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Need for Speed Heat for PC is the latest in a long line of fast-paced and exciting racing games: the sixteenth to be precise. The game is set in an open world called Palm City, which is heavily inspired by Florida, complete with wide Miami-like tree-lined avenues and a sea-side, beach vibe that gives the game a hint of holiday vibes. About the Game The player must cruise about the city, exploring the open world and seeing what there is to see – at least by day. There are legal street races...
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Need for Speed Heat

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Need for Speed Heat

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  • Need for Speed Heat
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Need for Speed Heat for PC is the latest in a long line of fast-paced and exciting racing games: the sixteenth to be precise. The game is set in an open world called Palm City, which is heavily inspired by Florida, complete with wide Miami-like tree-lined avenues and a sea-side, beach vibe that gives the game a hint of holiday vibes.

About the Game

The player must cruise about the city, exploring the open world and seeing what there is to see – at least by day. There are legal street races during the day, and if you win you will make money at these games. Your two day time activities are exploring and racing, and both of these are completely legal, so feel free to poke around and see if you can find any hidden secrets.

Once you have had enough of the more vanilla side of life, you can trigger sundown and voila day turns to night, opening up a whole different world of opportunity and risk.

At night the races are no longer legal, and the stakes are considerably higher. You are no longer racing for cash, you are racing for ‘rep’ which is reputation, or basically, street cred. The more rep you have the higher your heat goes, and the higher your heat goes (all the way from one to five) the more ‘wanted’ you are, by the police.

However, the higher your rep goes, disregarding the police attention for a moment, the more goodies, boosters and even higher quality vehicles you are able to unlock, making a little bit of uncomfortable attention from the police a seemingly minor detail.

What About My Rides?

The vehicles look and perform like magic, and you can enhance both of these features by popping to a garage and spending both rep and cash in order to upgrade the external appearance of the car and the internal engine, upgrading speed and performance to the max.

And they will be worth spending money on: Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren are just a few of the impressive one hundred and twenty-seven (127!) vehicles that are fully customisable and playable in the game.

There is an app attached to the game which allows you to work on customising your vehicles while out and about, sending the finished car to the game, so it is ready and waiting when you are back home and itching to get racing in your newly refurbed speed machine.

Watch Out for the Police

  • They will get you in the daytime if you speed or otherwise break the law. They cannot stop you from racing during the day and earning cash, but any other infractions will attract their attention before you can say ‘Can I help you, Officer?’

  • They might ‘accidentally’ ram you if you start winning too many races and cashing in a bit too readily. Not for any real reason, just to keep you on your toes!

  • At night, they are out to get you, and as all your races are illegal after dark, they have the right to detain and arrest you – which kind of ruins your reputation as a sick racer

  • Should they catch up to you when you are holding a lot of rep and cash, they will remove it from you, leaving you broke and discredited. Get around this by popping to a safe house every so often, to stash your loot, whether it is ill-gotten or honestly obtained!

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    • OS: Windows 10
    • Processor: FX-6350 or Equivalent; Core i5-3570 or Equivalent
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: AMD: Radeon 7970/Radeon R9 280x or Equivalent; NVIDIA: GeForce GTX 760 or Equivalent
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 50 GB available space

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    Game review score based on 136 reviews, all languages included

    Best reviews

    this game's actually better than i thought, i really like it!

    it has an mazing graphics and alot of cars. car modding is also really good, definitly better than most other games.

    what i like the most is the night map, the cop chases and stuff. its so much fun playing with the cops while youre at heat 5 and rep 50 :D
    • amazing graphics
    • car modding is good af
    • it crashes sometimes (might be because of my pc)
    Loved this bought it second time now, had it on ps first and now on pc and its such a great game. And way better than the new Need for Speed Unbound. And the fact that you can crossplay this game is even better so i can still play with my old ps friends
    • Crossplay
    • Graphics are great
    • Cars and handling is nice
    • No crosssave unfortunately

    Recent reviews

    HONESTLY JUST GET FORZA HORIZON 4 OR 5 ON GAME PASS!!! DOES EVERYTHING BETTER, albeit it doesn't have cop chases.......................................................................................
    • It's a game
    • It's a terrible game when compared to Forza Horizon 4/5
    Personally, I think that this is the greatest NFS game EA has released since NFS The Run. The atmosphere, the vibe of the entire game really brings me that sunny, California feeling mixed with underground tuner culture. Such a shame, that they barely put any more content to the game after it's release, absolutely wasting this game's potential.
    • Very good atmosphere
    • Fun to play
    • Decent story
    • Except for a few songs, it has a really bad soundtrack
    • Nothing much to do after story mode
    • Nothing really much to do in Online/Multiplayer mode
    This game for my is a good decision where use your money (If you like cars or something relationated with him) you can race with your friends, try to get the better car, and in this site you can get it inexpensive.
    • Easy to learn
    • Competitive (friends)
    This game is a Burnout Paradise clone without the fun things but u get a story instead of. The map almost the same then in the B.P. Boring...very boring. I thought it will better but it's a very big mistake from the EA...again.
    • Good because B.P. clone
    • Graphics are terrible. B.P. Remastared has better graphics.
    • Story...haha
    This new title of Need For Speed really brings the best features for a Street Racing Game. There's a good and diverse list of cars to own, great vehicle customization and even better performance upgrades, with the engine swap features.
    The game story focus on Palm City, a City with a Showdown Street Racing League on the day, where only the best racers are qualified to race in, and the night that is taken over by the events of ilegal street racing, that challenge the cops.
    In my opinion, officer Shaw had potential to be the "new Cross" but unfortunately the game gives him a small role.
    I really love this game, but unfortunately EA cancelled the support for this game and closed Ghosts Games, the studio behind this game.
    • Great Map
    • Great variety of cars to own
    • Great vehicle customization
    • Good story line
    • Brutal Cops
    • Support was cut from this game
    amazing game that over passed their crappy games from last years and finally came back to its roots thou it still has alot to overcome, history isnt that great but gameplay experience is awsome and great graphics
    The story line is too short as it took me no time to finish it. The leveling system goes to 50 but I was able to beat it as soon as I hit the required level 30 to run the final missions. It is basically the same thing over and over. Pick a few races and run it a few times to earn money or rep. Accumulate enough of each to upgrade/buy cars and move up in levels.

    This rendition of NSF is a a far cry from its predecessor NFS Payback which was an awesome game with the extras like scavenger hunting for parts and world racers you could take on if you rolled up on them. Heat doesn't have any of this.

    There is no drag in this game either. You have the race, off-road, and drift side missions for parts but I finished the game without really doing much with them. The Off-road was probably the most challenging of the races.

    All in all this was a big letdown coming out of Payback that had such a great story that was led through step by step upgrading and the leveling process. There just wasn't any heart in this game.
    • A lot of cars to choose from
    • Can choose from multiple characters and change their looks
    • No drag racing
    • Storyline too short and poorly put together
    • No treasure hunting
    • No world racing
    Great game, got to level 50(highest level) in a week but I was playing it for many hours during lock down. I had this game for xbox and decided to buy it for PC too because its that good. But now that I completed it and unlocked all cars, got 10 million in cash and done all the side missions and just need to find some of the flamingos and graffiti, I feel that I will get bored but somehow im still playing so I guess its te sense thrill feeling when getting chased by cops that keeps me coming back to this one.w
    The game is designed by greedy businessmen who force players to make a lot points in order to upgrade and buy cars. Doing normal races and (side) missions will get you no more than a few points. As I could have guessed there are hundreds if not thousands of videos published on YT. Videos contain glitches, exploits and shady ways on how to obtain points, this not only makes the new players vomit but it also makes them lose interest in the game.

    Police cars are overpowered but that is to be expected. What is not expected are the demanded millions of points in order to progress further in game. If a player really wants to achieve the completion of the game then that player would need to farm points with numerous exploits published by YTbers (unfortunately the best and most efficient way to get points) longer than actually playing the game.

    The story is absolute trash filled with dialogues that are in the same level of adult videos acting (p word is banned in this site lol). Feels like a denied concept of Fast and Furious.
    • Horrendous way of obtaining in game currency
    • Graphics and environment are terrible for a 2020 game
    So i have this game from around 3 weeks and reached level 50. it's the best need for speed since underground/most wanted era. It is amazing, it has such a nostalgic feel to it, the customization is amazing and the cop chases are very intense, the longer you spend on a night out, the longer you have the risk to be busted, but also the reputation is higher. Definetily recommend it
    • -Great customization
    Finally a need for speed we deserve.
    Great gameplay, great graphics, good story, a vast car customization parts.
    Everthing is just balanced in NFS Heat.
    I would recommend everyone buying it. It is really worth it.
    • NFSU2&NFSMW merged together
    • no negative points for now
    This NFS is soo good. Forza is now dead game . They fixed allmost all things frrom payback and 2015 and added more things. The story is good but multiplayer is better. Buy it you wont regret . You wont stop playing.

    • Good graphics
    • Good optimization
    • Ok story
    • Lots of stuff
    • BMW GTR m3 GTR
    • Bots are ez
    bye bye Forza Horizon 4, it's so fun, it's like mario kart but with serious graphics ! a real game, not a game that pretends it's the reality, here it's a game....I can't stop playing, the sense of speed is CRAZY....BUT you need to unlock everything....the Cops are crazy, bye bye Forza :)
    • graphics by night
    • Drift control
    • cars
    • map
    • sense of speed
    • AI too much easy
    • all is locked
    I had pre-ordered 2 weeks b4 and i got the key a day b4 as they promised :D
    As for the game, well im writing this a day b4 release so i cant say much but looks promising after watching some short gameplay. Will come back in a week about whether it was worth
    • no microtransactions as EA does with games
    • police is going to be better, more difficult
    • good story(campaign)
    • fear of EA fuking it up somehow

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