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Escape from Tarkov is a tactical first-person shooter set in the fictional Norvinsk region of Russia, around a transition zone between Russia and Europe that serves as a gateway for trade and deals. However, the temptation has proven too much for villainous organisations looking to cash in any way they can and the area has erupted into a tense standoff between Russian forces, UN Peacekeepers and two independent PMCs (Private Military Companies). These are: United Security (known as USEC) and ...
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This early access game is not complete and may or may not change further.


Escape from Tarkov

Standard Edition

  • Escape from Tarkov
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Escape from Tarkov: Left Behind Edition (Beta)

Left Behind Edition

  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Instant access to closed beta
  • Digital copy pre-load
  • Increased size of stash (10x38)
  • Additional equipment
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Escape from Tarkov: Prepare for Escape Edition (Beta)

Prepare for Escape Edition

  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Instant access to closed beta
  • Digital copy pre-load
  • Increased size of stash (10x48)
  • Additional equipment
  • Initially good standing with all in-game traders
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Escape from Tarkov: Edge of Darkness Limited Edition (Beta)

Edge Of Darkness Limited Edition

  • Escape from Tarkov
  • Instant access to closed beta
  • Digital copy pre-load
  • Huge size of stash (10x68)
  • Additional equipment and resources in stash
  • Initially good standing with all in-game traders
  • Unique in-game ID
  • Free access to all subsequent DLCs (Season pass)
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Escape from Tarkov is a tactical first-person shooter set in the fictional Norvinsk region of Russia, around a transition zone between Russia and Europe that serves as a gateway for trade and deals. However, the temptation has proven too much for villainous organisations looking to cash in any way they can and the area has erupted into a tense standoff between Russian forces, UN Peacekeepers and two independent PMCs (Private Military Companies).

These are: United Security (known as USEC) and BEAR. USEC was hired by the corrupt organisation Terra which was responsible for much of the turmoil, while BEAR are their opposition, hired by the Russian authorities to investigate Terra and their nefarious doings.

About the Game

The premise is very simple: entering the game has your character spawning in the forest or somewhere similar, on the edge of the map. Your job is to shoot, play and explore your way across the map until you reach your extraction point, usually way over on the other side of the city, and with plenty of excitement in between you and there!

At first, you are only armed with an axe, and you must quickly defeat someone else for their loot (unlikely if they have a gun and you don’t) or get exploring and find a working gun as soon as possible.

There is no heads-up display for this game: if you want to check your inventory, you have to do it manually, for example, counting the bullets left inside your gun. Oddly, this makes it more exciting as you become hyper aware of what you have with you at all times and counting down your shots in the middle of a battle makes you exquisitely aware of every danger lurking just around every corner.

Lots of Lovely Loot: But Choose with Care!

The ground is practically littered with valuable loot, from mobile phones to cigarettes to cash and even weapons, and it’s all there for the players to help themselves. However, be wary about what you pick up: it’s all valuable stuff, but the longer you are picking over the buildings and neighbourhoods, the longer it will take for you to get to your extraction point.

It also gives other players a good chance of stumbling across you and taking you out – which automatically causes you to lose all your hard-gathered items! It is best to load up with as many high value items as you can gather in a minute or two, and then be on your way as fast as possible.

Of course, you can always linger for a while, tempting other players in to gather loot and then taking them out while they head for your bait: this way, you get their loot to add to your own. A couple of high-value skirmishes could garner you more loot than you would have been able to collect in four times the time!

Arm Up

Weapons range from the basic and almost primitive to high-end tactical gear:

  • Axes – you start with these

  • Knives – a good way to sneak up on enemies and kill silently, without alerting their comrades

  • Handguns and Shotguns – low end guns, these will keep you handily ahead of the enemy, unless they have bigger better guns

  • Rifles – high-powered, scoped weapons that enable players to snipe you from afar. Getting your hands on one of these is a blessing and a curse: you are powerful, but you attract a lot of envious attention

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    • OS:Windows 7
    • Processor:Dual-core 2.4 GHz (Intel Core 2 Duo, i3), 2.6 GHz (AMD Athlon, Phenom II)
    • Memory:6 GB
    • Graphics:DX9 compatible graphics card with 1 GB memory
    • Storage:8 GB

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    Game review score based on 321 reviews

    Best reviews

    One of the worst game i played this year, might be the reason why they are not on steam. I have being constantly running into players using cheats like wall hack, emp and aimbot just to name a few. They dont value your time, money and brain cells. You have being warned, buy on your on disclosure.
    • Sometimes you run into friendly players
    • Filled with cheaters and overall toxic players
    • Constant rubberbanding and server lag
    • PC demanding + No refunds
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    Made an amazing game and now are ruining it with greed. They will never remove all the hackers, because thats how they get most of their money. Totally awful game developing skills, sound has been messed up for ages.

    The horrible developers rely on third parties to help their players.

    Zero info on armor and bullets from BSG. Too lazy.
    • Gameplay
    • Network
    • Developers
    • Hackers.
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    Recent reviews

    Utter crap wish i didnt waste money on a game with cheaters and try hards, unplayable to start when the skill curve is to high for new players and no help or new player matches, anyone looking to buy go find a rock an throw it you'll have more fun
    • Good Concept
    • Hackers And Try Hards
    • Not Helping New Players
    • Costs Money
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    The game is in beta for many years now. They said they give hardware bans to cheaters. Which is a lie. They actually benefit from cheaters, so they have no intention to fix it.

    The game used to be playable, but at the moment, it's in a terrible state. Never in my life i heard of vacuum cheats, but this game has it! Don't even mind going in a raid to look for a GPU, it's already vacumed by a cheater.

    Then we have the desync, which is a great feature many gamers like.... I stopped counting the times i died behind a wall 2 seconds after i peeked.

    I'm done. This game is an absolute mess. The gameplay can be very fun, but the cheaters in this game ruined everything. Every map with high tier loot is infested by hackers.

    You might think i'm exaggerating, then search for the video "the wiggle that killed tarkov".

    Nikita (maker of the game) even removed a system that can detect vacuum cheaters in the last patch........... Shitty company that deserves bankruptcy

    • Amazing customizations to guns
    • Nice gameplay (when not encounting cheaters)
    • Hideout / Crafting
    • Cheaters
    • People with 30+ kda that are blatant cheaters that stil arent banned while it is very obvious
    • Desync
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    BSG doesn't care about it's playerbase nor do they listen to us either. I have over sixthousand hours in the game now and it's only going downhill with rampant hacking akin to the kind of hacks you would see in CS 1.6 but only now it's in this studios latest and greatest looter shooter game. Sheer incompetence from the developers as well as an adamant faith or presumably hope that Battleye are gonna save the day for them when their game engine is a steaming hot pile of you know what allowing hackers to attack the client to gain free reign over the servers. EFT is the best looter shooter I've played to date but the way things are going with the game right now I have SERIOUS doubts of the games longevity and popularity in the coming decade. (The game has already been in development for almost a decade btw)
    • Feels good when it works
    • Challenging gameplay
    • Dopamin hits good
    • Doesn't work properly most of the time
    • The gameplay is a bit overwhelming at times
    • Game is depressing when you get constant cheaters pawning you
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    Horrible experience as a game in general, nothing works as you think or It's suppose to. The game is just a cash cow for the Dev's. Ton's of cheaters, Goat's video just showed us how bad it really is and what we expected all along & cheaters just keep getting better at hiding it as time goes on. I would stay away from the game unless you don't mind being frustrated consistently...
    • Good Concept
    • Hackers
    • Desync
    • Non Balance Matchmaking
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    Cheaters, Bad sound positioning, Optimalization of the game is dead. game cant handle a lot of scavs, loots, boss, players at the same time 60-100fps most of the time on 7800xt its kind of joke. Time for looting is kind of crazy(No tips for beginners, just die in rats ocean). U can looking for basic items for a 30hours... Scavs(boots) are cracked. They can shoot you in a head from 100m in one tap, when u will try it its impossible to do it. Fps in this game is joke from developers. doesnt matter if its low, medium or high settings .. How its possible... The game itself is uniqe, but devs are dont know how to optimalize the game. Its horrible to play this game without a person to introduce you into the game. Play alone its horrible. Most of the time you meet 2-3-4 man squad, full gear and you poor with mosin (who know then know how it its), whaaat you can do.
    • Game play
    • Optimalization
    • Fps in game
    • Balance in game
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    Seriously not worth it. The learning curve takes weeks (minimum) and when you get the feel for it, the core gameplay isn’t rewarding enough to justify how obnoxious the game truly is. Awesome concept and fun to hop in a scav run with a friend, but if you’re seriously considering a new game to get into, this isn’t it.
    • Realism
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    The game is made for players that are willing to give it hours and hours of gameplay and have a specific taste for shooter games, that is good, but what is not good is the fact that all servers are $hlt that always will have lag in the most key moments (i have confirmed this with MULTIPLE people in MULTIPLE servers) if at least that would not exist, deaths would not be that grueling as one would wonder if it was his fault or the third world connection servers that doesnt allow for the slightest joy in a unplayeable game.

    F()c/c this game i tried.
    • Good concept of a game
    • Servers are shit
    • Lag
    • Connections
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    I would never EVER recommend this game. Sure the concept is cool, but the execution is horrible and the devs are beyond lazy only fixing what they feel like fixing. Packed full of cheaters. Waste of money. Not only is the game full of cheaters but the devs, although aware of the issue do little to nothing to fix it. Also, on top of that, the community is also trash.

    Edit: Came back for this wipe, in 2 of the 3 raids I did I was head, eyes by a speed-hacker within 5 seconds of spawning. Game is broken and the developers are too lazy and could care less about their game.
    • Good concept
    • Full of cheaters
    • Lazy developers
    • So many glitches and bugs
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    Horrible experience, highly recommend not to try it out.

    Started the game in december 2023, accidently picked up a quest for end-game and was SELF-LOCKED, i couldn't play or progress (poisoning)

    • No consideration for players
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    i bought this game from the official website from battlestate and have not played this game in a year and my account got permanently disabled :/ wont recommend this. lots of cheaters ruining this game
    • full of hackers
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    Inconsistent and full of hackers. 5ft with a shotgun may one shot someone one day and with the same ammo against the same armor will do no damage the next. its a waist of money. good idea poorly executed and evenly more poorly developed.
    • good idea
    • inconsistent
    • lots of hackers
    • only gets worse with every update
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    A truly great game wich can provide at least 1k hours of fun per wipe. And if you have someone to play it with it will be even better since you can customize the living f out of guns and just f around.
    • Great PvPvE
    • A lot of Gun and clothing customization
    • Great maps design
    • Head / Eyesd by a scav
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    If your thinking of buying this game, just dont. Its concept is really good but when the developers of the game only care about the money they are getting and not the game itself it can get really frustrating. Instead of fixing the bugs and the horrible audio the game has they insist on adding new things. "Low resolution mode on streets of tarkov", as if streets of tarkov is the only shitty optimized map on your game. You will die repeatedly with no info as to how, no sound, people will just spawn next to you without you hearing anything. There are people that know the spawns out by heart and will just sprint to your location and kill you. The developers simply care about their payday by adding events and doing nothing but trying to get more people to buy the game. Trust me its a waste of your time, DayZ and PUBG are much better than this garbage game. If ur starting your adventure on Tarkov now, I feel sorry for you and the hours that you will put in. There is no kill cam to show you how you died, there is no spectating your teammate after you die (even though EVERYONE knows that when a teammate dies you will just open live stream on discord) but still no spectate. Full of hackers, people that play the game as if it is call of duty. How are you putting weight mechanics in the game but at the same time players can bunny hop and strafe left and right and jumpshotting as if its call of duty? developers are clueless animals. have a good one.
    • Garbage developers
    • Dont buy the game
    • Garbage game
    • Cheaters
    • Call of Duty players
    • Dont waste your time.
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    I´ve played this game for 4 wipes and everything is still the same.

    There is nothing who can give me a reason to download again this game.

    The quests are the same and you will play them for dozens of time without any chance of progressing in another way, suffering through

    cheaters, exitcampers and an abnormal quantity of groups of players who will obliterate your chance of looting something "good".

    Dead game, waiting at least 9 minutes for the map to load, the loot to load and then the players for at least 1 / 5 minutes of gameplay.

    Every wipe the game becomes more and more impossible making your sanity worse.

    No tutorial only online videos.

    No RPG everything is based on some text and no answers.

    My advice? Not give your deserved money for this suffering of a game and your PC could be the best will not old this game at 60 fps stable. I promise you.

    Also this game is providing money for Russian Federation instead of focusing on new features they focus on creating mass destruction weapons in real life.

    • Coop till 4
    • High Risk shooter
    • Graphics "WAS" nice after almost 8 years.. no.
    • Very high loading times, low chance of surviving.
    • Cheaters in at least 3 games out of 5.
    • Performance really really bad.
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    laggy garbage, don't buy this crap, all matches are full of cheaters and the develoeprs wont solve the issue cause they earn money by banning them, criminals. 40 fps on high end pc with constant drops, pure sh!t, never seen anything optimized so badly
    • Incompetent developers
    • more than half of players are cheaters
    • super laggy on high end pcs
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    I do love the game for its realism and for bringing something new to the table however it has been a down slope for the game once it started to be popular among streamers

    It has been a rapid increase of cheaters of all sorts. Pretty much 60% of the raids will have at least one cheater in the raid. This 60% refers to abvious cheating. There is a higher number of players using passive cheating like radars or wallhacks which it would likely increase this percentage by up to 80% as an estimate.

    It turns very obvious whern someone cheats or not in the game since the game it does not play at quick pace.

    Sadly, the report system and how the cheater problematic is handled falls short. Despite the effort by the support team to solve the issue, the cheating problem is on the raise. Some streamers like G0at has posted some videos pointing out the cheating problematic
    • Weapon realism
    • Inmersive
    • Poor Anti-cheat
    • Generic game bugs
    • Overwhelmed support
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    they profit off the cheater problem and do little to nothing to fix it. game has been in beta for 5+years and still no full release. you can msg there support about bugs my last email was sent early 2021 and still no reply. they have been told about these problems over and over and instead of setting up a ip banning system releasing the game and setting up a support system for bugs the act like there doing something with patches that add bugs and add new things to the game when they still havent released it yet. the reason im posting this review is because battlestate is not going to change how there fucking the fan base over so stay far away from this game and games with developers like it.
    • no support system
    • crappy servers
    • the ceo is a faggot
    • overpriced
    • cheaters everywhere
    • crappy developers
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    completely awful technical state of the game after years of development. Literally impossible to play, constant crashes inside raid during the gunfight on high end PC (win11 pro). Dont waste your money on this crash simulator.
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    Massive lag, not world play, massive hackers that Nakita is on record with multiple streamers stating they do not plan on ever banning them all they need them to stay in business,got locked out of my account after 7years of play got no help for 2 years from support or web, messaged Reddit to see why they cant seem to send the required verification code and they literaly banned me from there subredit stating i was costing them buisness play dark and darker or starseige dead zone f nakita f any company that ppenly suports hackers
    • Graphics
    • Everything you can imagine
    • Honest players loose access regularly
    • No support for anyone but hackers
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    The worst good game you can buy. looks 10/10 performance 0/10 AI 0/10 servers 0/10 bosses 5/10 half are cracked half are the dumbest ai you've seen. the game is the literal definition if a polished turd.
    • Looks amazing
    • terrible servers
    • terrible AI
    • massive cheating issue
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    - No anti cheat and no replay. Game is infested with cheaters in almost every round. Just watch youtube investigations.

    - Barely playable. A lot of bugs and errors. Game crashes often and optimization is bad. Stutters on some maps even on hi-end PC.

    - Positional sound is broken. Sound is THE key aspect of this game and it is just not working properly. The enemy may be above you, but you hear him behind you. The enemy may be 50 meters away, but you hear them as if they were right in front of you etc.

    These 3 cons are simply game breaking, making it a . Don't pay for this, you will regret it. Right now it is simply sadomasochism to play this.

    • Cheaters
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    Great game just takes time to learn maps ammo and guns! Best fps game out! Go in with a team of 4 or go in solo! Solo sometimes better cause you hear who is around. When your in a squad you hear everyone and it's confusing sometimes
    • Ammo guns armor learn em
    • One shot one death
    • Takes time to learn
    • Get shot out of nowhere
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    Can't recommend it, because of cheater infestion.

    I played roughly 20 hours with this game.

    It takes 3-∞ minutes to find a game.

    I mean I did wait 10 minutes just to find players, so one guy can shoot me down while running with 300km/h.

    Looting feels like gambling.

    If the game works, because that can happen. You will feel let down in the next game, when it doesn't work.
    • Huge maps
    • PvPvE
    • Action Gameplay
    • Cheaters
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    The game itself is awesome, but the devs complete lack of attention towards repeat cheaters is out of hand. They ban cheaters sure, those cheaters then simply hwid spoof (if they even get hw banned) or just buy a new account. So bad my friends who still play now feel like they HAVE to cheat just to have any competitive play, might as well give everyone minimaps and not have to pay a monthly fee for hacks (yes theres so much cheating its a monthly service). I personally think battlestate games doesnt do anything about it because it improves their sales, theres many ways they could be stopping this crap before it got to this point but they wont. Even their paid streamers are hackers who are hypocrites. These people have everything from lag switches to radar, to seeing all the loot on the map, its disgusting to see such a great game go down like this.
    • Great game
    • Cheaters
    • Hackers
    • More Cheaters
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    I would change this to a positive review in a second if/when wipes stop or I have the choice. They must have served a purpose a few years ago when the game was in the early stages, but the game is pretty much there so it's now just groundhog day for streamers. I am a player that has an hour or 2 to play a day, sometimes no time, and don't want my progress to get wiped in a few months. I think it is a game of complexity that should be played slowly and enjoyed over a long time.

    The game itself is the best FPS I've ever played by a long way and has changed the way I view all other FPS games, but for me I'd like to make my way up to level 70, or whatever, over a year or so and enjoy it that way. It's really geared towards people that do nothing but play Tarkov for thousands of hours, the devs have backed themselves into a corner here too because no game built around quests is meant to be played forever. If they want repeatability they need to create some sort of arena version (long promised) so people can spend forever doing that and leave progression speed to the players discretion.

    There are a LOT more positives and negatives around balancing, but this is what it boils down to for me.
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    Getting Spawned with 0 Clue, getting penetratet from russian mfs. and die.

    10/10 would get killed from russian guy agian.

    others: The Game in general is probably really Good but im not really into it.
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    Tarkov is a very challenging game that requires you to pay extra attention and always be aware of your surroundings. It offers a wide variety of weapons and modifications, so it gives you limitless possibilities for how your weapons will look.
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    Good game overall, sadly it is very streamer centered so streamers often dictate what's good in the game and what's not, i honesty don't play MP anymore, just a mod called SP-Tarkov, where you can mod it and make it yours, perfect Single Player Experience
    • Hardcore, Survival, FPS and somewhat RPG
    • Often updated
    • Rewarding if you know the tricks
    • Clunky controls, sometimes too hardcore
    • Updates don't bring a lot in, except for big ones
    • WIPES which delete all your progress
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    Intense shooter, not for casuals. Make sure before purchase to actually look into the type of game this is because it won't be a walk in the park. You will struggle, you will be put in intense situations that will get you either killed or if you're good enough you might be the one walking away with all the sweet loot.
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    Only ppl who play this game from 10 yrs ago can have fun, dontn buy this ****.

    Only ppl who play this game from 10 yrs ago can have fun, dontn buy this ****.

    Only ppl who play this game from 10 yrs ago can have fun, dontn buy this ****.
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