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Explore, loot, craft and customise your way to dominance – or inevitable death. SCUM is a truly immersive and hyper realistic survival experience where you have total control of your progression. You start as a prisoner on the super-max SCUM island under the watchful eye of the sinister TEC1 corporation. Roam the rolling fields, lush forests and other rugged terrains of the island, using skills, guts and cunning to survive. Incredibly complex simulation makes every detail matt...
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Early Access

This early access game is not complete and may or may not change further.

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Explore, loot, craft and customise your way to dominance – or inevitable death. SCUM is a truly immersive and hyper realistic survival experience where you have total control of your progression.

You start as a prisoner on the super-max SCUM island under the watchful eye of the sinister TEC1 corporation. Roam the rolling fields, lush forests and other rugged terrains of the island, using skills, guts and cunning to survive.

Incredibly complex simulation makes every detail matter. Eat the right diet, keep your wounds free of infection or it won’t just be the physical threats that take your life. Seek to take out other players or join forces while you loot and craft your way to better gear and weaponry. Flex your creative muscles with extensive base building options and reinforcements that will make your fortress impenetrable.

The island is vast and full of ways to die, from fellow prisoners to killer mechs and sinister ‘puppets’ suspended between life and death. All you have is what you’re carrying – everything else is up to you. Inventory space is minimal. Progression will be tough. Noobs will die.

Oh, and one more thing… you’re not just a prisoner. TEC1 is also an entertainment company, and they’re broadcasting every triumph and failure on SCUM island to a bloodthirsty audience of millions. So’re on TV.

SCUM is built with Unreal Engine 4 and will expand throughout the Early Access period. Fans can follow details on development with weekly dev updates on the SCUM website and on Twitter @SCUMgame.


Complex Simulation: SCUM utilizes dozens of complex systems, allowing you to go as deep as you choose into character creation and management. Immerse yourself in the survival experience through systems that control your character’s metabolism, inertia during movement, and even how fast layers of clothing dry on and off the body. The devil is in the details...

Massive Landscape: Explore 225 square kilometres of terrain that includes dense forests, picturesque beaches, serene fields, abandoned towns and rundown airfields. This enormous terrain can be traversed by foot, land vehicles, boats or aircraft. Each location tells its own story, presenting new dangers…and opportunities, too.

Tough progression: loot what you can and craft with raw materials. Improvise, adapt and upgrade. Think smart, take risks and carry what you need. Build and protect your base with a wide range of customization options. Grow your character and become the terror of the whole island.

Omnipresent threat: Discover new ways to die in a punishing world without a moral code. Face your fellow prisoners, armed mechs, undead puppets and your own metabolic system – if your rivals don’t get you, maybe dehydration will.

Online Multiplayer: You can go solo or squad up. Survive with up to 64 players per server with the option to rent your own server.



The following features are not yet in SCUM and are planned as a part of the Early Access period. The timing and depth of these features are subject to change based on community feedback and development realities.

  • Missions, Side Quests, End Game Content.
  • Advanced Visual Character Customization.
  • Advanced Combat System [Martial Arts + Improved Weapons Control and Movement].
  • All Soft Skills and Skill Levels Fully Implemented.
  • Advanced Crafting System.
  • Rebellion Experience System.
  • Advanced NPC and Animal AI.
  • Additional NPC and Wildlife Sets.
  • Advanced Team Mechanics.
  • Additional Network Events.
  • Advanced Fame Point System.
  • Additional Weapons and Gear.
  • Ongoing Optimization.



  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB / AMD Radeon RX 480 4GB
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 70 GB available space
  • Additional Notes: SSD

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Game review score based on 56 reviews, all languages included

Best reviews

Absolutely amazing game.

After 1 year since I bought it, I still play it.

I highly recommend everyone who loves this genre of game to try it, and believe me, you won't regret buying this game.........
one of the best game. almost same as dayz or deadside game, but it has different abilities.

MAN I love it!!!! keep doing work. the price is getting lower so ppl can buy easily… i dont have any complaints

Recent reviews

Scum has started with a wonderful development, a real interest of the developers in their players and in regular intervals, new great content and very fast bug fixes.

At the moment, and unfortunately for ever, a purchase is absolutely not advisable, as the game is currently not playable.

At the time, it was probably the most realistic survival game on the market (vitamin requirements, balanced eating/drinking habits, different types of food). Disease and impairment systems...) is developing more and more into a mixture of Left4Dead2 and an online MMORPG.

The bunker update, which brought a new OP puppet/mech with integrated god mode, was questionable, but didn't have much impact on the game experience, as everyone was free to use and raid these bunkers or leave them out of their game experience.

I also remember very well when, in my early hours of SCUM, I fled into a house from the Puppets, left the house and not a minute later became the delicious lunch of a hungry wolf.... well, but that was once upon a time, because a very over-motivated developer was probably of the opinion that wild animals are surreal in a world and can only be tracked down by "actively accepting missions".

With the new update, where puppets (zombies) spawn around you randomly and by random generation, sometimes every second (imagine you clean an area and a few seconds later, garbage appears again in the area you just cleaned) and a "horde function", which can be quite nice and adds excitement, this game title is more like a budding Left4Dead2 or 7DaysToDie. If the developers' goal is to reach this level, then they are well on their way.

Unfortunately, due to these changes and innovations, the game is anything but worthy of its hype at the time and a purchase is definitely not recommended!

Do not buy the game!!! It will not be possible to play at the moment. Wait for an update from the developers or a downgrade solution before version 0.95.
  • Sehr große Karte
  • Kontinuierlicher neuer Content
  • "Realistisch"
  • Seit Version 0.95 nicht mehr spielbar
  • Permanentes, willkürliches spawnen von KI-Gegner (Puppets)
  • Entwickler beheben nur wenige Fehler/Bugs und gehen nicht auf Community ein
You will encounter af bugs.

Swimming bug (bigger bodies of water beware you are more likely to die and you can not recover your body in water so beware cause it's like an unseen force you get pulled/dragged deeper into the water and will not be able to get out in time)

melee (the hitboxes are horrible at times)

The stats when creating a character a lot of them are not yet implemented

but what gets me is that the game implements an odd random chart of your created character

blood type - flawed habits (which is always the same apparently no matter whichever you create your character) and what crime you've committed, etc

I've played this game in 2018 though I had to refund the game back then cause there was a lot of issues with it but now not so much
  • Game is progressing slowly but nicely and surely
  • A lot of bugs and issues (still in early access)
  • Going into water is a death trap
  • Weapon degrade way to fast
The game is fun af, but alone it gets kinda boring. Highly recommend it with friends

It is also the most realistic survival game I ever played, so if you are into that kind of stuff definitly buy it!

The character creation is dope af and makes you kinda of connected with them.

It has lots of good things too, and like everygame, it has bad things too
  • The developers really care about the players
This is true realistic game so fun it contains everything with the best graphics from all survival games out there devs did hard job on this and i hope more players to learn about it! health food realisation,pvp,all kind of anemies,animals even cyborgs,fun costumes,nature & gun sounds,health food realisation,pvp.
  • realistic physics & graphics,beautyfull maps
  • need to be more famous
SCUM is an early access survival game set in a futuristic, post-apocalyptic
setting. So, what sets this one apart from hundreds of other early access
survival games? Well, this is THE SURVIVAL game. This game gives you so
much information that one may think it is unnecessary,but it is
necessary. That is what makes this game so unique and so addictive.

Eat your Vitamins!
As I said this game is probably the most realistic game ever. When you
hit your metabolism info tab, the games gives you so much information
that it might be daunting at first.

You have info about your heart rate, oxygen, blood pressure, internal
and external body temperature, your BMI and last, but definitely not
least vitamins and minerals! You have pretty much all of them, from
your standard vitamins to minerals such as Sodium and Iron, it’s all
there. You have about 20-30 vitamins and minerals you have to keep
track of!

Like I said this may be daunting, but once you play the game for a bit you
will see how this is necessary. The game is designed to be a hardcore
survival game. When you eat food, you must make sure you are eating
the right food to stay healthy and get enough calories. You ate too many
calories? Then make sure you walk, run and travel long distances to burn
those extra calories. You are planning on travelling long distances? Then
make sure you have some water to quench your thirst and DO NOT
forget to take some weapons to stay safe.

Right now there might not be a full game but trying to stay alive is a
game in and of itself. You have to maintain your bodily functions by
making sure you poop and pee regularly (and healthily). You have to
make sure you don’t get any diseases and if you see any symptoms, you
have to try and identify the disease and find a cure by yourself. Oh, and
be careful, if you are desperate and turn to cannibalism then you will get
the same infections and diseases as the person before you.

Why Though?
Right now the game is still in early access and it can be about 6 months
to a more complete product. As a result, the game right now doesn’t
have a lot of stuff you absolutely HAVE to do, but there is a lot of stuff
you can do. This game is still more proof of concept than a proper game.
There are no quests and missions yet and more importantly there is no
base building and social infrastructure yet. But there is a proper
hardcore survival sim here.

Cut To the Chase, is it Worth Buying?
In short, I would say yes. This game is getting updates and the devs are
working endlessly to get the full game out. Right now they have a very
good gameplay system and even trying to survive for a period of time is
a test. Right now the game is quite cheap at only $20, but as the game
gets closer to full release expect the price to increase. Expect the game
to come out very soon and I definitely have seen enough to have faith in
the developers. If you are hungry for a true survival game and are willing
to expect a few crashes now for a better game tomorrow (and not to
mention the better price now than later) then this is definitely worth

Reviewer: Linus UG
  • Good Gameplay
  • Big Map
  • PvP & PvE
  • Hardcore Survival Sim
  • Early Stage
  • Missing Base Building

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