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Fans of the little Italian plumber and his crew will be delighted with any Mario game, but Super Mario Maker 2 for Switch offers endless possibilities to players of all levels and ages.

About the Game

The game is, like all the Mario franchise, a side-scrolling game. It follows on from the success of the original Super Mario Maker and offers both playable levels and customisable levels – the latter being the USP of the ‘maker’ games.

Players can choose from five previous Mario games, using elements from all of these to create new levels. These games include

• Super Mario Bros
• Super Mario Bros 3
• Super Mario World
• New Super Mario Bros, U
• Super Mario 3D World

This wealth of choice gives the players plenty to work with, and some elements are unique to some of the worlds meaning that players must decide in advance which worlds they most want to emulate – every choice matters in Super Mario world!

New Details

This game encourages players to have a go at challenges, such as creating levels in which Mario does not leave ground level, for example. Each of these challenges is rated for difficulty, ranging between one and four stars.

The players who choose Super Mario 3D World will get the best of innovation, using features and elements not available in the other worlds. This enables players to create exciting and fun new levels that they can then play through or share with other players.

Innovation has expanded into the sharing system, with players still encouraged to invent and share new levels, but now other players can ‘boo’ levels that they do not like! This is a useful way to keep a catalogue of levels that you like and easily avoid those that you do not.

Ways to Play

  • Story Mode

  • If you want a taste of the original Mario game, try this mode. It begins with Undo Dog destroying Princess Peach’s castle, rather than her being kidnapped by Bowser or one of the other villains. A single player can play through all the levels, gathering coins, power-ups and special abilities, as he or she gathers the elements to rebuild the castle.

  • Solo Play

  • Take your time and have fun creating levels, tweaking them until they are just right. Whatever you want to do is fine: you have no one waiting for you or about to ambush you! There are over a hundred levels to work through in order to get enough coins to restore the castle.

  • Co-op Play

  • Pair up with a sibling or a friend to play and create locally in co-op mode working collaboratively or against each other, whichever is more appealing at the time. You can each create a level and then decide which is best, or you can all work together to make the best possible course.

  • Online Multi Play

  • Join forces to make a team of four online players to work on creating and playing levels. This is similar to local co-op, but offers you a wider pool of potential partners or opponents.


    There are – broadly – two desirable outcomes:

    If playing through Story Mode the end outcome is to gather enough coins to repair Princess Peach’s castle – gathering the right amount will take you through almost all the levels that are pre-programmed into the game.

    If playing in creator mode, your goal is up to you: perhaps you want to create a fiendishly hard level that gathers lots of ‘boos’, maybe you want to create easy levels that you can fly through in mere minutes. Why not exercise your imagination and try to design your very own unique Mario game, incorporating all the features and elements that you love the best?

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