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Need for Speed for PC is an online racing game, the twenty-second in the Need for Speed franchise and something of a reboot of the original game. The racing is a mix of rallying with drifting, awkward terrain and the need for durable cars and street racing where sleek aerodynamism is necessary: all of it is speedy, compelling and immersive. About the Game The game’s story arc is fairly simple: the player joins a small group of wannabe racers, each hankering to be the next big icon – each...
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Need for Speed for PC is an online racing game, the twenty-second in the Need for Speed franchise and something of a reboot of the original game. The racing is a mix of rallying with drifting, awkward terrain and the need for durable cars and street racing where sleek aerodynamism is necessary: all of it is speedy, compelling and immersive.

About the Game

The game’s story arc is fairly simple: the player joins a small group of wannabe racers, each hankering to be the next big icon – each has their sights fixed on their particular hero. The heroes are based on real life street racing or rallying or car customisation champions: a little bit about each can be found below, as they are all wonderfully unique and colourful figures, deserving of a little fame for sheer shock value in some case!

The player races and bests one of these, Magnus Walker, incurring the wrath of Spike, the wannabe who wanted to beat Magnus himself. Spike is infuriated, and wants to get into the player’s face, but he is calmed down by Travis, another of the wannabes, who points out that a little fame for one of them is a little fame for all in the group.

Once the player has earned enough experience and points, the ultimate race is set up in which the player, the five wannabes and the five icons all race for supremacy. The team photo at the end of the race has everyone in it, including the player – who is wearing a mask for anonymity!

Who’s Who in the Street-Racing World?

  • Magnus Walker: The first icon bested by the player, Magnus Walker in real life is a British fashion designer and serious car collector, focussing primarily on Porsches. His fashion success (which is considerable, with the likes of Madonna, Bruce Willis and Alice Cooper all on the customer list) enabled him to get into car collecting to indulge his love of speed

  • Akira Nakai: Another Porsche fan, Akira Nakai tunes cars to get them into peak condition, and also customises Porsches into wide-bodied beasts for customers. He got his start tuning the iconic AE86, but switched his allegiance to Porsche as soon as he saw and worked on his first one. He runs a tuning and customisation company called ‘Rauh Welt Begriff’ or ‘Rough World Concept’ – and he cuts the pieces by eye: flawlessly

  • Risky Devil: Less a racer and more a five-man team, Risky Devil are an anonymous street-racing crew out of Los Angeles, with a slick website, witty bios thereon, and an even slicker set of beautiful wheels upon which they race

  • Ken Block: Born in Long Beach, California, Block is a highly successful professional rally driver who has been in the business since 2005. As well as rallying, he indulges in skateboarding, motocross and snowboarding too, being a man who must always be on the move, it seems, and in a hurry too!

  • Shinichi Morohoshi: A man brave enough to customise an already fairly unique Lamborghini Diablo probably doesn’t have too much that can scare him. However, being affiliated – to use a delicate term – with the Yakuza, the Japanese crime lords that are the equivalent of a combination of the mafia and the most vicious street gang you can imagine, must surely give anyone the occasional sleepless night? ‘I like flashy cars,’ he says, ‘I like dangerous people.’

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    • OS *: 64-bit Windows 7 or later
    • Processor: Intel Core i3-4130 or equivalent with 4 hardware threads
    • Memory: 6 GB RAM
    • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB, AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB, or equivalent DX11 compatible GPU with 2GB of memory
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 30 GB available space

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    Recent reviews

    It's like a nightmare. You're trapped in LA and the sun never shines and you’re living out of your car and everyone keeps talking to you about driving techniques. When they’re not talking to you in person, they’re calling you all the time. It’s hell. This is the setting for the first exclusively new-gen Need for Speed, which launched on consoles in November last year. After relatively unimpressed reactions, its developer Ghost Games has used the interim to give its PC port a tune up.

    There's now manual transmissions, additional steering wheel support, an unlocked framerate, 4K resolution, and new cars and customizables courtesy of both the Icons and Legends packs.There’s a strangely heavy story component to this new Need For Speed. You play what is essentially a voiceless camera who hovers around a bunch of nocturnal street racing enthusiasts as they ignore the fact you never speak, driving from diners to bars drinking—as everyone is keen to point out—coffee. Your buddies are all depicted by good-looking people in live-action cutscenes, who talk in a vaguely convincing street racing lingo. Your hero, this floating camera, is somehow able to operate an automobile, and because your crew acknowledges you'll never know human emotions like love and joy, they instead race you for ‘street rep’. The more you win, the higher your rep, the more cars you can buy.
    • nice graphic
    • nice gameplay
    • nice sounds
    • nothing
    This came as a pleasant shocker back when it came out. After years of Criterion making a bad joke out of the franchise, GHOST's first NFS really impressed me. Bringing back the very detailed customization, putting the focus back on tuner cars instead of hypercars that would most likely only be accessible with microtransactions was a great idea. Too bad the story was the most horrific and cringe thing I have ever witnessed yet and still holds onto being the worst "story" in the entire franchise. Also the controls are pretty bad on this one, and the cops feel like they're just some prop to get away with the "adding cops to the game" part. But the graphics, the graphics are beautiful. Overall, I say, specially to the PC players that it's a good game and it's worth buying.
    • Beautiful graphics
    • Detailed customization
    • Very good atmosphere
    • Police are very weak
    • Most cringe story mode ever
    This is probably the worst need for speed if not the worst racing game i have ever encountered that was published by such a known studio. Need for speed franchise is quite known even to people that don't play racing games. This game is an absolute disgrace to the series. Let's start from the beginning shall we? Alright, the story. It's just terrible and boring. When I played it back in 2016 I didn't even remember there was a story. The map is super forgettable and it's annoying to drive around mainly because of the night time (look at nfs carbon for example it is possible to see where you're going despite it being night time) and the map was built so badly. Next physics: It's basically a randomizer. I would love to cover so much more in my review but I want to keep it short. But I left the best for the end. Driving (if you can even call it that) in this game is so terrible it's like flipping a coin everytime you want to turn. It's impossible to get consistant. Anyway this is MY OPINION and I'm sure there are people out there who like this game. But for me it's the most boring and annoying racing game ever made.
    • It looks ehhh
    • Story
    • Physics
    • Map
    • Driving, Track design
    • No multiplayer
    Good racing game and first game that has customization options after all NFS games (Rivals, Hot Pursuit...) that dosn't have that option. Ghost made perfect racing experiance and the graphics are so damn good it's like I'm in the game belive it or not :D
    • Graphics
    Amazing!!!! The game is awesome. Everything is awesome. I liked the graphics and the details of the game. But on the other hand i believe that the controlling of the cars could be better. Anyway, amazing game.
    • Awesome details and good graphics
    • The controlling was a bit off
    Great game cause i love cars so i would definately recommended to my friends.Amazing graphics and amazing control.I love the sound of the exhausts so amazing.Drift is also amzing coming down the mountain.
    • Graphics
    • Needs day light
    So far this game has been amazing - almost as good as the glorious Need For Speed Most Wanted (original 2005 version). Finally a sense of speed is back, and the cut scenes are great, with not too much "sick ride dude!" cringe moments. BUT if your connection drops you're kicked out to the menu - whatever you're doing at the time. This is INCREDIBLY bad implementation. Luckily I wasn't in the middle of a race at the time but it's going to infuriate you, and there is no way to go offline so you're forced to be always online in the game, so at the mercy of this happening again.

    Those who are complaining about the "lack of realism" aren't getting what Need for Speed games are about - they're about fun, and are arcade games, not simulation games. If you want those then go for something like Project Racing or Dirt or Grid games.
    • Great sense of speed
    • Great cut scenes flawlessly integrated into the game
    • Easy to control with keyboard if you hate the clutter of PC steering wheels
    • Forced always-on connection and kick out to the menu if it drops
    Game is really good graphics wise and story mode ia made good. Was playing on steering wheel and pedals set. Reality might be a bit more improved but all in total amazing game to play with really good cars in game.
    • Graphics
    El juego esta muy bien la verdad...escenarios historia un poco extrovertida y loca, y por supuesto customizaciones las que quieras.
    Lo malo es que salió durante el bum del solo jugaras con conexión...
    • Escenarios
    • Historia
    • Customizaciones
    • Solo lo podrás jugar con una conexión estable de internet
    Can't even use an official Xbox 360 controller for pc. What a shame.
    At least I've been able to play the game some years ago and It was Meh...
    But now the game just doesn't let me use my controller, and I've tried every things it just doesn't work on this game.
    • Ae 86
    • good variety of vehicle
    • Pissed me off
    • little map
    • bad controls
    This game is amazing. The feeling of it, its just excelent, especially the fact that I got it for like a fraction of its original price thanks to your guys' website. Thanks a lot! My friend recommended this site for me, I was skeptical the very first time accessing it, but now i feel blessed!
    • Great action, great optimization, all's just awesome
    • Weird physics
    Overall good game, but the story is terrible. The voice acting is horrible. Everytime somone talk I feel shame for myself. But cars, graphic is great. Especially it is good because they put tuning back.
    • Graphic
    • story
    Game doesn´t work good. While driving suddenly your car falls down trough the nothing. I would like to reimburse my money. It´s impposible run the game and no, its not a lack of power in my computer...
    • Doesn´t work good
    A Return to form for the Need For Speed series, for any fans who have missed the slick and customization heavy gameplay from the Underground and Most Wanted entries, this was a step in the right direction. Although the Always Online setup that was used in this entry is generally a horrible
    • Customization
    • Always Online
    Really fun game to play, a lot off costumizations with the vehicles. You can really create your own style with every vehicle and when you play this game with friends it gives this amazing feeling. Overall great game
    • Graphics look amazing
    Great game!!! My fiancee love it more than I! hahahahah! That sad part is that now I need to share the controller with her! Thumbs up.
    The only thing that I dislike is that there's no night/day cycle and it's always wet or raining. But this definitely doesn't compromise the gameplay experience.
    • Awesome graphics. Great Optimization
    • Huge options to personalize your car and share your decals with the world.
    • Open World with different drivings styles to play with
    • Option to easily challenge another player (fast pvp)
    • Could have more car options
    • There's no day/night cycle
    • World is always wet or raining.
    game is amazing i play all day ant tanx for safe bay and you are very good good game i think best neef for speed ever i play evry need for speed and dis is best and i cant wait to see new need for speed
    • 10
    gran juego como siempre demostrando los graficos que tiene etc, uno de los mejores juegos del mercado para los amantes de la velocidad y los coches. Amplitud de mejoras y coches. Los brillos y graficos caben a destacar.
    • graficos
    • sonidos
    • manejo
    • jugabilidad
    • modo historia
    • puede ser repetitivo algunas veces
    • la manera de jugar como siempre en otras sagas
    A complete 0 for me, it is totally unplayable. Bugs every minute, what is that thing that the road doesn't load andyou fall into the abyss?? ffs EA. And no, it's no fault of my Internet connection nor my PC
    • Maybe the game is good BUT
    • It can't be played
    Un juego muy bueno que ha agregado una historia callejera y decarreras ilegales, volviendo a lo que era need for speed antes, lo que los fans pedian hace tiempo, un juego parecido a need for speed underground 2
    • graphics
    • gameplay
    • customization
    • loading screen
    • empy server
    good game Great Graphics nice cars . the only think that ruined my experience is the always online.Sometimes i have ping and the game kicks me out . the city is amazing the gameplay is easy (easy to learn drift ).sorry for my English .
    • Graphics
    • gameplay
    • Sound
    • Always online
    it is good, dont like live action part, seems like the were forced to do this, otherwise game is good, easy to control, progression is something that could have more unique ideas than that, but it is OK
    • looks nice and it is playable
    • could be really better than that
    The eclectic roster of cars is only a fraction of what’s on offer in, say, Forza Horizon 2, but it has a little something for most gearheads. Garage spots are limited to five but the focus here isn’t collecting; it’s perfecting. I completed most of Need for Speed in a single car, constantly cramming upgrades into it to keep it ahead of the competition
    • Graphics
    • gameplay
    • drift
    It's pretty
    They use live action cutscenes
    It's ALWAYS night time
    It's ALWAYS raining
    All cars handle like a potato
    The GPS is a pile of dog crap (most crashes are because you are forced to look at the map)
    AI drivers crash into you for no reason
    Not that many cars to choose from
    • It's pretty
    Game is awesome and all, but some things bother me in this game. When you hit 60fps in this game, it doesn't feel like it's 60, more like 40 or something. Loading screens are long af. More stuff down.
    • Alot of customization options.
    • Graphics.
    • Gameplay.
    • 60fps isn't smooth.
    • No day time.
    • No singleplayer, you have to be online to play the game, so it's using your internet, and if you don't have internet, how are you gonna play the game .-. ?
    This game will be one of the best need for speed series. If you're gamer who like speed, you can't skip this.
    Gameplay is good, but there are some problems in the game as you might need a network connection to be able to play.
    • Fast Delivery
    • Great Price
    • Story Mode
    • Always Online
    • High hardware requirements
    fast code delivery i got in in a minute that was very fast. great job keep it up the great job . i used this site for the first time and will buy again for sure. now downloading the game thank you :).
    • fast delivery
    • great price
    • nothing
    Good Game Speed Racing It's a perfect racing game.
    If you want to play a perfect Racing game.
    You must choose Need for Speed.
    I think game in the series is good game.
    If game is a new version I think I want to buy it again.
    • High Graphic
    • Not in Steam
    Overall good game.Story quiet good.They added some new game modes after release and some cars.Online is not bad but sometimes boring and buggy or laggy.
    The graphics looks nice but feels bit unoptimized.
    • Graphics
    • Cars
    • Race style
    • Boring after a while
    i just want a refund. it's a very crappy game warning ahead ! 30 bucks its just too much to spend on this miserable piece of software. I am so sad that i didn't tried it before i bought it. Not even worth describing the actual game.
    • cool tuning system
    • crappy gameplay
    • horrible AI
    • just not fun to drive
    • lightning is bad
    • crappy characters and boring story

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