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Become Eivor, a legendary Viking warrior. Explore England's Dark Ages as you raid your enemies, grow your settlement, and build your political power in the quest to earn a place among the gods in Valhalla. - Lead epic Viking raids against Saxon troops and fortresses. - Relive the visceral fighting style of the Vikings as you dual-wield powerful weapons. - Challenge yourself with the most varied collection of enemies ever in Assassin's Creed. - Shape the growth of your character and your cl...
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Become Eivor, a legendary Viking warrior. Explore England's Dark Ages as you raid your enemies, grow your settlement, and build your political power in the quest to earn a place among the gods in Valhalla.

- Lead epic Viking raids against Saxon troops and fortresses.
- Relive the visceral fighting style of the Vikings as you dual-wield powerful weapons.
- Challenge yourself with the most varied collection of enemies ever in Assassin's Creed.
- Shape the growth of your character and your clan's settlement with every choice you make.
- Explore a Dark Age open world, from the harsh shores of Norway to the beautiful kingdoms of England.


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Best reviews

I very like the story and the environment.

I also very like the gameplay, and the fact that we can build our town, sail on viking boat with crew and plunder !

The graphics are not bad but i would expect more. For example, i liked very much the graphics of Assassins Creed Origins or Shadow of the Tomb Raider. For Vahalla I wasn't particularly impressed.

One of the best (maybe the best) assassins creed I've played !

  • Very immersive story
  • Good gameplay
  • Big open world
  • I would expect more stuff to discover
  • I would like a coop mode
The graphics are amazing, and the open world is very vast, you can explore it for hours and always find something new. Exept for the little bugs that we know of pnj blocked at some point, glitch with objects, no texture in certains places, the game is very well designed and will never fail to impress me even after hours and hours in the game.

One of the main problem is the system of level, levels are meaningless and you can just do whatever you want when it come to upgrade your skills and with the system of free reset we can basically build our character for a upcoming event or fight.

Another would be the materials that you can loot in the game i had all my stuff to the maximum level when i was only mid-game and some stuff are just way too broken.

The biggest problem would be the main quest you know what you are supposed to do but you need to ally with half of england to progress in it. And when it come to the end of the story i find it a little bit disapointing (no spoil).

The best thing in the game would be the possibility to entirely customize everything, including your weapon,your character, and even your village.

Another really good things would be the appearence of special stuff whith the black market( just not the p2w stuff in the store), and set effects

More than that the armors and weapons come in so many shapes, you ll find something you like for sure.

Its a really good game that i recommend if you have some time in front of you
  • the history is very immersive
  • gameplay and graphisms are top tier
  • story hard to understand
  • can't just go straight to the main quest without side quest
Like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and Origins before it, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla continues the series trajectory into a full-fledged open-world RPG. Though Ubisoft has dug up some of its stealth-action roots to make that style more appealing, Valhalla’s focus is on the absolutely massive recreation of Dark Ages England, brought to life with stunning beauty and a level of detail I’ve rarely seen. It’s been an impressive showcase for the Xbox Series X (and presumably the PlayStation 5, but Ubisoft only gave us access to the Xbox version ahead of launch), playing in 4K and a near-constant 60 frames per second. You have to put up with some new progression system ideas that don’t quite deliver, and an abundance of bugs, but there’s a staggering number of things to do, explore, and discover in and around Valhalla’s more atmospheric storytelling. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s story follows Eivor, a male or female Norse Viking who grows up with a chip on their shoulder and vengeance in their heart after some particularly dastardly events in the opening cinematic. From those starting moments, the table is set and soon you and your brother Sigurd are off on a grand adventure to England, a land ripe with wealth and glory, and already well-integrated with Danes and Norse from years of Viking invasion and conquest. That sets the stage for your arrival in England as you settle the land and forge alliances to protect and expand your fledgling homestead against the chaos and political dust storm of warring factions across England’s four kingdoms: Mercia, East Anglia, Northumbria, and Wessex. The last time Assassin’s Creed tried letting us choose to play as a male or female protagonist the results were hit or miss, especially on the male side. Here, however, the performances of both the male and female versions of Eivor are admirable, though some accents drift a bit. (At one point I could’ve sworn female Eivor made a stop in Boston from the way she crushed the word “harbor,” but quickly enough it was back to Norse normal.) These brief moments are absolutely the exception to the otherwise steady and earnest delivery throughout, which is also true of most of the main characters. Outside the main cast, though some random NPCs can be a little… much. But special mention goes out to Sigurd, who channels fiery intensity and flirts with crazy in his performances, and that performance is accentuated by fascinating facial expressions that often lean uncomfortably close to the latter. Even so, the siblings’ quest for wealth, glory, and power throughout England is darker, sadder, and more grounded than the tones of the past few games had led me to expect. There are moments throughout where the griefstriken, bittersweet, and just plain bitter resolutions reminded me of The Witcher 3’s Bloody Baron delivery. This is a dirty, dingy world where life is cheap and nearly everyone is scratching and clawing to gain power – or to keep it – regardless of who gets burned along the way. Valhalla !

Recent reviews

I like this game. The story is good so far. The grafic is alright but the controls is not the best, but it's also made to consol, so it's acceptable for PC. I like how you kill the enemy. Small details
  • Story
  • Grafic
  • Controls
Great game would recommend

You can spend 100+ hours and woudnt finish the game

IG very good

Good game 8/10 too much to do and the game is not like the og ones without health bar and the other things
Amazing game! I love the graphics, the combat, and especially the story. I really like the mythological side of it. And the game has a ton of easter eggs hidden around in the huge map, if you liked the newer Assassin's Creed, I'm sure you'll love this one as much as I did.
Everything except the graphics got worse.

Especially the combat system that only offers like 4 different attack animations.

The same goes for the parkour. I still don't understand how Ubisoft manages to progressively come up with a worse parkour in each Assassin's Creed after AC Unity.

Also mention worthy is the Settlement. In order to upgrade your settlement you have to farm the same repetitive "conquer the enemy fortress" side activity over and over again in order to get resources - typical for a Ubisoft Open World game.

Last but not least, the bugs and crashes. This game was released 18 months ago and this game still crashes atleast once or twice a day. I have also witnessed many times how the enemy Ai just watches you murdering their allies without getting alerted at all.

I've played every single main Assassin's Creed game so far and this is the worst one in my opinion.
  • Graphics
  • Combat System
  • Climbing and Parkour
  • Bugs and Crashes
Didn't get wht I bought

I bought ac valhalla complete edition but I didn't get wht I bought I just got regular game-_- spent 80€ on this I just throwed 80€ away just like that

Otherwise it's a good site to buy rip my 80€
Insane Graphics, Insane realism, totally worth the money, makes me feel like I'm currently living in the viking era.

OP game... (mic drop)

Only con is that I wish it would have a split-screen multiplayer.

  • Graphics
  • Characterisation
  • Realism
  • Lack of Different modes
One of the best AC games. Gameplay side of the game is close to Origins and Odyssey, but upgraded. Exploration got new features and looks and is much more enjoyable than before but can be repetitive as the game is huge.
  • Story
  • Gameplay
  • Sometimes repetitive
Defo one of my top 10 all time games its an absolute masterpiece and with all the great DLC on offer there's a tonne to do and explore and collect...must have game in my opinion . If any of you are unsure please give it the shot it so much deserves .
  • loads to do
  • loads to collect
  • great story
  • brilliant visuals
  • very lore friendly
  • some stuff is a bit repetitive but bearable
  • bit too easy like all AC games even on hardest possible difficulty
The story is boring and repetitve, the open-world is amazing and the combat is also good, but this storyline is just horrible, you do the same thing over and over and there are no memorable characters
I love it. In my opinion the best Assassin's Creed. I am playing since Black Flag, but this one is insane. Story is interrsting, huuge open world, very nice fighting system and i love the loot and Skills. got buggs, which Game doesn't? 10/10 :)
  • Story
  • Open World
  • Gameplay
  • Items
  • No pay to win
  • Lil bit laggy
While the basics remain the same, several mechanics change dramatically in Assassin's Creed Valhalla, to adapt to the specifics of Viking culture, a civilization that has plundered for centuries neighboring peoples and long revered its own deities. Of course, it would have been impossible to offer an experience that spanned the whole of Europe. Ubisoft therefore preferred to focus on the United Kingdom, the land that has suffered the most Viking invasions. And who says United Kingdom also says colonies, raids and looting. It’s all part of the experience.

On the gameplay side, we're building on the solid foundations of Odyssey, which was already more of an adventure / RPG game than an infiltration game. The player can explore a vast open-world according to his desires and take part in many missions of different types. The gameplay will skilfully mix exploration, combat, role-playing but also infiltration, our dear viking being a fan of angel jumping and parkour, like his ancestors.
Valhalla is a good game but definitely not the best! IMO Assassin's Creed Odyssey is even a lil bit better than the latest AC game. They put too many thing in this game it's too much like this. Too long like obviously no one wants 12 hours gameplay but if you wanna finish the game completely in that way it's way too long. Micro transactions are another punch in the face.
  • perfect historical story choice
  • vikings
  • dominate england
  • stun + weak points introduction in battle
  • riding your horse is off worse than before
  • micro transactions
  • bugs, glitches
  • to have a 100% completion and finish with everything in the game
  • voice actor (male) is getting too much with time
The game is really good. It reintroduces a lot of old assassin;'s creed mechanics such as the hidden blade and social stealth although the actual stealth in the game is unusabile. There is some bugs that are present since the launch of the game and still havent been fixed like characters not moving their lips while talking. Overall most of the game is really enjoyabile.
  • story
  • combat
  • open world
  • world events
  • leveling system
  • bugs
  • stealth is unusabile
Bought this game because its vikings and I like vikings. And when its from Ubisoft its good stuff, because Ubisoft makes good games. The graphics are really good in the game and the gameplay is also good. The controls are not super hard they are good. I really recommend this game to other who love fighting games and a open world to explore. The best with this game its that its in Scandinavia and the Nordic mythology (the gods).
  • Good graphics
  • Good gameplay
Good game, have bugs, but i had fun ! Graphic is great, world is little pure if You look games before like Odyssey and Origin. Combat is nice, i like Raids, and fights for castles, like in Middle-Earth Shadow of War..
  • Story, combat, RAIDS, lvl-ing, upgrades ... ...
  • Combat
  • Raids
  • Leveling
  • Upgrades
  • Bugs,
  • Optimisation

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