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Battlefield 5 for PC behaves possibly much like real war does, with moments of horrendously soul-crushing death followed by ridiculous moments of lethal levity – death by cricket bat, anyone? The first-person shooter is set in the middle of WWII, albeit with some (rather a lot of) historical inaccuracies, not least of which is the inclusion of female soldiers. About the Game The core game follows three basic stories, one of which the player chooses in order to follow that character’s pat...
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Battlefield 5

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Battlefield 5 for PC behaves possibly much like real war does, with moments of horrendously soul-crushing death followed by ridiculous moments of lethal levity – death by cricket bat, anyone? The first-person shooter is set in the middle of WWII, albeit with some (rather a lot of) historical inaccuracies, not least of which is the inclusion of female soldiers.

About the Game

The core game follows three basic stories, one of which the player chooses in order to follow that character’s path through the war. Cosmetic items and weapons upgrades can be purchased using in game currency which can be earned through completing missions, or bought if you are in a hurry to progress through the levels.

Battle Royale

Join in a battle to the death in a restricted campaign called Firestorm. The name comes from the unique feature designed to keep the slaughter ground contained to a relatively small area of the open world format. A literal storm of fire sweeps over and around the battleground killing any who stray into its path – however, nevertheless, this campaign features the biggest game map yet on any Battlefield game. Up to sixty-four players can play the Battle Royale at any one time, and they are organised into battalions of sixteen players initially, with an emphasis on co-operative team play.

Ways to Play

  • Single player

  • Choose one of the game paths which will take you from safety into the midst and battle and, hopefully, safely home again! These stories are based on real life campaigns from WWII although with some added drama and exaggerations to make the game play even more compulsive.

    The game is set in the bombed out ruins of Rotterdam, and boasts some wonderful visual treats, such as the wounded Spitfire grazing an already wounded wing against a bell-tower before losing height as it stumbles over the horizon leaving a trail of smoke and dust.

  • Creation as well as Destruction

  • It is not all death and destruction though, in certain areas of the map you can build shelters and erect sandbags as a defence against attack. Do look sharp, though, working on your constructions can leave you vulnerable to snipers or ambush from others, so keep a wary eye out while you wait for your progress bar to tick over to complete.

    You can play over much of Europe, with many areas in France offering evocative and stunningly depicted locations to battle through and explore.

  • Multiplayer

  • There are several multiplayer modes, most of which lay out a brief backstory to give you your incentives. You battle it out with and against many others, in continuous battle modes, working your way through the Grand Operations which simulates real battle campaigns. Towards the end of the session, players are reduced to single weapons with no respawn capability – this feature is called ‘Final Stand’ and marks an exciting and breath-taking culmination of all your combat hours.

  • Cooperative

  • Team up with three other players to work cooperatively to achieve the aims of the mission. These missions are dynamic and responsive so you are guaranteed a different experience each time you play.

    Whichever way you choose to play, you will exult in the game’s stated core pillars of: destruction, team play and vehicles – a glorious mass of shooting, fighting and winning your laurels during the war that displaced ‘The Great War’ as the worst conflict of modern times.

    Battlefield 5 for PC is available for purchase on Instant Gaming for a fraction of its retail price. You will receive an official key and be able to play the game in seconds. Play smart. Pay less.



    • OS: 64-bit Windows 10
    • Processor: AMD FX-8350/ Core i5 6600K
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB or AMD Radeon RX 560 / HD 7850 2GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 50 GB available space

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    Game review score based on 508 reviews, all languages included

    Best reviews

    Still some hackers manage to ruin the game and devs don't listen to community otherwise fine game in my opinion it would be 90 for me if there was an actual anti-hacking software and if devs would listen to what the community wants.
    • Especially good with friends
    • Good gameplay
    • Gorgeous graphics
    • Hackers from time to time
    • Stubborn devs that do what they want and make the game worse
    • Some bad maps
    The game is very good even after all these years since its release, there is a strong community that plays it every day and for good reason, the game has very good graphics, it is very well done and overall it is phenomenal. Unfortunately, we have to mention that it is flooded with hackers and that almost every server has hackers and EA does not want to do anything about it.
    • Graphics
    • Hackers in almost every server
    Game is great but sometimes there are a few cheaters. The detail to the guns and sound design is increadible. Very Team based. Easy to farm kills when in tanks only thing that can stop you is another tank.
    • Great Graphics
    • Great Maps
    • Great Team Play
    • Cheaters
    • No Servers On Some Game Modes
    • Tanks Too OP
    good game would recommend to people fun to play with friends, good price on instant gaming and no problem with instant gaming but origin removed game from my account after an update and EA help is terrible so yea.

    Recent reviews

    Really really fun once you get like 15 hours and learn the basics and get a nice gun. i recommend goin zk383 and medic class and just grind that gun and once you do that it will be really really fun.
    • graphics
    • destoyable inviorment
    • gameplay
    • kinda hard
    • need good pc
    • little toxic
    Battlefield V Review

    Battlefield V is a first-person shooter game set in World War II. It features intense multiplayer battles, a single-player campaign, and a cooperative mode.

    The multiplayer is the highlight of the game, with large-scale battles that support up to 64 players. The gameplay is fast-paced and chaotic, and there is a variety of classes and vehicles to choose from.

    The single-player campaign is short but well-designed, with some memorable moments. The cooperative mode is also enjoyable, but it can be repetitive.

    Overall, Battlefield V is a solid first-person shooter game with a great multiplayer mode. However, the single-player campaign is short and the cooperative mode is repetitive.
    • Intense multiplayer battles
    • Variety of classes and vehicles
    • Well-designed single-player campaign
    • Short single-player campaign
    • Repetitive cooperative mode
    • Microtransactions
    the game is old but its such a gem. The only problem is rage quiting, but ea wont do anything to fix spawnkilling with A-- 20. Anyways i am quite satisfied with this game but just dont buy it if u want to have fun

    hampter out...
    • amazing graohics
    • Really good performance
    • The peapole dear god the peapole
    • Story is quite boring
    One of the best WW2 games I have ever had the pleasure experiencing. Admitting, This game had a really bad release with bugs and even tho it has improved on that the developers made some silly mistakes with the purchasable skins. They dont fit into the era and it makes the game look silly even though it plays during a dark time in human history. All in All one of the best WW2-Multiplayer games I've ever played.
    My absolute favourite game, great balance between realism and fun while playing. There is an immense amount of ways to play the game, and everyone will find a playstyle that fits him. I just gotta say, this is amazing.

    • Best shooter right now
    fast cheap easy to use and friend;y is you have any issuse but i dont think there will be any i have used them for a for games now never had a problem. .................................................
    • fast
    • cheap
    • easy
    • non
    • non
    • non
    Best Game ive ever played yall Guys have to buy that

    it is really fun to play it with friend but the singelplayer is even better you can do so juch stuff there its the best game ive ever played like i sayd
    • 120+ FPS
    • Good Graphics
    • Good Singelplayer
    Game have so good graphics and i recommend it to anyone who likes action games!!! It have a lot of realistic scenes, and realistic graphics so dont think about buying it or no!!! Thanks EA/DICE for making game like this
    • Recommended game!
    • Game is 10/10
    Its a very cool game with a cool single player story. It looks very reel, i really like this game and its Just very cool (i have to talk because i need more karakters xD) The sounds are alsof beautiful, the makers did a good job!
    • Sounds
    • Graphics
    • Bots
    The game itself is beautiful and ran very smoothly on my pc, however there are a few gripes to be taken both from a game-play and historical standpoint. Luckily I got my fill of enjoyment from this game through this site!
    • Good mechanics
    • Ran very well
    • The destructibility is lacking
    • The games direction suffered alot
    this is b*ll sh*t i spent money and got nothing in return. little suggestion don't buy from this site. i cant believe that people do this very disappointed i will never go on this site again i hate IG.
    • did not get the game
    • the support section sucks
    • it does not help you at all
    • this is a scam
    Maybe a bit too great tactic need, just fast running/shooting :)
    More friends = more fun (nothing new)
    Way too much I know there are no anti-cheater system and that's very very bad thing, frustrating at time, only quit game resolve that problem, sadly :(
    • great maps but need a 100 more of them
    • graphics
    • very fun when playing with friends
    • too fast
    • need a powerfull pc to run it the way it should be
    • no-anti cheat
    • respawn system....don't wona talk about this
    • heaven for campers
    Its really worth it, not a bad game, bit different i think from the previous one, Bf1, Online its like more hardcore, no time to hide and camp, really like it , and ofc its way more cheaper than Origin etc. Thank u !
    • Same as in Origin
    • Cheaper
    • Cool graphics
    I like the game honestly it runs smooth and it looks great. The gamplay is good too. The only down side is that it is not much more then the last one in my opinion.

    If i had to change something i would have put something cool in it like the behemoths. But all and all it's i great game.
    • Good graphics
    • No lag
    • Stable 60+ fps
    • Not much more than the last one
    at this point (the end) of battlefield V's life I can say for sure that it was a complete and total bust, this was obvious from the release trailer. the only glimmer of hope came with the pacific, and then what do they do? Cancel all future live service. good game EA, Dice
    • looks great
    • Horrible live service
    Hello, I´ve played this game for quite a while now, and I guess y can honestly say that if you are looking for a good challenging shooting game, get this one, its just a lot of fun, I´ll see you in the battle. GAME ON!!!
    • great graphics and over all gaming
    • constant updates
    • need a powerfull pc to run it the way it should be
    • some times you need to wait for game to start online
    I have bought the game and i have constant stutters and i cant play it. Tried to fix it for 5 hours nothing helped me. Contacted the site to ask for a refund they told me to contact EA technical support.I did and they told me I cant get refund because i bought the game from this site. So i have a game that i can't play that I spent 14euro and neither this site or EA wants to give me back the money I have spent.I have so many other games that i play with no problem but this one is unplayable and no its not from my computer the problem is with the game or the key from this site. F**K THIS SITE AND F**K EA
    • unplayable
    • unrefundable
    poor support on dice's side, so many controversies, and dice basically cancelled the game yesterday. the vehicles are so overpowered, very unbalanced, no team balancer, and no anti-cheat. overall bad game
    • ok gunplay
    • poor developer support
    • unbalanced vehicles
    • unbalanced teams
    • buggy
    • no-anti cheat
    The game is just able to get 40 out of 100 (I'd give 45 if it would be possible) in my opinion because of the great solo-story-mode with the four different war-stories you can play. And not just play, you really can feel the stories. The multiplayer is not great at all, except the possibility to kill enemies with artillery cannons
    • solo mode
    • storyline
    • performance
    • multiplayer mode
    • weapon handling
    • EA game
    best ww2 game nowadays, new contents weekly and beautiful graphics, havent seen any cheaters yet and the community is friendly due to there is no ranked option only casual, i prefer this game to anybody
    • new contents from week to week
    • high performance pc needed for maximum graphics
    This game is quite fun especially if playing with friends, the singleplayer campaign is also quite fun too! I would recommend especially if you have friends to play with but even alone is very fun. I would recommend this game!
    • Alot of fun!
    • Campaign is greatfun
    • Requires a decent PC
    • Requires alot of disk space (80GB for me)
    Very Nice Game with Excellent graphics.Highly recommneded.
    Possitive things are:|
    1)Graphics-Thee graphics are awesome.
    2)Maps-The maps are perfectly detailed.
    3)Weapons and characters are one of a kind.
    • Graphics
    • Maps
    • Weapons
    • Hdd Space
    Absolute shait from the battlefield team.
    - Damage treshhold even smaller than in BF1. Shoot a man with a f'n cannon and he continues running.
    - No hardcore mode.
    - Physics from 1996.
    - Bush or not, everyone sees you.
    - Servers filled with hackers.
    - Looks like BF1 so pretty much 1on1 copy.

    Bad company 2 still the best game in the series, rest is bs. Don't buy this game!
    I say, so dont buy this game its not as a good game as it looks in the youtube videos. In the game the characters have idiot movements (walking, running too fast. Jumping too big. they are doing everything too fast.) Too few blood, bad corpse body, what dissapers as you killed the enemy, and have no good physics….
    • Great graphics.
    • Great game modes.
    • Great effects.
    • Everything can be destroyed.
    • Bad character movings.
    • Too few blood.
    • Too much update.
    • Too much harrasing player.
    Damn i love the game, i bought it yesterday trough paysafe(everything worked perfectly), and got in the game. I love the graphics and gameplay can't wait to finish work today and start playing all day left <3
    I have put over 200 hours in this game and i gotta say its was a bittersweet experience. What I want to say with this is that sometimes you feel like the general of the army basically but sometimes there are just gamebreaking bugs or crashes that change the experience drastically. There are some typical Battlefield moments and you will get to know the game after a few hours. This game is basically hard to learn and somehow easy to master.
    Maybe it is not the the best Battlefield Game but is definetly the best WW2 game in the last time and is better then Cod WW2.
    Conclusion: It was a nice experience and if you play the game a lot you will like it but it is also a good game for players who come back from other BF Games because the core gameplay is still Battlefield.
    After all i think it is a pretty solid game and if you like shooters and BF you should definetly own it
    • Best War atmospehere across the shooter genre
    • Movement is top tier
    • Authentic Weapons
    • Good Modes
    • With Raytracing it is the best looking game right now
    • Bugs, Crashes,Lack of Content
    • Very few communication with the devs
    • Hard to learn, easy to master

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