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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege background
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
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86 /100
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14 March 2016
Review by Batstroke

Game bought on IG

This game is a very good tactical fps with quick rounds and nice graphics.If you have friends and you play it with them then you will enjoy it.But as always ubisoft has bad servers which cause frequent disconnects on all of their games..

  • Perfect game if you have friends to play it with.
  • Graphics
  • Many and different operators to choose
  • Many weapons
  • Realistic bullet damage
  • Frequent dcs when doing the last pve situation
  • Ubisoft servers
  • Uplay platform

03 January 2019
Review by ninja

Game bought on IG

This game is very hard for the typical FPS players that play COD and BF a lot, this game requires GOOD TACTICS and you have to have a good team that can cooperate if you want to win, if not, play cod style.

  • Very good and tactical game
  • A bit hard and sad because Ubisoft doesn't really listen to their customer's complaints

27 December 2018
Review by gamer-1ecd12

Game bought on IG

Rainbow Six Siege is the best shooter experience on the market right now, with constant support and content updates, this game remains fun and exciting to come back to each day. That is if you can live with the odd glitch or bug here and there, it is Ubi after all...

  • Odd glitch or bug

10 November 2018
Review by skeptic

Game bought on IG

The benefits are very high, the price of this edition & content is excellent! The game is awesome and very reliable for it's IG-price. Everyone who isn't sure about which edition he should buy, I recommend buying the starter edition because you can always upgrade to a higher edition whenever you want, it overwrites the edition without loosing any progress.

  • price
  • content
  • upgradable

23 October 2018
Review by MoMoMega (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Uplay should fix spawn peaking and make the ranks world-wide instead of making us have different ranks at different parts of the world. But otherwise i think it is a great game.

I dunno what else to write :3

  • It's fun to play
  • The community is less toxic than in the CS:GO community
  • There are so many different ways to play
  • You can quite easily get frustrated from stuff such as spawn-peaking

06 October 2018
Review by AyBee

Game bought on IG

Davvero un bel gioco realistico, dove bisogna fare in modo di uccidere la squadra nemica in partite:Libere/Classificate in un 5VS5, ci sono tre tipi di modalità: Contenitore di biorischio, salvataggio ostaggio e Artificieri. Consigliato per gli amanti di questo genere.

  • Realismo
  • Per poter giocare bne devi conoscere ogni spot bene e tutte le mappe

08 September 2018
Review by Darkofdeads

Game bought on IG

you need really be skilled to play this game.
you need map knowledge and good aim.

let me say this if you start this game just play Terrorist Hunt couple of minutes to get the map knowledge and then jump in casual

  • best fps shooter game
  • the best community
  • you die even you dont know how.
  • it's a stressfull game

05 September 2018
Review by Skronix

Game bought on IG

Es ist ein tolles Spiel für Leute die Action und Team-Play mögen.
-Sehr viele Operator
-Keine Hacker

Ein sehr gutes Spiel für Freunde, die es mögen zusammen zu Spielen und gut für Leute die Shoter mögen!

  • 90

01 September 2018
Review by Kappie

Game bought on IG

Really fun game to play with friends. Only downside are toxic 12 year olds. Because of its difficult level is fun to progress and learn all realistic things about the game. Good set of operators to play with.

  • Fun
  • Challanging
  • Toxic community

15 August 2018
Review by gamer-0ce8a8

Game bought on IG

If you love Fps and you dont know what to play,well here is a great game for you so be sure to buy it and check it out and join the Rainbow six siege family and of course have some fun even with meeting new people

  • Not just kids
  • Realistic weapon handling
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Toxic
  • Trolls

14 August 2018
Review by MilanINSTANT (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Best game i ever had to play :) its funny really if you have friends to play with but if you dont you will get them easy in this game no russians hahha that is good and best thing is that is really fun

  • best game!

15 June 2018
Review by Dobosking

It's a fun game with great graphics and gameplay you can que alone but it's more fun with friends. the operators are expensive but you can earn up to 1500 renown with the weekly challenges and there are also daily challenges which gives 150 each day so 1-2 week and you can earn up to a new operator

  • Perfect game with friends
  • Good graphics
  • It's fun
  • Operators are too expensive
  • Toxic community

14 June 2018
Review by Vienza

Game bought on IG

It's a pretty good game like graphics wise, but the in-game bugs and toxicness is beyond. People cant stand getting killed and they are just overall angry most of the time. There are many cheaters too. If they fix that then it's perfect!

  • Grapichs
  • Guns
  • Bugs
  • Toxicness

13 June 2018
Review by fico12

Game bought on IG

Really good gameplay and graphics , but the servers are really bad sometimes. But overrall it is a really fun experience especialy when you have friends to play with. I definetily suggest this if you have friends to play with

  • good gameplay
  • graphics
  • servers

17 May 2018
Review by ArthurKal

Game bought on IG

The game is very fun and it is not p2w unlike some other games. Also this site is awesome, i thought that i was buying standard edition here because the price was the same as standard on other sites but i got gold edition so thats awesome. If that was a mistake im still very happy thanks.


06 March 2018
Review by Dvj (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Very good game! You should try it, I saw this game on first time on Twich and liked it, so I have bought it. Nagyon jó játék, csak ajánlani tudom! A grafika ütös, de a játék nehéz én, mint kezdő elég nehéznek tartom a többi "régi" játékossal az együtt játszást.

  • Graphics
  • Feeling
  • gameplay
  • support (DLC-s)
  • Need to learn how to play
  • Needs to be pro player

16 February 2018
Review by Péter

I tried this game first after around 2 years it was published. I had lot of prejudices, that it will be hard, it's boring and about camping only, how it can be exciting? Well... It just is! The game requires lot of patient from the rookies, the unfair matchmaking make this thing even harder. I really miss some kind of rank system within the casual as well to be able to play with people. Literally every round is different. The biggest value of the game shows when you have actual friends to play with, but even alone is fun with strangers. It's hardly recommended to watch couple of videos from streamers you might like, this is how I become a with familiar with the game before I really tried first. Helped a lot to be totally lost.

  • Awesome...
  • Real tactic shooter
  • Good maps with lot of options
  • As you become better, so the game does
  • Relative good optimization
  • Requires lot of actual learning,
  • not noob friendly (unfair matchmaking)
  • people are often toxic
  • hitbox/netcode seems strange sometimes

14 February 2018
Review by johnokins (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Se mettre dans la peau d'une force de service d'intervention quelle idée génial, pouvoir piloter des drones avant de se faire canarder ? Chaque personnage à son rôle à jouer, il faut faire des choix judicieux et souvent très rapidement.

  • Beau
  • Beaucoup de choix de personnage !
  • La commu parfois cancer..

06 January 2018
Review by Fndolphin (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Juego muy coperativo para jugar con amigos. Con muy buenos graficos y pocos requerimientos. Fusiona muchos juegos y engancha un monton.

- DolphinGamerYT -Twitter: @DolphinGamerYT -Twitch: dolphingameryt_

  • TODO

28 December 2017
Review by Skrub (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Overall great, addictive game to play; especially with friends.
Fast loading times and really good graphics; I'd say medium to high end graphics cards recommended.
Pretty cheap game.
I love it and I play it pretty much every day.

  • Fun
  • Non-toxic community
  • Sometimes can't connect to in-game store
  • Somewhat frequent connection problems

04 November 2017
Review by gamer-6fb325

Game bought on IG

best fps ever for me, but little bit unfair matchmaking and lot of kids which are disconnecting every 2 or 3 ranked..
if you want to play this i recommend to buy it with some friends because it is more more better

  • very tactical
  • beautiful graphic
  • dont need very expensive pc
  • horrible matchmaking
  • recommend to play only with friends, never alone

15 October 2017
Review by BrightShadow

Game bought on IG

The game is absolutely one of the best multiplayer games. Running at a MSI GTX 1060 i think that the game is fully optimized. I thing for a gamer that loves shooting and multiplayer
games this is a must play title.

  • Game

02 October 2017
Review by JeanHD

Game bought on IG

Really great game!

the game is overall amazing and really fun solo or with friends
i mostly play solo but i still have a lot of fun with the game's competitive nature.
Overall great game and i really do recommend that you buy it.

  • Almost Everything
  • Servers

22 September 2017
Review by gamer-839190 (read 2 reviews)

awesome and addictive game that will get you hooked on it for a long time, ubi service will have some problems because it's ubisoft but it will not lower your love for the game. if you are thinking about cs go:rainbow, think of it like this. cs:go has bad graphics and little to no gameplay while rainbow is 100%strategy and depends only on comunication. good luck and have fun


22 September 2017
Review by gamer-fd138e

Game bought on IG


  • great game, with a tactical gameplay
  • mouse lag

01 August 2017
Review by Mouchizz

Game bought on IG

great game! plays well had no problems with the transaction, it was quick and on the spot. it did take me a while to give this review i was otherwise preoccupied i will probably buy all my games from here!


26 June 2017
Review by Arne

Game bought on IG

Das Spiel besitzt eine gute Grafik. Außerdem hat das Game eine sehr gute Grafik obwohl es mittlerweile 2 Jahre alt ist. Es gibt viele Ingame Möglichkeiten und man kann sehr gut mit Freunden taktisch spielen

  • Gutes Gameplay/Grafik
  • manchmal Bugs sind aber eher wenn lustig

01 June 2017
Review by gamer-495f7c

Game bought on IG

nejaka recenzia pre cechov a slovakov
- Hra je naozaj dobra, velmi narocna ale za to realisticka, nadherna grafika. ale zasa na druhej strane ma velmi ale naozaj velmi zle vyhladavnie zapasov a platforma ubisoft... no kazdy asi vie :D taktiez je dost zle, ze ak sa nejaky hrac odpoji neda vam to nahradneho bota a potom to je dost neferove, bany su tam len 15 min a ak sa odpojite vam to zarata ako za prehru, coz je vyhoda ale aj nevyhoda, pretoze hracovi 15 minutovy ban asi vadit nebude, takze sa castokreat stava ze sa hocikto hocikedy odpoji a nedava vam to nahradneho bota... Je tam teraz nova operacia pri ktorej by to mali opravit, hlavne vyhladavaci system ale zatial sa nic nezmenilo, dokonca sa mi zda, ze je to este horsie.

  • Grafika,
  • realita poskodenia a celkova realita zbrani a vseobecne vsetkeho :D
  • mnozstvo zbrani a agentov
  • proste si to kup, stoji to za to.
  • moja najlepsia hra zatial, hlavne koli tej realite a mnozstvu zbrani
  • Ubisoft servery su jak plesnive drevo a snazia sa to zalata kravskym lejnom
  • Zly vyhladavaci system
  • Obcasne bugy
  • Ak sa niekto odpoji neda vam to bota
  • niektory agenti su skoro neporazitelny ak na nich nemate taktiku coz je vyhoda ale aj nevyhoda

28 May 2017
Review by Clarke

Game bought on IG

This is my review, I can tell a lot more, maybe something that is not so true but I just wrote so far Farcry 4 and then I'll write :D
I'm happy to have bought this game because it has a great design!!

  • Good graphics
  • Lot of skin
  • Lot of guns
  • Fun with friends
  • Good ban system
  • Bad servers
  • Sometimes bad connection

20 May 2017
Review by MrsSophia_ (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Game is good but Ubisoft has no idea how to make multiplayer videogames:
- The matchmaking is HORRIBLE, you're constantly playing against people on level 100, even if it's your first game. It doesn't make sense and it makes the game unfair.
- If you have installed UPlay in a disk A and the game in a disk B it'll take you more than a minute to load the first round of every game, which means people will complain about your (not-)wooden PC and they will kick you.
- Servers are terrible. I usually have 90 to 100 ping on Europe servers in MO games, even 60 to 70 in CS:GO, but in Six Siege I'm usually at 160 ping and I haven't seen many people below 60 ping.

Anyway, it reminds me of CS:GO but with characters, classes or whatever you wanna call it. The game is severe (as demanding), the recoil is interesting, there are a lot of playstyles and you have to be real fast since two or three bullets usually mean death.

As I said, it's a good videogame, or at least it could be it, but it looks like Ubi has 0 idea how to make a multiplayer game :/

  • Well, you know, it's kinda good
  • Really bad matchamking

05 May 2017
Review by OneShotBruh (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Rainbow Six Siege is a game that provides a nice contrast to games like Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty, it is really hard and takes a lot of time to become good at the game, you die extremely quickly.

  • Actual tactical gameplay unlike Call of Duty and Battlefield 1
  • Easy to run, nice graphics
  • Free DLC
  • Fun to play with friends
  • Requires a lot of skill, planning and map knowledge
  • Ubisoft servers, bad netcode
  • A lot of trollers and a lot of people go AFK on ranked
  • Bad to play without friends a lot of the time

21 April 2017
Review by Nutcase (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

excellent game having a lot of fun playing with my friends, at the price it was very good buy and would recommend this to any who like first person shooters. the game also has an HD mode if your graphics card can take the extra load.

  • online multiplayer
  • map type game
  • all standard weapons
  • matchmaking is a bit unfair.
  • idiots in the community.
  • ping is king (bad ping die quickly)

09 April 2017
Review by Florian

Game bought on IG

Super Tolles Game macht riesig spaß vor allem mit Freunden.
Es gibt zwar ab und zu Probleme mit den Ubisoft Servern aber das regelt sich immer recht schnell somit kann sofort weiter gezockt werden.


  • 100

04 April 2017
Review by ----

Game bought on IG

fun game, but can get boring after a while!
the visuals are great, easy to run on low hardware aka not very demanding.
but from other side its a grind to get every thing in this game. or just buy the seasson pass

  • fun
  • competetive
  • can get frustrating
  • microtransactions

10 March 2017
Review by Dat

First ill have to thank Instant-Gaming.com for this 13.98 Euro/$ price, like holy s**t, its the best price ever.

Also i recommend this game its an FPS 5v5 Ranked/Unranked Where you have 2 sides: the Attackers and the Defenders. You can buy classes like Smoke for defense or Fuze for Attack for 500-2000 and also you can buy the newest for 25000.
The Currency are Tokens. You get them by playing the game unranked/ranked. Giving a 100 for the vote, cuz this game just amazes me.

Do i like it?
F**k yes.

Currency is easy to get?
F**k yes.

What is good about this game?

Is it worth the price?
F**k yes.

Should you buy it?
F**k yes.

Will you enjoy it?
Idk, Maybe.

What's the best thing in this game?
It has to be the map layout, theres alot of mapes that can be played ranked/unranked.

Bomb Plant
Hostage rescue
Secure the zone/Capture the zone

Defuse the bomb
Stop them from rescuing the hostage
Stop them from capturing/securing the zone

Pros and Cons:

It's not p2w(pay to win)
Alot of diffrent classes
Alot of gadgets
Too much guns
14$ on Instant-Gaming.com

40$ on Uplay/Steam
Pistols are s**t

And that's all for my review.
[email protected]


26 February 2017
Review by gamer-61d3b4

Game bought on IG

If you activate the game on Uplay it says its the starter edition but thats wrong lol.
Its just a Ubisoft fail cause it is indeed the standard edition and you can check it by looking up the prices of the post launch operators. If they cost 500-2000 youre good to go.


19 February 2017
Review by abydos (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

A SWAT 4 óta vártam már egy szuper taktikai FPS-re.
Nem egy Battlefieldre gondolok, az csak névleg
taktikai és nincs is igazán beltéri hang. A R6 Siege
egy fantasztikusan változatos játék, szinte minden kör
különböző :)

  • Rombolhatás

17 February 2017
Review by gamer-73538f (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

great game! very competitive. the game is alot like other shooters but adds a great skill aspect that only some games can give you, it takes time and strategy to really get into to it. worth a buy every day!

  • good setup
  • great graphics
  • good engine
  • sometimes glitches
  • game will freeze from time to time

02 February 2017
Review by LeatherFace

Game bought on IG

the game is great pvp gameplay...great graficks..great maps and gadget abilities..and ty INSTANT for price..is low and great..good jop and don't stop this ..thanks and I buy again guys..is safe and good for all gamers.!

  • pls guys..try ..is very fun game.!

20 January 2017
Review by Killer

Game bought on IG

yo creo que es un jjuego bastante chulo tetes y con una estetica de pros y solo hecho para pros, si quieres jugar a este juego tienes que ser un pro, no vale ser noob, vale tetes? Asi que ya sabeis, si eres noob no te ccompres el juego, porque te vas a arrepentir, gracias por vuestra atencion tetes y nos vemos en el proximo video chavales!!!!

  • muy bueno para pros
  • buena estetica
  • juego muy divertido
  • juego adictivo
  • muy malo para noobs
  • muy mala estetica
  • juego asqueroso
  • he dejado los estudios por este juego

11 December 2016
Review by ▁▂4ғω_gaming▂▁ (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

amazing game,as good as a game can get both co-op and vs,even singel play also

amazing game,as good as a game can get both co-op and vs,even singel play also

amazing game,as good as a game can get both co-op and vs,even singel play also

  • as good as a game can be
  • none

24 November 2016
Review by eccellenza (read 9 reviews)

Game bought on IG

il miglior gioco online da giocare con gli amici! unico difetto, manca il single player, ma noi ce ne sbattiamo altamente perche siamo utenti pc e non paghiamo il live o il psn per giocare quindi si valuta parecchio su pc questo gioco!

  • Perfetta longevita imbattibile
  • manca il single player

16 November 2016
Review by nikola (read 5 reviews)

Game bought on IG

best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever best game ever

  • online

08 November 2016
Review by Kipiks

Game bought on IG

très bon jeu à jouer exclusivement en équipe sur un serveur vocale et pour les amateurs des jeux style : SWAT4, CS...
Une multitude de style de jeu au travers des differents perks est à disposition ce qui stimule la rejouabilité

  • aspect stratégique omniprésent
  • efficacité du gameplay
  • des perks sont clairement overpowered

15 October 2016
Review by Dinos (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Great game, with lots of thing to do and great combo between some operators. Ubi servers though in my area are kinda weak or idk, I dont have latency problems in other games that much that I have with this. I tried WTFast but didnt do anything surpisingly.

  • Servers aren't so good atleast at greece (euw) i play with 120 avg

03 October 2016
Review by bwallker (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Instant delivery, convinient payment, didnt have to do any shenanigans with my bank

the game is great too I suppose, alot of operators, they all feel unique and special.
the guns feel like actual guns and not like peashooters
the game is extremly skil heavy

  • Instant and easy to use
  • the game is great
  • great quality assurance, not a single bad game on this store
  • You have to go through Uplay to get to play the game
  • Uplay is Uplay and Uplay is shit

13 September 2016
Review by gamer-61d325

Game bought on IG

vraiment sympa, ca ne vaut pas les vieux jeux, niveau tactique, on est loin d'un SWAT 4 ou d'un rainbow six a l'ancienne, c'est un jeu multi humain vs humain. c'est quand meme agreable, et tres technique .

  • technique
  • netcode pourri

18 August 2016
Review by Very quick (read 3 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Very good competitive game full of fun and I relly enjoy playing it. Buy it you won't regret it if you like games like Battlefield, Payday and CS Global Offensive, pretty much all of them together in one game.

  • Good gameplay
  • Fun to play with friends
  • Lot of guns
  • Many operators to choose from
  • Cheaters before BattleEye banned most of then
  • Teamkilling teammates
  • Sometimes team balance is really bad
  • Uplay

18 August 2016
Review by Zinedine

Game bought on IG

i really reccomend this game its so fun it got some bugs that can be fixt and thats al that is a problem it is a really good game its not even that much money you will not regret bying this gameand srry for bad englisch

  • verry tactical
  • needs teamwork
  • ...
  • some bugs

10 August 2016
Review by tommylogon1

Game bought on IG

good game m8, really like it and got it really cheap here so im rather happy, now im gonna play this game a bit so cant writh a long review and my english is only mediocre so bai now thnx for cheap game

  • is fun
  • uplay

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