad Community
    Very nice graphics and nice action but the game has some missions that are boring and I dont know what to rite so I ride this okay... its a really nice game but you also need to buy stuff but me now why- EA -
    • Graphics
    • Missions in the game
    Anthem is a mixed bag, but since I got a key for 12 bucks I can't really be too harsh on it. I would have never bought the game at full price as it does not deliver what it promises.

    Let's start with the positive aspects: The graphics are AMAZING and make the feeling of flying through a vast and unexplored world even more rewarding than it already is. Of course, there are limitations to this -the sky is NOT the limit, and you can't fly as long as you wish- but no matter how you look at it, the scenery is absolutely gorgeous and realistic (as in real-looking, but thematically a mix of ancient sci-fi machines, a living jungle and ruins) wherever you go. The combat and the javelin animation are great, and the gunplay feels great.

    The major negative point: It's very, very repetitive, pretty much like Destiny: "Today you will be fighting against one of three factions, or maybe a remix." The same locations in the map are sometimes overused (appear in several missions throughout the game), and the weapon variety is just MEH. As for the customization, other than color-wise the options are very limited. The loot isn't great, but at least they did shorten loading screens a bit, so I'll leave that out.

    Do not bother playign if you don't have a powerful graphics card, since the main appeal of this game are it's graphics and the freedom of flying through the jungle. It's basically Destiny 2 except you can fly in an Iron Man suit and everythign looks more detailed.
    • Graphics
    • Map/scenery/background
    • Javelins are cool AF
    • Very repeptitive after a while, boring loot
    • Weapon variety and customization options
    • Not a high skill cap
    Without a shadow of a doubt one of the best games i have bought in a long time. Bought is 2 Months again and already playe 80 odd hours cand still cant get enough!! Graphics are epic, movment of the Lancers when on ground and flying is second to none and the world is just stunning. 100% would recommend this game to anyone to try at least!
    • Game Physics are Epic
    • World is Stunning
    • Online Play is seamless (for the most part)
    • Not many updates as there is a huge update being worked on (supposidly)
    Well I got banned permanently by origin because of this game and lost all my other games, don't buy anthem from here. Just be careful guys and buy it from the official website better. EA will know where you got this code from.
    • Nothing
    • Got Banned
    Y a rien a dire le jeu est cool ...

    MAIS !

    Même en basse définition le jeu reste lourd a charger pour les config qui on 2-3 ans bien qu'il ai été énormément optimisé depuis son lancement. Personnellement j'y rejouerais sans problème le jour ou il sera réellement optimisé.

    Dans tout les cas même seul avec le javelin Intercepteur c'est super agréable de se déplacer et de combattre.

    En espérant que ça s’améliore avec le temps
    • Le gameplay agréable
    • L'ambiance
    • L'optimisation ....
    • Un peu vide encore
    The game has a big potential but is actually nearly a beta with few high end content and devs don't know how to repair the loot table. No rewards at all for heavy grind after 1.0.3 so i let the game aside for now, untill it's repaired. Bioware is the worst dev team the videogame industry has known and they never hear the community so I don't have much hope for this game who could be great. They have ruined Star wars the old republic with non sense developpement and that's the turn of Anthem now, we already can see it after only few weeks.
    • gameplay
    • fun with friends
    • bad loot table
    • no social
    This game is amazing and it's graphics are over the limits beautiful. It's as game that anyone could pick up and love off the bat! sadly the story is a bit weak but besides that this game is amazing!!
    • It is a beautiful open world MMO RPG that anyone could like and play
    • the story is a bit weak
    Très bon jeu, malgré quelque lags serveur, et le fait qu'à partir d'un moment il n'y ait plus trop d'interêt, vivement les premier DLC pour avoir de nouveaux Objectifs. Voila pourquoi je donne pas de note supérieurs. Niveau qualité graphique et combat, ce jeu est juste une beauté!!!
    • Graphisme
    • Répétitif après niveau 30
    Uno de los aspectos más destacados de Anthem es lanzarse hacia arriba desde el suelo de la jungla y atravesar un espeso dosel de árboles, balancearse y abrirse camino bajo una cascada mientras contempla el exuberante paisaje debajo de usted . El vuelo, en estos momentos, es liberador, sereno y estimulante a la vez. Pero eventualmente tendrás que volver a la tierra. Cuando no tiene un medio para enfriarse en el aire, debe interrumpir su vuelo para refrescarse en el suelo, o de lo contrario su traje se sobrecalentará y lo enviará a descender mucho más violentamente. Así es como es Anthem en su conjunto: un juego en el que los momentos prometedores se ven frenados por la frustración, donde las buenas ideas se deshacen antes de que se puedan realizar por completo.
    • Tiene mucha variedad de armas al escoger cada Javelin(Alabarda)
    • El juego cooperativo se maneja muy bien y se encuentra rápido partida
    • Alguna historias secundarias son atractivos e interesantes.
    • Experimentando con nuevas mejoras, cada misión mantiene el combate divertido y satisfactorio.
    • Buen apartado gráfico
    • Los tiempos de carga son muy extensos
    • Aveces toca repetir misiones porque pierde conexión con los servers
    • La historia principal es complicada de entender
    • Se sobre calienta el traje
    Compre este juego con mucha ilusion, pensado "Al fin EA", lo he probado literalmente 3h y no he podido continuar debido a los fallos de rendimiento terribles desde dia 1, no recomiendo su compra para nada
    • Rendimiento pesimo
    I expected much more! First moment in the game was amazing, nice graphics, sound effects, lot of skills in javelin suit. But after 1 hour of playing i was very bored. Empty dialoges, storyline, crafting and repetive missions. So, i decided to proceed in playing, becouse i expected it will be better, but it wasnt. Every mission is almost same, crafting of your equipment and javelin is empty and a lot more things why i stopped play this game after 2 hours. Pity :(
    • graphics
    • javelin suit
    • storyline/missions
    • crafting elements
    • dialogues
    A massive grindfest with a story so shallow you couldn't drown a toddler in it. The open world is fairly large and looks pretty, but is for 70% just empty space so they can drag out how long you have to fly from point A to point B.
    Which brings me to the missions. They are all the same, go here, kill baddies, found more baddies, go to point B, kill baddies untill bossman baddie appears. Kill bossman baddie, rince and repeat.
    The combat if fairly fun for a while but the novelty of it all wears off very soon.

    Whatever it was that Bioware had in the past, they completely lost it and realeased an abomination worse than Andromeda.
    • Graphics
    • Combat
    • Story
    • Grind, even in story missions
    • NPC animations
    • Repetitive
    • Loot does not feel significant
    One of the best game, with Amazing Graphics ,Atmospheric World! Big And Many Monsters Very Nice Drop Item , and the adventure never end!! You will really enjoy the game ... trust me!! Thank you Instant-Gaming for the best price !!
    • Graphics / Game Play / Fps with NO Lag
    • Slow at load / bla bla bla too much talking

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