Cities: Skylines Complete Edition

Cities: Skylines Complete Edition

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Cities Skylines Complete Edition for PC is a single-player, open-ended city building simulation game, in which the player can work linearly, achieving story-arc type goals or they can play sand-box style, setting and working towards their own objectives. The game is a loose follow-on from Cities in Motion which had an especial focus on effective transportation links within cities. About the Game Play begins with the player in possession of a single plot of land, a certain amount of money in ...
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Cities: Skylines

Standard Edition

  • Cities: Skylines
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Cities: Skylines Deluxe Edition

Deluxe Edition

  • Cities: Skylines
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Eiffel Tower
  • Brandenburg Gate
  • Arc de Triomphe
  • Grand central terminal
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Digital Art book
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Cities: Skylines Platinum Edition

Platinum Edition

  • Cities: Skylines
  • After Dark Expansion pack
  • Snowfall Expansion pack
  • Mass Transit Expansion pack
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Cities: Skylines Complete Edition

Complete Edition

  • Cities: Skylines
  • After Dark DLC
  • Snowfall DLC
  • Extra items pack
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Cities: Skylines - New Player Bundle

New Player Bundle

  • Cities: Skylines
  • Cities: Skylines - Mass Transit
  • Cities: Skylines - Industries
  • Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor
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Complete Edition includes

- Cities: Skylines
- After Dark DLC
- Snowfall DLC
- Extra items pack
Cities Skylines Complete Edition for PC is a single-player, open-ended city building simulation game, in which the player can work linearly, achieving story-arc type goals or they can play sand-box style, setting and working towards their own objectives. The game is a loose follow-on from Cities in Motion which had an especial focus on effective transportation links within cities.

About the Game

Play begins with the player in possession of a single plot of land, a certain amount of money in the bank and an interchange exit from the nearby highway. The player ‘develops’ their land by adding infrastructure – roads, utilities and designated zones, including residential, commercial and industrial. This encourages people to move in, acquire houses and jobs and basically begin to live out their lives.

Growth is measured by the population and at certain milestones, certain civic features are unlocked from the ability to divide your city into districts bound by by-laws and restrictions to installing schools, police and fire stations, as well as hospitals – and even introducing taxation to pay for it all.

Be careful how you lay out your city as quite unusual and diverse facts will impact on other areas of the city’s management. For example: commercial stores do better when their clientele is more educated, which in turn allows for more employees and a higher rate of tax being paid to the city, which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

As might be expected of a game whose immediate predecessor was rooted in a transport system, it will come as no surprise to find out that this game has a relatively high emphasis on the same. This is not overdone though, and in fact, modern cities do have strong reliance on transport links and logistics of getting goods in and out of the city to keep the economy healthy and growing.

The road system is a delight: you are not restricted to grid formations (although you can use these if you like), instead roads can meander and curve, and the construction layout for buildings and so on, fit nicely into these organic shapes and curves, creating an attractive looking city if you pay attention to your road design right from the beginning.

Fun Facts about City Building

  • The ideal is to grow your city until it holds one million inhabitants. Should you reach this milestone and still have a healthy and thriving city, you can be said to have won your game

  • Do not worry about natural disasters laying waste to your carefully planned city: this is not one of those games where you can go from winning by a mile to sudden catastrophic devastation just because of the random quirks of the programming which has been told to turn everything upside down for a while when people get too relaxed and burdened with property, land, businesses and other forms of financial largesse

  • Mods are allowed and there are a whole host of them – look out for those that offer the type of game playing benefits that you like and enhance your game playing experience that way

  • You can name the individual humans in your city, but there is not too much point to this, quite honestly. The odds of being able to find that specific human again are so infinitesimal as to be nil, so having one called, for example, Phil, will have to just be a secret that you keep to yourself for all time!

  • Cities Skylines Complete Edition for PC is available for purchase on Instant Gaming for a fraction of its retail price. You will receive an official key and be able to play the game in seconds. Play smart. Pay less.



    • OS: Windows 10 Home 64 Bit
    • Processor: Intel Core I7 930 | AMD FX 6350
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 (1 GB) | AMD R7 250 (2 GB) | Intel Iris Xe G7 (Tiger Lake)
    • DirectX: Version 9.0c
    • Network: Broadband Internet connection
    • Storage: 4 GB available space

    Cities Skylines franchise

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    Cities: Skylines II
    Release date: 2023
    Cities: Skylines - World Tour Bundle 2
    Cities: Skylines - World Tour Bundle 2
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    Game review score based on 505 reviews, all languages included

    Best reviews

    I enjoyed playing this game and will continue to enjoy playing it. It's one of the besr building games out there and cant wait for the sequel. i first played this on console and found it to be much better on pc.
    This is an amazing city building simulation game. It's actually the best out of all. A must-play game. It has really fun and addictive gameplay and a lot of mods to enhance the game significantly. Very worth it!
    • Really Fun and addictive
    • decent graphics and really nice gameplay
    • extensive mod support
    • not very well optimized

    Recent reviews

    It's a nice simulation and it's really relaxing. The game also has some great music. One can incorporate modifications(mods) to the game for enhanced enjoyment. and maybe you can play it only with friends
    • buling sim
    • chill
    • dont cost a lot
    • more ai
    • road bugs
    • ui is kinda bad
    I have been having a blast playing this game. Its satisfying to seey your city grow and the planning feels rewarding. combined with all the mods you can use to make the game exactly the way you want it to be, its a perfect game for me.

    • quick
    • none
    City Skylines is an outstanding city-building simulation game that offers endless possibilities for creativity and strategy. With intuitive controls, beautiful graphics, and a vast array of options, it's a game that will keep you hooked for hours. The game's attention to detail and realism make it a must-play for fans of the genre.
    • Detailed and realistic city-building mechanics
    • Extensive modding support and community
    • Smooth gameplay and intuitive UI
    • Steep learning curve for newcomers
    • Limited variety in building aesthetics
    Great game, worth the money. Maybe i will buy some dlcs in the future, but for now i want to acomodate with the base game. I understand that this is a better version of Sim City and it is very popular nowadays.

    I hope he will live it up to the standard.
    • Graphic
    It's a chill, fun and good-looking game, could get boring after a few play throughs, but that depends on how creative you are and the detail you put into your cities. DLCs make the game more interesting and add more variety.
    • Chill
    • Fun
    • Paradox DLC Hell
    Cities: Skylines is a well-designed and engaging city-building simulation game that has captured the hearts of many players. The game offers a level of freedom and creativity that is rare in the genre, allowing players to build and manage their cities in unique and creative ways.
    nice game with some nice mods. also there are many dlc to buy. without dlc it is also a good to play game. with mods the game is sometimes a bit heavy to play, but al the mods are very good working. nice and good game.
    • many mods
    • nice dlc´s
    • with mods it is difficult to play
    I haven't played it, but I only heard good things about this game. Buy it while it's on sale! It cures OCD for 100s of hours while playing the game. It's like sims for a city. Follow their TikTok account!!!!
    • you can be creative
    • cures OCD for 100s of hours
    Yes. There's a lot of DLC but the game is still really good. Even with the insane price of all the DLCs to's still worth getting to play this game. Ignore the DLC and enjoy the game. It's at least worth a little of your time, if you're here to look into it.
    • Fun Game-play
    • Easy to Learn
    • Hours of Fun
    • DLC
    You saved me 30€, I was about to pay for the game on Xbox, but then a friend had the brilliant idea to look on instant gaming and found it 30€ cheaper than what it was at on the Microsoft store, this is just great, absolutely freaking great.
    • Everything
    • Absolutely nothing
    I really love this game. I play it for a while now and at first it was a little confusing to learn but after about 20 minutes I knew the controls and was ready to start my own civilization. Great Fun. It has many extension DLC's and thus has much content to explore. That could be seen as a pro and a con because DLC's cost. They are expensive. Could only recommend buying the DLC's here. Cost way to much on steam... Anyways. Great game. Can only recommend

    9/10 definitely worth it!
    • Great Graphic and FPS
    • Great addon support (steam workshop)
    • Many DLC's
    • Wierd controll at first
    • Expensive DLC's
    This game is really fun! Its so fun to plau around with infrastructure and to build you own city. I was definitely worth the money!

    I could see myself playing this game for hours on end

    Worth the purchase
    Although this game has been up for quite some years by now, it's not showing its age as much as I expected, and thanks to the phenomenal modding-community, you can do anything in this game! You don't even have to play the whole "management"-part of the game to have a great experience, if you just want to focus on creating something beautiful. If you're not into modding though, the game will probably not seem as pretty, and you'll have a hard time doing some specific stuff within the game.

    Overall, this game is awesome, and it's definitely worth the price!
    The best city building game on market...If you like to build cities with great precision thats the game for you.Build detailed city with good managment of city.I recommend this game and all of dlcs.

    • detailed bulding
    • good graphics
    • Mods
    • too much dlc(but they are cheap)
    • sometimes when you have too much assets game slowers down little
    • nothing
    One of the best city building games ever made. Tons of things to do and you never get bored! Bought the game out of the blue and didn’t regret it.

    Searched a similar game to SimCity - and found it :)

    Totally recommended! :)
    • good graphic
    • smooth gameplay
    • simply beautiful
    • nothing :)
    Amazing game! It is almost impossible to get bored of and I can't believe how nice the graphics are!! This game is definitely going to become one of your favorite games very, very quickly! I highly suggest getting it.
    • Good Graphics
    • Hard to get bored of
    Best city builder currently on the market.It deserves the highest score, it has no limits. With the right mods you can do anything.

    The level of customization is already remarkable with the base game, if you add customized contents you can reach a level never seen before. You could potentially recreate your city in every single detail.
    • Lots of freedom to create.
    • Lots of mods
    • There is a very active and productive community.
    • Excellent graphics for a citybuilder
    • Game that only gives its best with mods and sandbox mode. The pure management part is good but doesn't have a high level of challenge.
    • You need a powerful computer. Especially if you want to install many mods
    A good game to play whilst chilling out. A variety of options that can let you build the city of your dreams. Way better than Sim City in my opinion and theres a vast amount of dlc available Graphics could be better.
    • Creative freedom
    • Endless possibilities
    • Can get repetitive
    This game has too much DLCs and without them this game is such a boring mess.You basically have nothing to do other then build the same city with same stuff.I played it only for 6 hours on steam and i can tell you that is the most time you can spend in this game without DLCs and actually have fun.It doesnt tell you how to get resources tutorials in game are pure crap.And thats it overall boring and blank experience
    • Fun if you have DLCs
    • Too much DLCs
    • Repetitive
    • Boring
    The price that you can get this game for here really cant be beat.

    Its worth a shot for those who might like puzzle games but couldnt get into other sim titles, Id consider this game the best in the city-building genre.
    • Alot of differnt choices for you to create cities in.
    After 100 hours I can say that Cities Skylines is simply the best city building game on the market with great graphics, a great tutorial and the DLC´s ( which do no cost much here on Instant Gaming) are awesome.
    • Great Graphics
    • Great Tutorial
    • Lots of cheap DLC`s
    • You´ll be addicted
    Awesome game if you like city simulators, with all the DLCs you can do so much.
    Lot's of mods available in the STEAM Workshop. You will not regret the decision if you buy it,
    This is a proper city simulator
    The game is fun and easy to play. You have to be creative and inovative. I've played it for a few hours and i very much like it. One time though, the game froze and i had to restart the game multiple times for it to work. Other than that, I'm a big fan and I recommend trying it out if you like city builder type of games.
    • Fun
    • Easy to learn
    • Not very hardware demanding
    • Sometimes it freezes
    I like Building type games that you can create your own decisions, the maps that come with the game are fun, There is a lot of stuff to learn on how items work but once you know how they work it will make the game more fun and creative, A lot of dlc's to chose from. Really good game recommend it for people who like Building Games. Really good game recommend it for people who like Building Games.
    • Make your own Decisions
    • Build your City of your choice
    • A lot of buildings to pick from
    • A lot of Dlc's
    • A lot of starter maps that are free
    • Takes time to make a big town
    • A lot to learn about building and items
    • Having to unlock buildings when you reach a requirement.
    Terrible service! They ask for my driver's license as verification after I've just given them £12.00
    No. I want my code please, I have already given you the verification via email. Haven't responded! This is just outrageous, never using IG again. Use your bots all you like for your fake reviews and make yters think your legit, you aren't. I have been scammed.
    • Nothing
    • Never got the game
    • Never got refunded
    • Asked for my driver's license to verify (Like what the hell)
    • Terrible service from IG
    • Got scammed, lost 12 pounds.
    It’s a fantastic price for a genuinely good game! Play with alone, or while other friends play it and talk about your cities... it’s weird fun!
    Graphics are nice and the music is really relaxing, fits the game!
    it is nice game with good graphic.A bit hard to play.this game have too much dlcs.thats only thing i dont like it.i sure can say this is one of best city building games whic you can play ever.maybe only to fix one problem,that is too much rain tornadoes etc.
    • nice graphic
    • too much dlcs
    Cities: Skylines is a title that will eat up hours of your time, and with a commitment from the developers to continue support for the title in the future, and Steam Workshop integration, the huge amount of replayability the base game has will become even bigger. I wholeheartedly recommend this game and can’t wait to see what modders and Colossal Order have in store for us in the future.
    • Tolls
    • AI could be better

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