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INCLUDES: • New Game Plus • Survival Mode • Challenge Mode • Bike Skins PC features include ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked framerates and improved graphics (increased level of details, field of view, foliage draw distances). Days Gone for PC is an action adventure survival horror game set in a dystopian future in the state of Oregon. The game begins two years after the start of a global pandemic which killed most people and turned a lot of the rest into ‘Freakers’...
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• New Game Plus
• Survival Mode
• Challenge Mode
• Bike Skins

PC features include ultra-wide monitor support, unlocked framerates and improved graphics (increased level of details, field of view, foliage draw distances).

Days Gone for PC is an action adventure survival horror game set in a dystopian future in the state of Oregon. The game begins two years after the start of a global pandemic which killed most people and turned a lot of the rest into ‘Freakers’ which are mindless proto-zombies who are nocturnal and constantly evolving throughout the game, which is a great way to prevent the player becoming complacent!

About the Game

The game is played from a third-person perspective with the playing taking on the persona of Deacon St John. Deacon is on a mission to find his wife, last seen being evacuated to a camp later overrun by Freakers. However, Deacon has heard a rumour that his wife’s political influence might have been enough to have her bounced on to an even more secure location – and it is his hope that this is what has happened and that her can find her again soon.

The open world game gives you plenty of scope for exploration and you can use all sorts of things to defend yourself: from melee weapons, firearms for long shots and even improvised weapons when you are in a bind. Or, if the pacifist route is your favourite, you can also use stealth to dodge Freakers, and other people. Hostile uninfected humans include cultists called Rippers, and there are various militia and government bodies to assess for friendliness.

Deacon’s best form of travel is a motorbike, and it is so much more than just his mode of transportation. The vehicle holds much of your inventory, and also allows for ‘fast travel’ without which the game slows to a very sluggish pace indeed!

The game has a dynamic day-night system which is highly important to your progress and success, as the Freakers are slow and weak by day, but scarily fast and strong at night – not creatures you want to meet down a dark alley, low on both fuel and ammo!

The Nitty Gritty

As you play along the overarching story-line, there are plenty of missions and side quests to keep you occupied. Finishing missions completes some story lines and opens up other avenues of exploration. Sometimes these story-lines split up on themselves, so you can choose from more than one at a time – ideal if you need to wait for the right upgrade or resource in one thread as you can complete another in the meantime.

Combat moves feel satisfying and they come with skill trees that helps Deacon in a number of ways, from Deacon’s aim, to fighting melee battles with improvised weapons – these are particularly gory and satisfying.

The graphics are great too: Oregon has some truly beautiful scenery with rolling mountains, lush forests and detailed little towns, all of which respond to the weather changes which can jump from beautifully sunny warm days to full-on snow storms – so keep an eye on the clouds!

Deacon’s Motorbike

As mentioned above, Deacon St John’s motorbike is almost a character in its own right, and can benefit from cosmetic customisation at the beginning of the game, and also enjoys a range of power-ups and upgrades along the way. When choosing which upgrades to go for first, try these:

  • Fuel capacity. You are not going anywhere without fuel in the tank, and you don’t know when you will get your hands on any more – so make sure a fill up gives you plenty of range!

  • Speed is all you need! Well, not quite – but it is important and makes sure you can fast-travel across the map to complete missions and side quests and get the next chunk of story exposition under way

  • Durability is essential in any dystopia, and your bike is all that stands between you and a much more uncomfortable life, some days, so look after it! Deacon tinkers endlessly with his bike, trying to make it stronger, while every encounter with Freakers or hostiles sees it taking damage that must be repaired promptly so it doesn’t worsen

  • Manoeuvrability is also a good thing, when driving through Freaker hordes, dodging irate militia, and avoiding capture by the Rippers – whose name origins you really do not want to explore!

  • Ammo storage. The more bullets you have, the easily and clearer you path can be! More ammo is always useful, so make sure you can maximise the amount you carry!

  • Pro Tip! Going for the first two items on the list early on in the game, speed and fuel capacity, means that you can quickly make those early milestones without being bored or needing to hunt about for supplies. The other upgrades can come later once you can get where you need to without too much fuss.

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    • OS: Windows 10 64-bits
    • Processor: Intel Core [email protected] or AMD FX [email protected]
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 (3 GB) or AMD Radeon R9 290 (4 GB)
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 70 GB available space
    • Additional Notes: Though not required, SSD for storage and 16 GB of memory is recommended

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    Game review score based on 344 reviews, all languages included

    Best reviews

    "Days Gone" offers a gripping post-apocalyptic experience with its open-world setting and dynamic weather, contributing to the game's immersive atmosphere. The narrative, centered around Deacon St. John, is engaging, though pacing may vary. The extensive motorcycle traversal adds a unique element, enhancing the sense of survival. While the game boasts impressive hordes of zombies, occasional technical glitches and repetitive missions may slightly detract from the overall experience. Nevertheless, the combination of a compelling story, intense gameplay, and a vast, detailed world makes "Days Gone" a worthwhile adventure for fans of the genre.
    An Absolute Masterpiece, story and acting are top notch, the large open world of Oregons is also amazing, the story is damn long and even if sometimes it can feel repetitive, the game never got me bored, you can unlock many weapons and gadgets, build them after you get the resources and live the desolation of this open world, very reccomended.
    • open world
    • story
    • acting and dubbing
    Game is one of kind, i wish there will be days gone 2. If you are looking for something to spend time on and entertain yourself, believe me this is it. If I could I would delete my memory of this game and play it over and over again.
    • Amazing
    So far I'm about 2 hours into the game and it is a really good game and looks really good as well. I keep coming back to instant Gaming because I have bought 25 games and every time I get the key instantly and they always work. Also there are no hidden fees unlike some other key sites.
    One of the best post-apocalyptic games I've ever played. With pleasure I passed it 100% having received all the achievements and completed all the additional tasks. I'm very satisfied of this expirience.
    • Length
    • Story
    • Gameplay
    • None
    Game is Awesome. Storyline storytelling

    There is a room for improvements when it comes to control .

    The end left more than lose ends Vehicle controls are great , a large map to explore side quotes are great but there is alo a room for improvement
    • Storyline
    • Cant hangout with Sara
    Days Gone is a hidden gem flying under the radar. A zombie survival game with a great story and game play.

    You like motorcycles and nitro? It's got that and more.

    You like to pew pew freaks? There are guns. Lots of guns.

    You like to get close and personal and cave their heads in? There are melee weapons. Lots of them.

    You like to pretend you're playing Metal Gear Solid? Be like Snake. Snek around avoiding (!)

    You like to make stuff and blow them up? Be the Bob the Builder of bombs, molotovs, bolts, etc
    • good 100%
    one of the most underrated games of the decade, quickly became one of my favorite all time games.

    the story is huge, the map is stupidly big, the bike that u travel around has the best handling of any game i have played that has bikes in which came as a huuuuuge surprise, the only real thing i don't like is the beginning you only use a pistol, and the pistol aiming has the same aim type as the last of us which i personally did not like, but all the other guns are perfect!
    • Bike physics (sadly u can't wheelie tho)
    • enemy corpse ragdoll is always a plus
    • story: huge, deep and heart touching (that's what she said)
    • none, only minor personal things that most people won't notice or care about
    Love it. Not Top Notch, not the best 1% of all games and not my Top 5. But it is a great game nonetheless, no MTX crap, no unnecessary DLC crap, it runs great, it looks great. Just a Zombie Shooter as it should be. Fun exploring, fun combat etc. It is a steal für 12€.

    Recent reviews

    Very good gameplay and story for a great price
    • Zombies
    • Graphics
    • No confirmed sequel
    Amazing gamer all the way.Aalmost flawless.It will be a crime iof they don't make a Days Gone 2
    • story
    • gameplay mechanics

    Unplayable for me due to massive stuttering, even though my graphics card reports more than 60 FPS. Playing on a Win11 system with an AMD Radeon RC 6700 XT (12 GB), AMD Ryzen 5 2600 X and 16 GB RAM. Tried some of the tweaks suggested online but gave up. This just should not happen. It's not my job as a customer to make the game run.
    • Massive stuttering
    I had play this game for more or less 60 hours on pc.

    I really enjoyed the storyline, it's very accurate and not boring at all.

    The gamplay is perfect.

    You can travell around the huge world by bike, foot or fast travell (only if the area is cleared of the infected), killing the infected and completing missions.

    In my opinion is the best survival game that I've never played!! [No Cap]
    • Great Storyline
    • Huge Openworld
    • Good Gameplay
    • Nothing
    • Really nothing

    Very good game. It's offer amazing open world, interesting plot, character development system and more. In this game we can conduct combat on different ways . I recommend this game for people whos likes exploration mixed with fight.
    • Gameplay
    • Resolution
    • Open world
    Very good game. It's offer amazing open world, interesting plot, character development system and more. In this game we can conduct combat on different ways . I recommend this game for people whos likes exploration mixed with fight.
    • open world and exploration
    • combat
    • character development system
    Really nice post-apo open world, a good storyline and amazing graphics. You should play this game, there is plenty of things to do. Im actually sad that sony killed the possibility of a sequel........
    • Graphics, bike control and some stressful situations
    • Some stuttering, even with a good pc (i7 12th, rtx 3080)
    Somewhat fun game, better than i expected. Lots of creepy zombies in a large open world. Resource management gets super tedious, quite quickly. Won't ever be any dlc or a sequel because of Sony hahaha
    Games good, a lot to do. Nice to sit back enjoy a new story.. I personally love apocalyptic games and this got me scared at times with my bike running out of fuel and having to strategize to get to my next mission.
    • A lot of content.
    • controls are clunky...
    Greats game, greats atmospheres, what more can you ask for, finished the game within 2 days, loved every part of it, one of the best games I’ve ever played, it’s a bit wonky donky at some parts but hey that’s life accept it and move on!
    • Everything is good
    • Biker gooo brrrrrr
    • Zombies can kiss my feet
    • Nothing
    • Nothing
    • Nothing
    amazing game, the story, the open world, the zombies mechanics and the possibilities makes this game one of the best i've played this year.

    The only thing i think is lacking is a better customisation choice for the main and protagonist and his gear.
    • good story
    • nice graphics
    Great open world zombie game for its time! Swarms willing to take you out at every turn, stealth, loud, open world, riding motorcycles through the apocalypse… it’s just simply a wonderful time! Worth it
    • Lots of zombies
    • Lots of zombies haha!!
    This is one of my favourite games of all time, its filled with stunning scenery and details that will make you stop your bike and just enjoy the view

    It also has one of the best stories that you just have to play through

    The controls on pc can feel a bit clunky and weird at time definitely recommend a controller for this game
    • Amazing story
    • Stunning visuals
    • Amazing gameplay
    • Pc controls can be a bit clunky
    One of the best games. Perfect for long gameplay and challenges throughout. The storyline is ok, but the fighting and hordes of freakers (zombie's) make the game unpredictable and strategy driven. You can play and easily put away hours and not even know it.
    The controls do not work, no melee or roll input, you just stand there and die. I have tried everything, reinstalling, changing controls nothing works. Money down the drain. This is not the first game I have had trouble with. If something seems cheap there is probably a reason. After 3 hours of research, installing and uninstalling changing settings and trying various other tricks, I finally got it to accept controller commands.
    • It looks interesting once I managed to make controller work.
    • Controller melee and roll bugs.
    I fricking love this game, I got about 45 hours in it. And trust me when I say this game has a great story, it does.

    The story is nothing like any other game, filled to the brim with diffrent stories to be told, at the end it all adds up.

    This game also makes sure there's something to do constantly. Yeah Yeah I know there can be some boring and annoying missions but every game has to have some.


    Great story

    Great Graphics (Actually doesnt require that insane PC to play)

    Great characters. (Except Lisa. Shes a little annoying stupid NPC which honestly should of just died in that house.)

    • Great story.
    • Great characters.
    • Great graphics.
    • Some annoying/boring scenes.
    • Some annoying/frustratic Characters.
    I love this game, it is an underrated Assassin's Creed game. I like the storyline of the game, i love the hand to hand combat, expecially with weapons, it's brutal. My favorite weapons are the big axe and swords.
    • Good story
    • Enjoyable game
    • Good combat mechanics
    • Would love more main story content
    Perfect game,story rich,intense and fun.

    Definitly i recommended it because from graphics to story this game is just too good.

    Let us hope that one day they will give a sequel.

    Bike ride,hordes all gd
    • Beautiful Graphics
    • Story rich
    • Excelent Performance on PC
    • No second part
    One of the best games when it comes to the story, zombies and free roaming. Honestly one of the best games for PC are made by PlayStation. I was in loved with every detail of the game and cannot recommend it enough
    • Amazing story
    • Best zombie game
    • Open world with bike is so fun you will never use fast travel
    • No DLC

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