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85 /100
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28 October 2015
Review by fognjen

Game bought on IG

Love this game, love instant gaming too
Multiplayer is very good , campain too
Going to buy premium next
Bas je prejaka igrica kraljevi, grafika ubija, jos ako imas dobar kompjuter onda jos bolje :D :D

  • Awesome
  • Good
  • nothing

19 November 2018
Review by Il_Malone

Game bought on IG

Il cuore dell'esperienza di gioco è quello che tutti conosciamo, finalmente paritario sia su PC che sulle nuove console. Quindi 60 frame al secondo e sessantaquattro giocatori possono essere goduti da tutti, fatta eccezione ovviamente per i possessori di PlayStation 3 e Xbox 360. Potremmo definire il comparto multigiocatore con una sola parola: enorme. E non solo riferendoci alla grandezza delle mappe, ma soprattutto per la sterminata varietà di gameplay che offre al giocatore.

  • Il miglior gioco d'azione di guerra moderna
  • Personalizzazione armi e soldato troppo ricca

14 September 2018
Review by greedyboi

Game bought on IG

probably one of the best and most exciting battlefield game to date. Looks gorgeous, runs well, no P2W bullshit, weapons and classes customisation, exciting large scale battles, and many different vehicules and weapons.

  • looks good
  • no P2W
  • runs well
  • customisation
  • many vehicules and weapons
  • lots of dlc and packs to buy

16 August 2018
Review by CrossfireSRB

Game bought on IG

Instant key delivery, BF is pure fun as always. Small issues with game kicking me out every now and then, but that is sorted out.

I would recommend Instant Gaming to anyone, as I did to all my gaming friends.


02 August 2018
Review by darko4656 (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Game is really fun and adictive.It's well optimized and it has a really nice graphichs.You can chose a verity of wepaonse and all sorts of fire power.It has a lot of vehicles.It has a lot of servers and servers are well optimized(no lag).

  • Well optimized
  • Nice graphics
  • Good servers
  • Good gameplay
  • Lots of weapaonse
  • Too big maps
  • Poor team balance

11 June 2018
Review by Stwart (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Best game of this kind. You get to jump into a battlefield playing a role you want from medics, supports, engineers, recons to everything in between. Highly customizable weapons and vehicles. Rule the skies, tame the seas or conquer the land with tanks, battleships or aircrafts

  • Graphics
  • Realism
  • Fun
  • Teamwork based
  • You can do your part without a team too
  • Balancing
  • Hard in the beginning, cause you have to grind weapons
  • many servers require dlcs, but you have plenty to play on
  • Occasional, yet annoying Hackers

31 March 2018
Review by gamer-d2023f

Game bought on IG

They're very cool! Great graphics and combat system for days. Very good multiplayer and one player mod is not bad either. I think it's worth buying the full version, no money for it. I simply recommend it to anyone who likes these types of games.It's great fun to play!

  • Simply perfect!
  • I did not find a negative!

03 February 2018
Review by gamer-8a4bac

Game bought on IG

pretty good game
sometimes a hacker here and there but overall it's a rlly good game it doesnt really support playing with your friends as it is just like playing with other random people I definitally recommend this game to people that love shooter games

  • great gameplay
  • hackers

24 January 2018
Review by prophet_italy

Game bought on IG

Best game ever played. It has all what a game should have. Created only for multiplayer since single player is really short. But the mp ha all the vehicles, action, maps and gameplay that you could have

  • Nothing

06 January 2018
Review by AwsmGuitar_n00b (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

10/10 would go back and slap myself isntead of buying this crap, MP isnt as good as before (BF3/BadCo2) and campaign doesnt even work because its bugged and you cant get trough a tunnel in mission 3. Do yourself a favor and play windows chess or minesweeper at least those arent broken beyond repair


10 August 2017
Review by Total War Hellas (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

If I wasn't so fond of Bf3 i would place this in top of my BF franchise list.
BF3 is still a better game, but this one is not far from it.
If it wasnt for its poor netcoding compared to BF3 and if (maybe) decided not to
place the scenario in a modern warfare set , it could be brilliant.
Nevertheless this a 90% for sure.

  • Graphics that still are up to 2017 standards
  • Epic Multiplayer Feeling
  • Still a lot of online players (2017)
  • It's Battlefield , what else do you need?
  • Repetitiveness
  • Hackers and Sometime toxicity when online.
  • Netcode destroys the game online 50% of the times.

27 June 2017
Review by Oxinko

Game bought on IG

Good game for lover of BF but also for every fans of action games. I think that BF 4 is the best of BF series. I recommend it. :) If you want a lot of fan you must take BF 4. Graphic is also pretty good.


20 December 2016
Review by nynynymas

Game bought on IG

Perfect game for perfect price. If you still don't own it - you have to buy it. Fab choice for shooter lovers. Plenty on maps, plenty of achievements. Also, new maps comes for free, so you don't have to buy extra DLC's. Happy gaming.

  • Great Multiplayer
  • Plenty of Maps
  • Good Price
  • Plenty of Achievements to Complete
  • None

04 November 2016
Review by DERossen (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

i love the game but it's always the same even with the dlc's i haven't played the bf 1 yet but i hope it's much more different . i have been playing since 19** came out don't know exactmy what year but that was so epic back then

  • the phisics , graphics , weapon veriety
  • boxes
  • graphics
  • always the same
  • loading screen

31 October 2016
Review by ducca (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I've expected much, much more. Almost nothing improved since the BF 3. Solid graphics and mildly interesting gameplay... somehow I got a feeling that interactions in the game are a way too plastic and missions itself are too boring to me. Why doesn't no one think as a user anymore? I guess that all they care is to continue the franchise and sell the copies.

  • Omar Little

27 October 2016
Review by MrImagine

Game bought on IG

One of the battlefields ever made! the singleplayer campain is so sick! just enjoying the gameplay! the multiplayer is very good as well only the server are not supporty anymore by EA Games, but overall its a very nice game

  • nice gameplay
  • server support

11 October 2016
Review by oTTi

Game bought on IG

If I was asked for my favorite game mode at Battlefield 3, I did not have to think about it for a long time: Rush! At Battlefield 4 the thing is not so clear for several reasons. On the one hand, with the great Obliteration mode, strong competition has found its way into the game; on the other hand, Rush is unbalanced on some cards almost unplayable. On Zavod 311 again and again vainly storm into a dark cellar space, is simply no fun. Dice would do well to screw on the balance here. I was similarly disappointed by the large-scale Levolution feature. It is true that breaking dams and collapsing high-rise buildings create an atmosphere, but the consequences for what is happening on the battlefield are rather limited. Anyway, Battlefield 4 suits me so very much, at least in multiplayer. If it's not just crashing again.


21 July 2016
Review by Hussein

Game bought on IG

Great game overall. Graphics are fitting (better than Hardline IMO), plenty of weaponry and such to choose from... Maps are interesting, although some have too many open spaces. This is realistic, but can make for a horrible time as infantry.

Progression is well balanced and it IS possible to play without DLCs, which is a big plus. You just miss a few maps and guns, but you have plenty of options anyway.

Yeah, awesome game. Clocked 70 hours pretty quickly with this one :)

I just want to add that the menu and game launch area is all browser-based, which is a pain, but also very useful at times.

  • Graphics are fitting and well done
  • Great selection of weaponry and such
  • Interesting, realistic maps
  • Good progression system (no DLC required)
  • Browser-based launching and server selection
  • Taxing to run
  • Some maps have too many wide open planes, etc (not great for infantry)
  • Old-ish game, so lots of players are full-on pros that just massacre you every time you meet them. Go on limited level servers to begin with.
  • Browser-based launching (extended game launch time)

13 July 2016
Review by ret38

Game bought on IG

Base Game is nothing you always need to buy dlcs fur fun maps. I bought this game and play it for 2 weeks. Story mode is not very long. So You need to stick on multiplayer also this is what Battlefield series is all about but thanks to Greedy EA you have to pay a fortune for all maps and dlcs

  • Good Graphs
  • Greedy EA only fun with overprized dlcs

27 June 2016
Review by Very fast service! (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

I haven't bought any DLCs but fortunately the game is still lots of fun without them. There are plenty of game modes and replayability to this game. Also, reaching max level in multiplayer takes time and there's lots of challenge.

  • huge maps
  • improvable loadout
  • lots of players
  • DLCs cost more than game itself

21 May 2016
Review by Instant like always

Game bought on IG

This game has a very realistic war atmosphere. Large maps and variety of weapons, instant joining the game This game has a very realistic war atmosphere. Large maps and variety of weapons, instant joining the game. This game has a very realistic war atmosphere. Large maps and variety of weapons, instant joining the game. This game has a very realistic war atmosphere. Large maps and variety of weapons, instant joining the game

  • Realistic, graphics, pure strategy
  • cheaters

05 May 2016
Review by robertmace231 (read 4 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Having been a huge fan of Battlefield 2 and being slightly disappointed with Battlefield 3, it was now time to give BF4 a shot. This time however, EA truly delivered. There is a reason why so many people still play this game, especially compared to Battlefield Hardline.

The less said about the Singleplayer, the better. As soon as the game was downloaded I dove straight into the Campaign, and, after 2 missions, I wanted to cry. Bug after bug, and not a gripping storyline at all. At this point I wondered if my £7 was worth it.

But then came the multiplayer, and that lived up to the hype it got. Just as you would imagine with Battlefield, a range of huge landscapes with ground and air vehicles, to close quarters with grenades and RPG's flying everywhere. That was what I liked about BF3, and I found this to be just as good, with a bunch of improvements.

Overall the multiplayer is a great experience, well balanced weapons, but there are few decent maps. Pick out the good ones and you'll have a blast.

  • Fun Multiplayer
  • Awful Singleplayer

28 February 2016
Review by osos

Game bought on IG

very good and rapid service , really excellent work go on
just keep updating old games and give us more gifts and keys wining opportunity
was afraid and had doubts , but after pruchasing my game , i feel great


01 February 2016
Review by Hey guys:)

Game bought on IG

Great game, i have already spent around 60-70 hours and will continue to spend more until the new one comes out. The campaign is pretty decent, but lets be real here, the only is the real deal here ;)

  • Great online

22 January 2016
Review by Perfect

Game bought on IG

Battlefield 4 is an excellent multiplayer FPS with wildly varied vehicles and interesting maps.I really enjoy playing this game on my PC.Plus the campaing was really cool,2 days and i was done with it

  • great graphics and nice multiplayer
  • there aren't any really

12 January 2016
Review by Skowl (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Never really tried BF before , always been a COD person.

Saw BF4 here >w< , told myself i'm gonna need to try! and I have! and I love it!

Big maps , interactive big maps *.

lots of guns to choose from.

Much kawaii.

  • It has guns
  • I'm the best o3o
  • It doesn't have potatos

31 December 2015
Review by crypto_king

Game bought on IG

Great game .
Fast delivery and super price at Instant Gaming.
Very usefull to use Bitcoin at Instant Gaming to buy games : it's cheap, fast, fun and secure.
Instant gaming is very reliable to buy games.

  • great price
  • fast delivery
  • useful Bitcoin to buy

26 October 2015
Review by LolaEden

Game bought on IG

Love bf4, have it on xb1 & now pc - little but laggy and stil glitching but hay ho thats dice for you.

I think everyone needs to try BF4 as not as easy as people think and COD players will have a shock (I play COD too)

  • fun team game
  • glitches

21 July 2015
Review by Darkham

Game bought on IG

Better with updates but they stil are many bugs...
It's just an evolution of Battlefield 3, it's more BF 3.5 than BF4
The personalisation system is good.

Without the premium pass the game is really boring...

  • Battlefield
  • Graphisme
  • Sounds
  • Maps
  • Cheaters online
  • Solo
  • Bugs
  • Battlefield 3.5
  • Battleblog

18 July 2015
Review by SundanceKid

Game bought on IG

At first I didn't really enjoy it playing because to be honest the campaign mode kinda blows and the story itself isn't too good either. But the poor SP mode aside the game really kicks in when it comes to the multiplayer version. Very large maps and always enough players to play with, sometimes when it gets too intense it does feels like we're actually in a war. So anyone who is looking for a good time in the multiplayer this is a definite go. Thanks to instant gaming too for amazingly cheap price.

  • Massive multiplayer,
  • Extensive and very entertaining game modes in MP
  • Excellent graphics with super cool weapon armory in the MP mode
  • Very poorly put together story mode
  • Not too many missions in the campaign

07 May 2015
Review by the rich guy

Game bought on IG

the game was great..It was coool. Way more than coool. Great ...... Nothing else to be said about...the game was great..It was coool. Way more than coool. Great ...... Nothing else to be said about...

  • Everything about it was fun...
  • Nothing bad actually.

20 March 2015
Review by Duskspark (read 10 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Battlefield 4 might not be the best in the series, but it's arguably one of the best looking games to date.

The Frostbite 3 engine is not only gorgeous to look at, but it also allows for destruction on a massive scale. When you witness it, it might feel a bit scripted, but you quickly realize the power of Battlefield 4's engine when you become the cause of that destruction. Firing that critical shot that makes a building collapse on top of your enemies is incredibly satisfying, yet it doesn't feel overpowering.

In terms of gameplay, Battlefield 4 is a very solid team based shooter. Cooperation is a must if you wish to succeed and playing the objective will reward you with more experience points. Where other shooters encourage you to maintain a high kill-death ratio across game modes, Battlefield 4 emphasizes objectives, thus adding more immersion.

The single player is short and frankly not that interesting, but the multi-player is where the game shines. Two teams of 32 players battling it out on massive maps is an uncanny experience, but the so called "levelutions" sometimes pull you out of said experience.

While mid-game levelutions may change the tide of the battle, they feel a bit too scripted and controlled in contrast to the game's destructive freedom. Still, they're nice touches to change a certain session in the blink of an eye.

VERDICT: Overall, Battlefield 4 is an incredible shooter. Its destructive environments, rewarding cooperation and massive multi-player battles are incredibly thrilling, but the bland single player campaign and some forced levelutions might pull you out of the experience every once in a while.

  • Destructive Environments

10 January 2015
Review by Vergil

Game bought on IG

Pros: Beautiful graphics , nice gun physics , lots of weapons an customization on multiplayer, great atmosphere while it;s just like you are in an actual war.
Cons: Poor main story, too short no focus was given in this part, doesn't have that 'something' battlefield 3 was giving the gamer making it so much exiting.

I have already got a lot of hours in the game and being a battlefield player the impression has been made. Battlefield 4 is a good game, just a good game and not a great one as many would expect it to be. First of all the campaing is just way too short and the missions themselves don't attract you to play them. The gameplay is very similar to its predecessor with some upgrades like the "levolution" which is a new technique dice uses and with which the map changes as the game progresses( buildings destroyed, skyscrapers falling etc). The graphics are very impressive and it is even competitive with 2015 games.

But in the end the strong spot of the game is the multiplayer. The battles in multiplayer are massive. Huge and very well designed maps, lots of players, the ability to controls a large amount of ground and air vehicles, a large amount of weapons and customization options for the characters they all sum up to give you a great multiplayer experience. Some of the bugs that excisted in the beginning have been now fixed.
So I would definitely propose the game to those who enjoy the multiplayer part of an fps game.


07 January 2015
Review by Lordsharaf (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

How many have to die? How many bullets need to be fired? Does it ever end?
The year is 2020. The US and Russia are fighting worse than ever in a conflict that has lasted for six years. Meanwhile, the corrupt China is dangerously close to cooperate to the Russians when the malicious admiral Cheng intends to take over the government. Something that most likely would mean the end of the free world. A small task force called Tombstone is sent to Asia to secure the lives of the legitimate, good leader Jin Jie, where me, Daniel Recker, come into the picture.

As the role Sergant, I’m going through the whole continent on foot, per tank and via boat while the gun is constantly hot. The Chinese and Russians are dying like flies while my little troop again and again fights against insurmountable challenges. We’re going through the sinking aircraft carrier, down the collapsing buildings, across fields covered by tanks, breaks us out of a Russian prison and fight against ferocious combat helicopters on the high seas during the campaign, and for each tranquil minutes offered awaits an extremely hectic action sequence directly after that.

It’s namely as they work, campaigns in the Battlefield series. Really heavy action meets clever but relatively superficial elements in what most feels as a warm-up for the real thing; multiplayer. Battlefield 4 is no exception. The campaign itself maintains certainly the typical action-premise - it's fun to shoot and blast - but the gameplay would feel good by a stronger storyline and new, ingenious, games mechanical grip. The feeling that I've been through this before, composed from first to last frame, and I can often, in advance, figure out what will happen next.

Often I have time to scout out an area before it is time to attack. With the help of a pair of high-tech glasses can I locate enemy positions in which they appear also on the mini map. Here I have the opportunity to order my squad to focus their attack on a particular squad of enemies which will come in handy, but rarely during the planning phase when the enemy doesn’t die instantly by a bullet but rather run and hide, then the battle begins. Forget the finesse-planning in the style of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier in other words. Instead, commands work the best when being in trouble and need fire support in a certain direction while you yourself pups for dear life in another.

The linear arrangement shows itself very clearly, even in the few stealth elements.
When two soldiers are standing and chatting whereupon one of them goes away, it’s very obvious that Dice wants me to sneak up to the soldier standing there, and it's not very satisfactory to simply duck, walk back and press the knife button when I all the time was supposed to do just that. Furthermore added stealth moments are put on the edge slightly by the fact that the campaign in general provides moments where you fight against 25 soldiers at a time.

When I sometimes end up in trouble, it’s rarely more difficult than hiding behind cover for a few seconds and then health is restored quickly and easily. Ammunition is also widespread in handy drawers where I can change weapons throughout the campaign. Only towards the end I face real challenges where I really need to be careful, aside from an early-tank missions where I die about 400 million times before I with almost excessive caution manages to proceed.

I realize I'm sounding negative, so let me clarify that I actually like the campaign in Battlefield 4. It's okay. It fulfills its purpose, offers seven hours bombastic entertainment and works nicely as a warm up for the multiplayer component, and it is good enough, of course. If they had begun to experiment and fiddle with some complicated mechanical twist, it would likely hit back on the multiplayer experience.
But at the same time it would have been fun to see the singleplayer lift the roof and take the world by storm, but the reality is quite different.

The multiplayer component, for its part, is about as solid, epic and munificent multiplayer ever will be. Dice aren’t lying when they say that there is something for everyone, and you quickly get dizzy when you realize the enormous effort put into every single detail of the gigantic matches. The choices ranging from the small, such as the possibility that the silencer their weapons and change the color of their camouflage, the full rule-changing, like the ability to break the dam that protects a small village from total flooding. All the while up to 64 players simultaneously experiencing the consequences through incredibly stylish graphics for 60 frames per second. This, with a sound that completely unprecedented.

Yes, it should be said directly; anyone who like Battlefield will not be disappointed with the fourth edition of the series. The game contains everything you could ever want and more. The arsenal consists of a variety of fully customizable and well balanced (I haven’t noticed any injustice) guns which all offer their own advantages and disadvantages. Some noticeable immediately, others only after several hours, but there is definitely a favourite for you in there somewhere. Add to that the amazing sound and how it is influenced by the design of the weapon and the environment.

We mustn’t forget the vehicles are to be regarded as something of a hallmark of the series. These are available as usual in all sorts of forms, in addition to various types of tanks, jeeps, quads, helicopters and fighter jets have invested properly in boats. A bet that feels fully logical. Once you have shot down an annoying bomber from the armor-filled boat, it’s difficult to imagine life without them. While the vehicles can be adapted for everything from color to type of weapon and defense. This quickly and easily during the game, allowing for rapid strategic counter-thrust.

Even graphically it has stepped up a notch. Not quite as impressive as Battlefield 3 was two years ago, especially on the PC, but Dice definitely have ultilized the utmost out of Frostbite 3 to create such a nice wholeness as possible. Contrast-rich environments such as beige parabolas against deep green forests or dark gray caverns against the pure white snow adds to the experience aswell, for sure. Mostly, I'm impressed with PlayStation 4 where I first experienced the real importance of the upcoming generation shift, but the PC version is objectively the best looking.

It feels like I could go on forever. Describe the paths in detail, tell you how I spent a full hour to fight a sniper on the finest place on a torn building, or talk about how I saved an entire match (I imagine) by flying helicopter low and steady around a critical point at Shanghai while four teammates pushed for dear life - but it's not really needed. There is more than enough to observe that Battlefield 4 delivers the most vivid and well-polished experience in the series so far. No one will be disappointed.

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