Diablo III Battle Chest

Diablo III Battle Chest - Europe

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Diablo III Battle Chest for PC is less of an expansion pack and more of a special edition, containing the game Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion pack as one package for the first time, so you can play your way through the original game and then plug in the expansion pack immediately to continue your adventures. As always with the Diablo games, the player is tasked with beating Diablo himself, the evil Lord of Terror, in both the game and the expansion. Diablo III Hardcore mode is...
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Diablo III

Standard Edition - Europe

  • Diablo III
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Diablo III Battle Chest

Battle Chest - Europe

  • Diablo III
  • Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls DLC
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Battle Chest includes

- Diablo III
- Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls DLC
Diablo III Battle Chest for PC is less of an expansion pack and more of a special edition, containing the game Diablo III and the Reaper of Souls expansion pack as one package for the first time, so you can play your way through the original game and then plug in the expansion pack immediately to continue your adventures. As always with the Diablo games, the player is tasked with beating Diablo himself, the evil Lord of Terror, in both the game and the expansion.

Diablo III

Hardcore mode is a great way to play if you want a greater thrill when you are playing. Once your character reaches level ten, they can be transformed into a hardcore character, with all the advantages that this will bring to you. However, if your character is killed in the game, they are unrevivable and will be permanently dead – although their ghosts can chat to you! If they reach level ten as a hardcore character before dying, they are immortalised in the Hall of Fallen Heroes.

The story arc of this game is lengthy and absorbing for those who love the narrative arc of their games, with plenty of details, backstories and poignant moments to make your missions that little bit more immersive – but for those who just want to play, there is plenty of action too. Your missions are clearly dictated and there is plenty of conflict, resource finding and mini quests along the way to keep you entertained and playing along.

Reaper of Souls

The first expansion pack for Diablo III, this game extends the story arc, skilfully playing out storylines that were apparently skimmed over in the main game, allowing the protagonist to keep on exploring the world, solving quests and completing missions – along with a couple of previously unseen character classes (see below for more).

About the Games

Seven character classes make sure that you can choose your ideal avatar for gameplay. You can choose from:

  • Which doctor: Nicely spooky, this class can summon monsters and create potions, also having a fine line in expletives to throw at enemies to keep them off guard. Witch doctors can also harvest souls, place curses and use poisons, powering their way along thanks to a vast reserve of mana which gets depleted, but then slowly refills allowing the witch doctor to go again.

  • Demon Hunter: Like many military men, this fearsome warrior is powered by the twin sources of discipline – a slow replenishing defensive fuel ideal for stealth and tactical manoeuvres, and hate – a rapidly refilling resource that powers him or her through attacks that might seem a little bit reckless to some.

  • Barbarian: Returning from other incarnations of the game, this guy is tremendously physically powerful, able to run, jump and smash his or her way through everything that is thrown at them – think a little like the Hulk; which is appropriate as he or she is powered by fury which makes him or her hugely powerful, right up until the point when it wears off or degenerates. Fury must be renewed through attacking others, being attacked in certain ways, and by using special moves.

  • Monk: Using spirit to power his or her way, the monks use melee power to move lightning fast and defeat their enemies with a flurry of rapid blows. Spirit does not degenerate, but it can be increased – albeit very slowly – by attacking enemies.

  • Wizard: Magic blasts of fire, ice and lightning see wizards battling in a cloud of magical interference, using the superficial but speedily regenerative arcane power that they harness to cast their spells. Based on the sorceress from Diablo II, fans of the game will readily recognise the wizard’s powers and movements.

  • Crusader: Introduced when the Reaper of Souls expansion pack was originally released, Crusaders are tremendously powerful, with a handful of eclectic and seemingly random abilities that nevertheless make for interesting and compulsive play time.

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    • OS:Win Xp 32
    • Processor:Pentium D 820 2.8GHz / Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4400+
    • Memory:1 GB
    • Graphics:GeForce 315 512MB / Radeon HD 4550
    • Storage:12 GB

    Diablo franchise

    Diablo IV
    Diablo IV
    Release date: 2023
    Diablo Immortal
    Diablo Immortal
    Release date: 2022
    Diablo II
    Diablo II
    Release date: 2000

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    Recent reviews

    Worth in 2021, only downside is the stash, the items you will get in this game is huge. Stash has limit, so you will need to destroy some of the better equipment. Story is great, rifts are great, great to play solo or with friends 100/100.
    • different characters
    • different builds
    • fun to play
    • small stash
    visually very nice game with easy user interface. Very easy playthrough and character development; definitely lack some challenge.

    Not really comparable to Diablo 2, that established the genre. If you are looking for something closer to D2, go for Path of Exile or Grim Dawn (the first one has great depth and community, the second is great in atmosphere and single player experience).
    • funny and straightforward
    • very nice visually
    • replayable (if you have time)
    • too easy
    • relatively hardware-demanding for its time
    Diablo III is a good game with a great content, story is fine, but game is boring after time. Killing same monsters million times, doing same repeatable quests to get some legendary set or weapon. But after game fulfilled my expectations.
    • fast gameplay
    • many options to play the game and different builds
    • gets boring after fully gearing like 5 characters
    Geiles Spiel mit toller Atmosphäre. Spielspassdauer mehr als ausreichend, ist definitiv ein Spiel auf das welches man immer wieder zurückgreifen wird. Grafik ist das einzige was für den ein oder anderen nicht ausreichend sein könnte.
    • Schnetzeln von Gegner-massen, ALLA!
    • Tolle Atmosphäre
    • Langlebiger Spielspass
    • Grafik mittelmäßig
    This game was advised to me by a friend, it's great fun playing it together.
    going solo I have more trouble with it, story is alright I guess, but the action is smooth and sweet.

    Definitely a game to check out
    Très bon jeux , on peux i passer beaucoup de temps. Mais après 400 heures je commence a me lasser (trop répétitif). Toute fois pour passer su bon temps c'est toujours agréable surtout avec des potes. Une bonne histoire mais trop facile pour les dura-cuire c'est pas super intéressant pour le début puis le jeux se complique vraiment après l'histoire.
    • simple
    Diablo III is a good game with a great content, story is fine, but game is boring after time. Killing same monsters million times, doing same repeatable quests to get some legendary set or weapon. Game is dying with 1 expansion only, after few years.
    • Paragon system
    • *Talents
    • Boring after time
    • 1 expansion
    Really nice game, well Blizzard always knows what they do ;)
    I like the Rifts ... but on the other hand, one day you get bored because many things are same and repeated.
    Graphic and effects are pretty nice and spells and skills are as usual awesome.
    • easy to play
    • story
    • nice graphics
    • too much easy sometimes
    • miss of challenge
    • repetition after a while
    Alapvető sarokköve a játékiparnak, aki nem szereti/nem akar vele játszani, az is vegye meg tiszteletből! Hatalmas grind, még nagyobb fegyverek, nagyon hangulatos grafika. Méltó utódja a dió 2-nek, igazi blizz minőség.
    • much grind
    • endless replayability
    • mesmerizing atmospehere
    • no negative, its a blizz game after all
    When I was little I watched my brother playing Diablo II. It was exciting even though I was just watching. Later on, I helped him refill life and mana when he was in a difficult situation, I really enjoyed it, I felt I was part of the game, but I was also afraid of the creatures in it. Then, when I was older and braver, I started to play Diablo II alone. It was such aí great experience, I cannot think of one negative feature of the game.

    This winter I finally bought Diablo III and wow, the story was amazing, but I felt that the game was too easy on normal mode. But again, the story was so great I just went with it. Also, the creatures and the places were wonderfully designed, it definitely worth every penny. I really enjoyed it.
    • amazing story
    It may not be the action-rpg-messiah that some may have expected, but it easily matches its predecessors... Blizzard's new creation defends the throne with a mix of proven gameplay and tons of features.
    • Nice game
    • Not nice as Diablo 2
    Starts slowly and at later stages it becomes a fast paced action rpg game in isometric view.
    Features classes:
    Witch Doctor
    Demon Hunter
    Crusader (Reaper of Souls)
    Necromancer (Rise of the Necromancer)
    • Fun solo play but more fun with up to 3 Friends
    • Item loot impacts progress greatly
    • Interesting Campaign, continues story from prequels
    • Rifts with increased challenge of difficulty
    • Can be repetitive
    • Without friends you will lose mood to play it somewhere shortly beyond campaign
    Let me start this review by saying that this is the first RPG game I truly enjoy. What's great about it is the difficulty. You start out on normal, which is basically tutorial mode, and you are able to raise difficulty on the fly. I haven't been able to try all the classes yet but the depth of skill combinations is truly amazing, so there is a class for everyone and a skill set for every quest. The reaper of souls expansion is only good for the Crusader class, since the whole Act 5 is just a series of very long narrow corridors, with a ton of crossroads that all lead to sweet sweet disappointment. To be honest it is good if you want to take your time and kill every single monster, but reaching the end can easily discourage casual players. Overall, this is a game that will keep you playing as long as you like, but it lacks an emotional drive. If you are looking for some ASMR monster explosions and mindlessly walking through corridors, dungeons, creepy towns and huge deserts, this is the game for you. I must say for a game that offers nothing but moronic monster killing, it is a really fun experience
    • Very easy to pick up
    • Great time killer
    • Classes suit any type of playstyle
    • Story is underwhelming
    • Act 5 is just a painfully long corridor
    I have bought the BattleChest Edition wich is the full version of the game. I must say that is quite an easy game and very short. I finished it in less than 16 hours and this is because I didn't know the maps. What i like is that the graphics are quite good, the characters are diversified and you can enjoy playing co-op with your friends for few days.
    • good graphics
    • many characters
    • Co-op
    • too short
    • too easy
    • price
    A very good game with great gameplay. Some characteristics aren't about increasing an item's power but about doing other nifty things; a colleague of mine was able to equip a powerful level 60 weapon at level 47 because one of its attributes reduced its level requirement by 13. You find cool, useful stuff a lot more frequently now, which makes the whole process of collecting loot more exciting and rewarding, and the smart ways in which this loot sometimes encourages you to change up your build make for a more varied game. And with the controversial auction house now offline and with restrictions on trading legendary gear, you have to earn the best stuff yourself, which is the way it always should have been.
    • Lots of hours of gameplay
    • You can loose some time
    Love the game and waiting for the S12 :D. Hopefully they will fix the RNG BS going around for now and some bot's in the leaderboard, other than that I recommend the game for everyone. It's really worth it for what it cost :).
    • Fun
    • Grindy for some builds.
    Bought this game to play with a friend. This is the first Diablo game I ever played and I didn't watch any gameplay or anything before ordering, but I have to admit, I just love playing this game! This is a really awesome game to play with friends, there are a lot of playable characters, a lot of items,... The only issue we have is that it is rather easy, even when changing to the highest difficulty...
    • Graphics
    • Gameplay
    • Long story
    • Multiplayer
    • Big choice of classes and items
    • Rather easy
    This game has wasted so many hours of my life. I can't even begin to describe. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to kill time and monsters. Get ready to kill the devil himself. It's diablo, nuff said!
    • This game is awesome!
    • Hack and slash!
    • it's not diablo 2
    • No dodge like on console
    Trés bon jeu, graphismes vieillissants mais pour autant, le temps de jeu est effarant! Les saisons permettent clairement une rejouabilité énorme. Je ne regrette nullement l'achat. Merci IG pour la livraison immédiate, c'est un gros plus!
    • Temps de jeu
    • Prix
    • Graphismes
    just love these graphics, characters, gameplays, Blizzard just continued on the right way after Diablo II. the access to difficulty is a bit long but the pleasure to play just overwrite all this. The system of seasons is also Xtra cool
    • Gameplay, Characters
    • Story kinda boring after the 10th time
    Tolles Spiel, mit genialer Atmosphäre und langem Spielspass. Macht süchtig. Die Grafik hat einen angenehmen Charme und passt wunderbar ins Spiel. Das sammeln von Gegenständen macht sehr viel Spass und ist eines der grossen Suchtfaktoren des Spiels.
    • Atmosphäre
    • Grafik
    One of best Blizzard game in my opinion. I loved the gameplay and after played that I instabuy the DLC, really raccomanded title if u love Action RPG you MUST have it!
    The only negative thing is the dlc , for complete the game you have to play it.
    • random dungeon generator
    I play Diablo 3 as a indie game. Just to killing the time. What I don't like is too long missions - I don't have always time to play 30-40min mission at once. I would appreciate if I could save game in middle of mission without reaching checkpoint. All in all the game is one of the best I played, especially if you can customize the graphics which depending on your choice or PC/Mac performance
    • graphics options for retina display
    • story line
    • I would say missions are sometimes too long
    Love it. Whether you are into the hack n slash genre or not, you must consider trying out D2 and D3 to 'get a taste of history' (or whatever you want to call it). Diablo is a huge series and a must try.
    • fun
    • replayability
    • excellent storytelling
    • production on next expansion slow
    Like every Blizzard release Diablo 3 is another awesome game that Blizzard made.Full of amazing adventure,good action,and also a good story.I have played Diablo 1 about 3 or 4 times and i can say that Diablo 3 is much easier than previous ones but in the end its nice game :D
    • Good graphics and gameplay
    • Nice story
    • Soundtrack
    • easier than previous parts of diablo
    • maybe a longer campaign
    Best game i've bought so far, it does really remind of my times playing diablo II which i enjoyed a lot, i still play D2 nowadays but this one has the top notch of graphics / gameplay, would buy it a again, 10/8
    • Lots of fun, reminds me of my time playing diablo II
    • More DLC's incoming
    I am only rating 80 because there is not much to do in the vanilla edition of the game. You almost certainly need to buy the expansion (Reaper of souls) if you're looking for replayability. Also, the game is more fun to play with friends or people online.
    • great overall theme
    • character classes are cool
    • easy enough for everyone to complete the story
    • not much replayability in vanilla edition of the game
    Only been playing for a few hours but I love it and this is my first time playing a game of this type. Blizzard have genuinely done a good job with this game and I'd recommend it to anyone thinking about buying.
    Fun and engaging
    Need expaction pack too
    Good game, blizzard are awesome !!!Storyline is awesome, graphics and gameplay are top level, nothing you could ask for but fun and nice experience. Better get your key and start playing asap. this game is really awesome
    • nice grapgics, good runing
    • no bad points
    If there Is someone who haven't played previous part of Diablo games he is at least familiar with this title. At first there were many week spots, but blizzard did some good work on improving this game and they still do, many many rifts, now they will release dungeons.. So I had to purchase it ! Who ever played previous parts will have to continue saga and who didn't, well, at least try free demo, you will love it, especially if you have some friend to join you, and of course the best place to buy it is here on instant-gaming.com . Enjoy :)

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