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RimWorld for PC is a construction and management simulation game in which you are stranded on the edge of the known universe – on a world on the rim, as the title would have it – after your spaceship has crash-landed there. You are not the only survivor, and it would seem that yours is not the only spaceship that has crash-landed on the planet, given that there are other people around who occasionally wander into your game.

What’s the Story?

You and two or three others are drawn together by circumstance, and immediately start working towards the ultimate goal of the game, which is for at least one person to theoretically escape the planet. If everyone dies, the game ends.

There are three types of stranger on the planets as well as events that can be classified with these types:

Bad: pirates attack your settlement, raiding, kidnapping or killing your people and taking all your stuff. Solar flares strike randomly, damaging your equipment and crops and generally making life harder for a while.

Neutral: Nomads wander past your camp but they do not approach or interact with you in anyway. It is mildly reassuring to see them and know that they are there in a pinch!

Good: Fellow survivors who have been wandering around the landscape find your camp and come along to join your team and make themselves generally useful

Things to Think About

This game tackles some of the weirder aspects of time-travel and stasis sleep pods. A woman in her twenties could leave her baby behind, travel for decades without aging, then meet her son who is now twice her age, with a daughter of his own! Mind-boggling to those who like a more traditional family tree!

The map is dotted about with fun territories, interesting creatures to meet and tame, and even dodgy settlements that you might prefer to avoid – Torture Town sound a good day trip venue to anyone? There are also hidden ancient anomalies that are well worth investigating a little more…

Mental Health Matters

The game starts out, like so many survival games, as being a bit grindy, but it builds up to more engaging fun. The characters have unique psyches makes them act in odd ways: such as, refusing to do certain jobs as beneath them due to aristocratic breeding, not getting tasks done because they can’t read the instructions you left for them and so on!

The AI storyteller lets you know how you’re getting on. And it’s bound to be badly, because no matter what your intentions are, your colonists have their own ideas and will drive you delightedly mad with their odd quirks and random dislikes!

In this survival game mental health is as important as food and shelter, so time must be found for leisure activities, or even something as simple as a designated place to sit down and eat And it is important: your characters will have psychotic breaks or go into fugues if these needs are neglected!

Your colony can advance technologically, but any equipment or vehicle must be constantly maintained and frequently re-fuelled.

The storytellers control the weather, the seasons, your crop harvest, the frequency of newcomers’ arrivals and the advent of catastrophes alike. You can choose from three distinct AI storytellers:

  • Classic Cassandra, who provides a slow increase of negative events

  • Phoebe Chillax, who offers more positives and plenty of peace, but still gives a challenging game when played on hard mode

  • Randy Random, for whom anything can and does happen at random!

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    Release date

    Minimum Requirements*

  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 11+
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • *Tags and requirements are for informational purposes
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