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02 December 2018
Review by Iprobablyhateallnewgames (read 10 reviews)

Game bought on IG

For people who come from work and just play few rounds for chillin - can be a great game.

For hobby gamer who take a better look into it - it might be better then Battlefield 1, if you get already why BF 1 isn't good.

For ex-pro/comp player and/or serious gamer ... stay away from this, you can farm of cause, but this doesn't make the game better, you're just helping EA to become money what they don't deserve.

For me - Like people said before BF V was released "YEY, another two years of BF 4" and that's true.
BF V is not even close to be good.
It's not about the WW2 setting ... it's just all about the pure game, I don't even care so much about the setting, but the game has to be good, that my dudes or me like it.
If I want a new game, sad enough as BF fan to say, I'll should better buy Black Ops 4 instead of BF V.
This Game is just a better copy of BF 1 .. there is nothing different, not even the map design is different .. just one thing and that's the better gunplay, but at least something ...

AND IF YOU THINK DIFFERENT about this, following things are might the reason:
- you just want to play a game (and that's okay)
- you were promoted by ea/dice to vote this game up
- you started playing BF franchise with BF 1 or BF V and you don't know a better BF game
- it's easy to become kills since BF 1

I'll bought this game ~ a week ago for 45 - now it's on 40.
For PS4 players is the price sometimes already under 35.
Sad enough that the price is already going down and guess why? ... this game will die faster then BF 1 probably ... just guess why.

So, yeah, you CAN have fun in this game, you CAN enjoy this game, you CAN farm/stack but i'll bet you wont have not longer then 200 ~ hours fun on it.

  • Gunplay is better then in BF 1 but this isn't hard or?
  • Patches coming to make things better (do they really?)
  • Map design
  • Casual-flootet
  • Graphic (always ON TAA is just ...)
  • Sounds (specific foot steps)
  • Visibility of enemies

27 December 2018
Review by pavle988 (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Nothing new... I played all battlefield games. Thia one only got bethwr graffics than the others but the story is bad for the last 3 games in franchise... If ure in to singleplayer only u will not be happy with this one

  • Gpu
  • World terrain
  • Lazy

24 December 2018
Review by victor (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

It´s the first battlefield I´ve played and it will probably be the last one.
The hype will give you as much, but the game itself won´t. At first it will look awesome but given time reality overwhelms expectations.
Unless EA/DICE decides to add a lot more of content and fix the bugs, the game won´t last too long

  • Will give you a few hours of joy
  • Both graphics and music are insane
  • No progression at all
  • The respawn system is terrible
  • Maps too small to be a battlefield
  • Bugs

15 December 2018
Review by JA MOIN (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Honestly i love Battlefield. I loved every single game except BF1. But this game... holy smokes. At the moment i do not recommend buying it at all! It's buggy as hell, the netcode isn't even close to being good and all the game mechanics are completely unfinished. This is not a full-version, this is an alpha version!

  • Gun Balance seems to be good

12 December 2018
Review by gamer-a09f9c

Graphics are pretty amazing. Gunplay is fairly satisfying. Class balance is still iffy, and not many options available yet. If you like Battlefield, it's decent. If you like shooters, it's decent too.

  • Amazing graphics
  • Tight controls
  • Team Play
  • Class kit balance
  • Limited Class customization options
  • Difficulty coordinating with whole team
  • Buggy terrain collision/interactions

08 December 2018
Review by Unrealjose

Game bought on IG

Muy divertido de ,jugar,obviamente mejor con amigos,me gustaria hablar de graficos pero lo juego en minimo porque pi pc es viejo.

A diferencia del bf1 en este es mas facil encontrar servidores para jugar a casi cualquier hora.

  • Divertido
  • La mayoria de las clases estan bien equilibradas
  • Mapas bien equilibrados
  • Las Historia de guerra estan interesantes
  • El sonido posicional esta muy bien implementado
  • El Medico no esta en su mejor momento
  • Las Historias de guerra son muy mejorables

05 December 2018
Review by orCgg (read 11 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Me estoy divirtiendo como un enano con este juego. Probablemente es uno de los shooters más dificiles en todos los aspectos. Cada arma tiene su propia dificultad, los mapas no son gigantescos, están perfectos. La ambientación sublime. La posible destrucción de absolutamente todo lo hace aún más increible, hay un mapa donde se puede destruir, literalmente todo el pueblo.
Respecto a la jugabilidad es muy parecida a otros BF, le han metido algunas cosas nuevas, como la construccion de trincheras y de obstaculos, al principio pensaba q eran inutiles, pero Nop, no lo son.
Las misiones un poco aburridas, no les he dado demasiada canya.
EL modo de progreso es interesante sin entrar en exageraciones. Está bien y es divertido, si quieres todos los colorcitos y objetos para tu arma te lo vas a currar, las misiones algunas son muy complicadas.

  • Jugabilidad. Ambientacion, etc etc
  • re-spawns. A veces parece como si salieras y al segundo ya estas muerto. No pasa casi nunca, pero cuando pasa es muy frustrante

06 December 2018
Review by gamer-60ef30

Game bought on IG

loved all the BF campaigns since bf 2. This one's unsatisfying.
Many are the unsatisfying details that make the campaign feel odd, here's a couple of 'em: Why the hell do germans have caches with british weapons? Why allies troops are equipped with a panzershreck intstead of the good ol' bazooka? Why soldiers on foot shoot me with their gun while I'm in a tank? Weird.
Missions all feel the same and I've finished the game on hard in half a day. I really appreciated dice trying with the norvegian and french campaign, that's something different you won't get in the latest call of duty but still, why not trying with a chapter dedicated to the us? For all these reasons the campaign feels like it has been done in a hurry, an unfinished product, Nothing like the other battlefields before bf1.

Multiplayer is not as interesting as with the other bf because it does not bring any new elements to the gameplay.

The graphics are stunning, I always appreciated frostbite engine.

  • mate it's battlefield
  • boring ( and real short ) campaign, bf bad company -bf 2,3,4 I miss you dearly
  • boring multiplayer, simpler gameplay than its predecessors ( bf 2-3-4-bc i damn miss u )
  • price - quality rel.

30 November 2018
Review by Thanasis

Game bought on IG

good games and now lot of bugs and hard too play this games but i'am fun to battlefield games I like this game.Hops its fixing the games soon.
Goog job Instand Gaming very good prize for this game nice.


27 November 2018
Review by ZuzDCruz (read 2 reviews)

Game bought on IG

Its a great game. Compaign is very good but short.Stories are great. Graphic is awesome as always, and works great on i7 4770, 16Gb ddr3 ram and aorus 1060 xtreme 6GB. Multiplayer still needs a little work. Its better than BF1 and i will play it with pleasure.

  • Graphic
  • Playability
  • nice maps
  • tanks
  • few glitches and bugs

23 November 2018
Review by Fredy

Game bought on IG

Why wouldnt i give 100 / 100 when i can play as n3gger in ww2? jk it is good when you are battlefield games fan and dont like damn loot boxes lmao i must write 40 more words so i dont what im typing xd

  • can play as black
  • teamwork
  • not many black people
  • no hitler :/

22 November 2018
Review by joan balsa

Game bought on IG

Tiene un bug que dice que te has muerto por caida pero saltas solo una valla primers bugs.

Pero la jugabilidad es fluida i buena en general buen trabajo, bran trabajo con los graficos i pare bien optimizado el juego

  • Fast grafics
  • And fluid gamme
  • Bugs

20 November 2018
Review by KuhanaKokica

Game bought on IG

GTX 1070
+ 70fps
awesome and fast game recommended to everyone
They just have to add more weapons and maps and i hope that battle royale is going to be awesome as multiplayr is

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